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If you have any question or suggestion about the video capture, please simply mail to us for help.
Las 6 mejores paginas web, programas y aplicaciones para descargar y convertir videos de YouTube gratis y facilmente. KeepTube te permite bajar videos online en formato FLV, 3GP y MP4 con tan solo introducir la URL, directamente desde la web sin necesidad de instalar ningun programa. Con el programa Free YouTube Download puedes  descargar tanto un video por separado como listas de reproduccion completas en la calidad original, incluyendo HD y 4K;  Permite convertir a   a MP4, AVI y WMV. Free YouTube Downloader es uno de los programas mas faciles y rapidos para bajar videos de Youtube.
Amazon has launched a full—fledged attack on YouTube with its brand-new Amazon Video Direct program meant for content creators. Content creators can also provide add-on subscriptions for Prime subscribers, similar to the streaming services like Starz and Showtime. To do the icing on the cake for video creator biggies, Amazon will offer $1 million on a monthly basis to the top 100 Video Direct titles on Amazon Prime. Still the fact remains in question – how does Amazon actually plans to bring this new stable of videos before its users the best way? Amazon Video Direct offers standalone rental and purchase options via Amazon Video, along with a simple ad-supported model. At present, the scene seems as if everyone is trying to get a piece of what YouTube is doing. Even Verizon and Comcast have been pushing hard at YouTube, with their own short-form video services. The fact that Apple, a big brand today, was formed by two guys in a Californian garage – may or may not be accepted, but what’s sure is that the leading computer-maker turned consumer electronics juggernaut has came up a long way ever since its inception.

Twitter is celebrating its 10th anniversary with its basic rule of not to exceed 140-character limit. Xbox One backwards compatibility program has witnessed a huge milestone yesterday as Microsoft released three brand-new Xbox 360 games which you can now enjoy on your Xbox One.
PG Connects Bangalore sponsors: PG Connects Bangalore event is all set to rock India on April 21-22.
Valentine is just around the corner and this time, it is falling on Sunday, so plan your day accordingly as you’ll be having all the time in the world to chill out with your Valentine! WhatsApp is debatably the most popular messenger with over one billion downloads on Google Play. Skype is all set to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its video calling feature with the addition of free group video calling feature to iOS, Android and Windows 10 mobile apps.
No solo descarga videos si no que los convierte  en formatos compatibles para reproducirlos en el iPad, iPhone y moviles Android. The all-new video streaming service from Amazon is aiming to make video creators step away from YouTube.
It offers a wide array of ways for content creators to induce cash beyond mere advertising. Right now, Amazon Video and Amazon Prime are more focused are major productions from Hollywood studios, not shorter clips from a lengthy series of content creators. Following the steps of Twitter, the service might be exploring a new tweak with its timeline.
The social media giant has written a 140-character thank you note in its tenth anniversary advertisement saying “On our 10th birthday we thank you”.
Many indie developers are planning to attend the event and boast about their video games during the event.

After two successful conferences in London and Helsinki, Steel Media is collaborating with Reliance Games to bring the notable mobile games event Pocket Gamer Connects (also known as PG Connects) to India. Starting off with just a little more than a handful of straight ports of vintage games, Sony’s PS 4 arcade has now blossomed into one of the finest and fantastic gaming platforms.
Ofrece varios niveles de calidad, incluyendo la calidad HD, y reproduce el archivo convertido cuando el trabajo esta  terminado si lo deseas.
For realising its objectives, the platform has also introduced a set of solutions to propel cash.
Here is a roundup of some of the amazing travel apps that can drastically improve your travel experience.
The updated Instagram news feed algorithm might show the photos based on the popularity and other significant social factors.
So we can expect to see some new interesting video games from Indian video game developers. Aside from being stubborn, ads can consume undesirable amounts of data and some tracking scripts can even endanger your privacy. Amazon Video Direct is more of a danger to HBO and NetFlix, other than being a threat for YouTube.

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