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There are hundreds of graphic design agencies, thousands of video production companies, millions of web design firms, and the list goes on. So, we here at Advluence were wondering: How can you call yourself an ad agency if you only provide one form of advertising?
Sure, specialization is great, specialization allows for one aspect of advertising to be done extremely well. When members of the same team are able to collaborate seamlessly across different forms of advertisement, the entire campaign benefits from a coherent brand essence. IG-Global is a Full Service Agency that includes web design, web marketing, SEO strategies, viral advertising and printing.
We offer advertising campaigns, the creation of websites, service and all that a company needs today to create and promote its image. We design and make printing brochures, flyers, print catalogs, banner ads and other accessories needed for your company’s advertising. Our team of computer scientists are at the forefront of developing custom software to support our customers. Advertising is the soul of commerce and web marketing is an essential, winning solution for the modern age.

We design your custom website and pay attention to detail to ensure the best and most effective possible layout. We complete registration for web sites, email accounts, addresses PEC and social media to be more visible on the web.
IG-Global Web Solutions We at IG-Global are a dynamic and creative team, open to challenges, we are schematic. Specialized services are becoming more and more prevalent as advertisers become better at specific tasks.
Meaning, each and every line of work is coherent to the client’s desired brand image. Because nothing flows smoother than when a videographer is editing a video next to a copywriter directing the voiceover next to a graphic designer designing product packaging. Unfortunately, this causes advertisers to lose focus on the grand scheme of effective marketing…seamless integration.
We here at Advluence pride ourselves in the ability to complete every advertising, thus being a full service advertising agency, task under the sun. Team IG-Global consists of IT professionals, graphic designers, web designers, marketing specialists and copywriters.

With our helicopter drone we can make the most of your advertising to make your event unique, giving your company a fresh new image. Being different means for us to be unique, the difference makes us who we are and the opportunity to grow and improve thanks to the 'uniqueness' of others.
Or, a client is forced to diversify their services between multiple specialized firms, also driving up cost and reducing coherency. From video production and photography, all the way to Google AdWords and creative copy, down to graphic design, web design, social media management and media buying.
The drone is widely used for photos and videos of weddings, to advertise real estate, hotels, and many other types of events. We offer our clients the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering new and innovative concepts and solutions.

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