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Using this free animation software you can make gift animated images with very less efforts. Though this software was part of Best Photo Editing Software also, similarly this is another best gif animation software if you are using windows operating system. This is one of the free gif animation software which will help you to make gif animation using existing video files.
Hope, this article helped you to choose best gif animation software and also gave you fully working (without serial key, patch issue) programs to download with full version and all features support. Young, Dynamics, skilled Technocrat and Admin of Various regional and international communities on Facebook, Google.
This is very easy to use animation software and this free program supports around 48 file formats including jpg, bmp, gif, png, avi etc.

FotoMorph is providing you animation program which provides user friendly interface with lots of features to edit your pictures and combine them in frames to prepare nice gif animation file.
Easy to use free software supports to create gif icons, buttons or any animated file which can be uploaded on Facebook applications, blogs or any other website. Quite easy interface will help users to edit photos and can give various effect and combine them to prepare animated gif. You can have custom size, delay and various effects for your new gif file which you will be creating using this free program.
Inbuilt image editor will help you to quick edit your frame photo before inserting into animation.
Size of the program is little big compare to other gif animators available over internet, reason is it’s not only gif animation software but also a very great image editor.

Only problem with this application is that it takes little more time extracting frames from video and preparing your gif animation. Still, I would recommend this software to download one of the gif animator program for windows as well as linux. Once your animation is ready using this gif animation software, you can share them on your Facebook, Website, Blogs and other media where you will get gif support. There are lots of tools available for free download, I will describe few of best gif animation program you can use.

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