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TweetIt’s admirable how this illustration of the average web design project plan condenses the essentials. I find planning for iterations quite important so when constraints allow it, I make room for iterations at least inside the content, design and development phases respectively. Also interesting to notice in the illustration is that they put the content phase before the design and development phase. As an avid fan of visual communication I tip my hat to the fine people at Simple Square who made this, they specialize in portfolio website design. GrowthStories helps businesses to design and optimise their services for a social and networked world. I'm a firm believer of continuous improvement and sharing lessons learned is a major part of that. The preparation of a strategic plan is a multi-step process covering vision, mission, objectives, values, strategies, goals and programs. Also have a look at the discussion on causes of business failure in Devising Business Strategies.
The marketing action plan is a valuable tool to identify the important marketing action items for your company.

A documented marketing action plan enables you to ensure accountability by assigning responsibility as to who owns accomplishing each action item.
Working with key members of your organization, first create a column for tasks and describe each task is in as much detail as required. When the marketing action plan is complete, share it with the appropriate individuals in your organization and review it regularly to establish progress.
It shows the common sequence, level of involvement, milestones, priorities and phases of all in one infographic.
Putting content first is not only smart, it’s the only way to do this kind of project properly.
Clients would love this brief overview showing project steps, milestones, and their own involvement. You'll find plenty of advice here together with the checklists, mindmaps and templates that I use in my day-to-day work. My guess is that they probably left the iteration part out of the illustration to keep it more coherent. Then you are able to prioritize which items you want to do first and which will be completed at a later date.

This is the individual in your organization who is the champion of the task and owns its timely completion. Besides accounting record keeping and generating financial data for your stakeholders, you always need to analyze data. When people know they are going to be held responsible they are going to get things done. It is a meticulous task and the finance team of the business spends a lot of time doing that. Include budget or cost where applicable so you know the amount of resources to allocate toward the task. Now keep track of all your marketing expenditures, relevant sales and decide where your money deserves to go. It is easily customizable in Excel and you can add or remove any fields from the excel spreadsheet.

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