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It’s nearly the end of the holidays and Cleo and Rikki are about to face their last year of high school without Emma, who has gone overseas. Thankfully they find an ally in Bella, a new girl in town who reveals an equally surprising twist: she too is a mermaid with extraordinary superpowers.
This Investment In Record Company Project Agreement is used by a record company when an investor wishes invest in a specific project being released by a record company.
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Together with Lewis, they’re confident they know everything there is to know about Mako Island. Together, the new trio faces phenomenal challenges as they discover the dark secrets of Mako Island. The investor may be a contact of the record companyor of the artist who wishes to invest in a specific artist's project. But when water attacks them on a full moon, they realize a new, potentially dangerous force is developing on the mysterious island, and a boy with freakish free-diving skills who stumbles upon the Moon Pool could hold the key to understanding the powerful energy. They use their combined powers to protect the island, face off a catastrophic event and realize their destiny as mermaids.

The profits are derived from the record company's profits in the specific project and not from the entire profits of the record company.

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