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Executive Summary written in one evening for being a finalist in the Entrepreneurial Challenge at Delta Epsilon Chi competition, placed third. We as a team love to bake and hope to expand the offerings of a traditional cupcake boutique with our original twist.
WhoWe are able to hit a range of target customers through our variety of products which will differ depending on the time of day. Hello cupcake will offer a ever changing variety of cupcakes no matter the style, be it our liquor, caffeinated or classic cupcake. WhenDue to the foot traffic of our three target consumer markets, we will be able to be open daily at 10 am and remain open until 7 on weekdays. We will bake our cupcakes in the onsite pastry kitchen with the baking expertise of our founding partners.
Using information published in the New York Times article on Babycakes in NYC and information on traditional cupcake boutiques we were able to develop realistic costs and expenses for Hello Cupcake.

Magnolia bakery in NYC which originated the cupcake trend sells 3,000 cupcakes a day in NYC. During the day Hello Cupcake will offer the daytime customer a quick pick me up via a caffeinated cupcake and an espresso. Some examples we would offer would be something like Double Chocolate, Key Lime Pie, or S’more for the classic cupcakes. During event times at the arena we will be available for the visitors to pop in and grab a satisfying cupcake for their child as well as themselves, rather than a cup of frozen yogurt for a similar price within the arena.
Macchiato, Espresso, Chai latte for our caffeinated options and last but not least Cosmopolitan, Rum cake, martinis would just be some selections for our liquor cupcakes. Hello Cupcake will benefit from local knowledge of the market area, which is essential to successful franchising. In November 2009 Market research Firm Mintel reported cupcake sales are expected to rise another 20 percent over the next five years when other baked goods are expected to grow in the single digits.
Also the late night visitor, whether it’s a post event customer or someone just out and about, can come in a grab a liquor cupcake, and a glass of wine.

Our wide range of product doesn’t end with the cupcakes, we also have a selection of beverages, such as bottled water, soda, coffee, espresso, wine, and of course milk. Franchisees will also have the potential to add retail merchandise such as mixes and sprinkles. Traditional bakeries and cupcake boutiques exist in the Louisville market giving us concept awareness in the area however we have a competitive advantage with our twist. Cupcakes are not a regional or country specific item making US and international markets possible.

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