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Cons: This program is a tad bit more complicated than your basic video editor, but the highly decent quality Videopad produces is worth the effort. Cons: Once all the content has been added and the transitions chosen, the beginning user is left wondering what comes next. Perfect for the novice editor, Magisto takes content you upload to the site, adds your choice of background and music and strings it all together in a video sequence complete with effects, according to its site.
The default setting publishes your creation to the Loopster site and grants access to everyone. It’s a solid, viable option for stringing those family reunion photos into keepsake slideshows for the whole family.
Without some sort of experience or familiarity with this type of application, actually creating and locating your video is tricky. Lightworks boasts a magnitude of advanced features such as the abilities to change your clip speed and to add effects in real time.

Newbies are advised to start out somewhere in the range of Magisto or Loopster and work up to Lightworks, once they have adequate editing knowledge.
While the American Journalism Review touts video clips as a new, integral component of journalism, creating a high-quality, attention-grabbing clip that complements your written content is much easier than you think. It’s very simple and functional without all the toolbars and sidebars that complicate other editing sites. This editor is a good choice for someone who knows a bit about the process and who wants a better selection of tools and effects, but for beginners, it’s a bit difficult to navigate. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. This lets you control the order your photos appear in the clip, how each image transitions to the next, title text, ending credits and audio.
Once you’ve viewed and rated your creation, Magisto makes it easy to share with friends on your favorite social networking sites.

Easy enough for all but the most novice editors, Loopster helps you create simple, informative video clips to reinforce your written content. A download to your system is required, but during this download, you have the option of selecting several additional features that greatly enhance your work on VideoPad. These features include WavePad Audio Editor, Prism Video File Converter, Photostage Slide Show Software and Express Burn CD Burner — all for free.

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