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Marketing plays a key role in the ability of small and medium-sized manufacturers to thrive and become more competitive in today's complex, and increasingly competitive, global marketplace. A common mistake that smaller manufacturers make is trying to apply consumer marketing techniques to sell industrial products.
The Industrial Marketing Pyramid (see graphic), illustrates the marketing essentials on which smaller manufacturers need to focus.
Create contribution margin tables both by product and customer, indicating both contribution margin dollars and percentage. This analysis can be conducted two ways, depending on whether profitability data is available.
Most companies have a customer list consisting of name, address, phone number and sales volume.
Ideally, you can conduct this analysis by sorting according to profitability (both percent of gross margin and total dollars of gross margin) by customer. A basic customer database tracks total shipments, total bookings (orders), sales by customer (account), sales by product or model and repeat customers. Understanding the scope of your competition will help you to more effectively position your products and services to meet the needs of your customers. Conduct a formal survey of your MVCs, either in written form, through telemarketing or a combination of both. Fundamental to customer retention, analyzing unsuccessful bids will help you improve the success rate of future bids and also will provide you with information on your competitors, revealing their strengths, new product developments, pricing strategies and more. Make the measurement of successful bids a part of your employee contracts and performance reviews. Document results of your analysis and develop marketing strategies to address problems and improve your bid hit rate.
There are many market research techniques you can employ to get a composite picture of the market.
Use secondary research techniques such as reviewing trade journals, directories, and online sources of information to supplement your primary research. Document and analyze the information, include it in your marketing plan (Step 10), then use it as a basis for developing marketing strategies and tactics. Compare sales forecasts to sales reports monthly, and share results with appropriate staff.
To gain a competitive advantage you must strive for total customer satisfaction (Steps 1-8).
Gather competitive intelligence and customer information continuously Establish benchmarks when possible, establish goals and measure improvement. Because it is in writing, it allows you to communicate those strategies to everyone involved in making your company a success - from top management to hourly employees.
A market analysis with information on customers, competition, market and trends, description of market niches, market size of prospects and sales potential. Hello, welcome to the second Great Marketing Quotes that I have created over the last year. You become like the people you spend most time with – choose your advisors carefully. If you have any questions or comments about your favourite marketing quotes, please feel free to leave a comment here or on Facebook? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. NOTE: If you don't want to upload your resume above, you can fax it to 800-927-4611 or email it. A "permission reminder" is a little blurb in your email campaigns (usually in the footer) that helps your recipients remember how you got their email address. I wouldn’t go so far as to say this "bad" permission reminder is what caused hundreds of abuse complaints. For the most part, if you send true permission-based email marketing, your recipients don’t need permission reminders. When you get reported for spamming, your email campaign is no longer just a newsletter or promotion.
When your email campaign gets turned into evidence, the permission reminder can become a critical factor in determining whether or not you are a "good guy" a "bad guy" or "an idiot" (idiots are the same as bad guys, for all intents and purposes). Your permission reminder should be very thorough in explaining exactly how your recipient got on your email list. Your permission reminder should be written in a way that shows you genuinely care about your recipients’ privacy, and you know that emailing them is a privilege, not a right. With this kind of permission reminder, someone (such as an abuse desk admin at an ISP) can ask the complainer, "The permission reminder says you opted in when you downloaded their whitepaper. For example, for some of our own MailChimp system alerts, we tell people, "You are receiving this email because you are a registered customer of MailChimp. Note: In the above example, it would require Acme Widgets to actually segment their customer lists. If the email is just going to consist of a big coupon image from a 3rd party, then put some intro text above it. In the footer, include a permission reminder like, "From time to time, we send special offers from our sponsors to all members of ____. Most people who send true permission-based email marketing have no trouble writing good permission reminders. What is a good permission statement when I have bought in the mailing list, we are talking about the B2B marketplace rather than B2C here. If the seller of the list won’t send the emails on your behalf, and you need to come up with a permission reminder for yourself, you should be honest. Sending to a purchased or rented lists is really difficult to do correctly, and is a pretty touchy issue. Ben’s comment above about the permission reminder would only apply if you were sending through a system that allows purchased lists, or sending through your own server. Hi, our Company just changed its name and therefore its website, so many people will have signed up at our old website. Hi Rebecca, yes I definitely would do my best to remind customers (and ISP abuse desks who will also see your email) of everything about the previous company.
If I understand you correctly, you obtained their email addresses while they visited a website or “browsed the net” ?
Thanks for having such a fantastic and informative way of informing users of the best policies to use in their email sending.

With the emails that remain, I’d break them into groups, and the groups would be based on risk.
Then, send a non-salesy, very personally-written reminder email to the least risky group first. Hi, if it needs to be a certain way, would it be more helpful to put an example of what you’d like so we could cut and paste it with our own company name so we could get it right, right away?! I am a massage therapist and looking into doing some email marketing for upcoming specials.
How do I bring over news letter recipients who have opt-in when I was with another provider?
Short answer: You should have a permission reminder in every email marketing message you send. Long answer: Before you worry about the permission reminder, focus more on that very first email you send. We are checking out Mail Chimp after a referral from a friend, we haven’t signed up yet because not sure we can use this. I’d email those people separately, such as from Outlook, or whatever your current email program is. As a realtor we are going to use mailchimp to email flyers about recent properties that go on the market.
Also, in the past people have forwarded me lists of people they think might be interested in receiving the comments, but over time I have no recollection of who forwarded which list. Can I add them as above, or do I have manually email those people in small batches asking them to subscribe? It provides the tools to target customers, identify their needs and respond with customized product lines.
