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In a world that is accustomed to taking data anywhere and accessing it from any corner of the globe, mobile ERP couldn't have stayed behind for a very long time.
By increasing the connectedness and ameliorating the speed of business, ERP is slowly but surely going mobile.
Adopting run-of-the-mill mobile ERP solutions could cause a serious breakdown within your business processes. In this article, let us take a look at 10 tips that will help you to create a mobile ERP strategy. When it comes to strategizing for mobile ERP, you must know what kind of mobile devices you are going to be using. Both tablets and Smartphones have different processing powers and they connect to the Internet in a different way than traditional laptops and desktops. When it comes to mobile ERP, research often shows that employees abandon using their mobile ERP apps if they find it difficult to use. It is often better to use native applications that are installed on a smartphone or tablet. You need to know how much information can be saved within an application for offline usage, as certain areas may not have adequate cellular or broadband coverage. One of the most important strategies is to give mobile ERP access to those who will actually use it.
When it comes to mobile ERP, you need to remember that it is your employees who will use it the most. Mobile ERP is still in a nascent stage but it is becoming the next big thing in the world of enterprise.

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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Whether it is a salesman being able to walk around the store and help customers, while carefully entering details into his work tablet or the marketing professional who chases leads on the go across towns and countries, mobile ERP holds the kind of promise that no one could have dreamed just a few years ago.
Firstly, it is always better to have a uniformity of devices when it comes to your employees. Laptops and desktops come with more processing power as well, and thus, your mobile ERP must be light enough to run without being sluggish on a smartphone or tablet. If the user interface is difficult or if it is bothersome, employees may not use it as often as you would like them to. They can be customized and built from the scratch to enable direct interaction between the device and back-end guys.
When your employees contact clients and consumers in remote areas physically, they may need certain aspects of your mobile ERP available offline on their mobile device. If you are going to sponsor the devices to your employees, choose the one that you are most comfortable using. You need to be sure that none of your critical data leaks out from the devices your employees use. Companies have increasingly begun to rely upon mobile devices and mobile employees who are always on the go. Mobile ERP allows its users to streamline processes in real time and eliminate gaps without having to run to the office desktop.

However, if you are unable to do so or if you are unwilling to do so by adopting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), at least have the IT specialists recommend a few devices with certain minimum processing capabilities. If you have a BYOD policy, speak to ERP consultants about how to make the experience uniform across mobile platforms. Understand the risks associated with connecting over untrusted Internet connections and also when companies quit jobs with their mobile devices still with them. With that in mind, speak to your employees if they need changes in existing mobile ERP and if you feel they make sense, get your developers to make those changes.
There is also an increased necessity to be inter-connected, no matter where one is and what time it is. The growing trend of larger screens and phablets may blur the lines between tablets and smartphones but we must still take the form factor into consideration.
A web app on the other hand, is easy to create but it depends on Internet speed and a host of other conditions, which make it less favorable. If you are going to make presentations using an ERP interface, it is probably easier to do it on a tablet than a smartphone. Whether you already have an existing ERP or not, it is time to start strategizing your mobile ERP implementation.

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