But marketing and selling industrial products involves setting up fundamental measurement systems and procedures, then using market research and customer information to make intelligent price, promotion, product, distribution, sales and service decisions. Developing and selling unprofitable products -- or targeting unprofitable segments of the market - are costly mistakes. For example, product sales are $15,000 and the variable costs associated with generating these sales are $6,100 ($4,000 in material, $2,000 in labor and $100 in sales commissions). An MVC profile simply is a way of identifying the types of businesses that purchase similar products and services - niche markets. Retaining MVCs, and finding more customers like them, is critical to the success of your business.
Use it to identify your MVCs, for target marketing, assigning territories and sales coverage and as a basis for making strategic marketing decisions.
Databases such as Act, Access, Gold Mine or Approach may be difficult to learn, so start off with a basic spreadsheet program such as Excel or Lotus - they'll be sufficient to provide you with enough information to make sound decisions.
Once you've identified their needs, you can develop strategies to meet those needs and gain a competitive advantage.
This also is an excellent method to gather information about your competition from the customer's perspective. Assign responsibility and accountability for addressing customer problems to one person or department. Establish procedures - forms, update meetings, database entries - to assure that customer needs are systematically communicated to management.
Track the number of quotes submitted and won, as well as the cost of preparing each bid quote. Be sure to talk to the real buying influencer or purchasing manager and don't be a sore loser -make a positive call. A sale often will take multiple sales calls, resulting in a sales cycle that can take years. Develop sales strategies, conduct territory analyses and set sales priorities based on the information.
Customer satisfaction includes product quality, customer services and support, gauging customer perceptions - and change.
It makes no difference whether a customer decides to buy from a competitor because your product doesn't work or because a salesperson failed to return a call promptly Either way - you've lost the order. A marketing plan is important because it defines your company's marketing strategies in measurable terms - including prices, sales, target customers, distribution channels, products and product development, services and promotions.
Too many small businesses promote what they do, rather than the solution to real customer problems.
That "judge" can be an email admin at a major ISP, or an abuse desk manager at a spam firewall company, an IT person at a large corporation, or an angry recipient who just likes to publicly accuse companies of spamming by posting their emails on NANAE.
A good permission reminder will include some sort of indisputable proof that the recipient actually gave you permission to email them.
But any time I’ve ever investigated an abuse report, and had a permission reminder like this, the complainer is usually very honest. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and just unsubscribe, instead of reporting Acme Widgets for spamming me. Sure, it’s a little extra work, and it would be so much easier to blast out a big campaign to "everyone" instead.
It was a special offer coupon from one of the organization’s largest sponsors (who happens to be a pharmaceutical company). It explains nothing.  It says I received it because of my relationship with a certain organization.
Something like, "Hello ____ members, we’ve got a very special offer from one of our biggest sponsors, ____. If you track usernames and last-login-times in your system, you can pass them over to MailChimp via the API, and incorporate them into your emails. Would I need to have 2 different lists since they are such different places even though they are signing up for the same thing or, could I just include both ways of signing up in my permission reminder? If I were in your shoes though, I’d probably try to somehow mark the people in your database if they signed up from a show vs. With a contact list of 1200 customers the common thread would be their email address or more specifically their Paypal payment. But on the other hand, any email address that you haven’t contacted in the last 6 months is risky.
The risk is based on “how likely are these people to remember me, my business, my logo, what I do, what I sold them, etc. It’s kind of like the difference between giving people a multiple choice option, or open-form essay. It’s a great way to just focus on keeping your blog updated, and not worrying about MailChimp.

Tell them you’re starting up a mailing list, and invite them to click over to your MailChimp signup form and to subscribe.
Occasionally you will receive brief newsletters listing our 10 Top Tips on a specific subject area and updating you on our open course schedules and consultancy services.
But it's what you learn from market research about your products, services and potential customers that provides the keys to your business' success. Marketing is a detailed approach to communicating with customers, finding niche markets and ultimately managing for profits rather than sales. To fully understand which market segments offer the greatest potential for growth, you first must know which products and customers generate a profit. The contribution margin, therefore, is $8,900 ($15,000 - $6,100) and the contribution margin percentage is 59.3% ($15,000 -$6,100 $15,000).
These can be identified by SIC codes, geographic areas, sales volume, number of employees, association memberships, etc. Design procedures and forms to assure the complaint is understood, corrective action is taken and follow-up is achieved. A hit, or success, rate of 40% could be too low A hit rate greater than 70% could be too high - you may be leaving money on the table.
Customers and markets change continuously, so if you want to achieve and maintain your competitive advantage you must constantly refine - and continuously improve - your products and services in response to customers' changing needs. We have staff and other resources with a wealth of experience in marketing research, plan development, implementation and analysis. Do they: make you feel positive, have the same values, inspire you to be better, always have your back! My conversations with Kathleen Kenslea and HarryCurtis at the information session at Boston University on September 18th reinforced my interest in theprogram. ReturnPath did a survey where 14% of people said they always hit the "report spam" button, even if they signed up for the email. I get responses like, "Yes, I signed up for their newsletter, but good grief, they keep sending me the same friggin’ email offers over and over. I just want the emails to stop." In that case, I can advise the complainer to click the unsubscribe link (or I do it for them). So the only thing recipients saw in the email was a big giant graphic for a pharmaceutical product (assuming the image wasn’t automatically blocked by their email program). It’s not a standard merge tag in our system, because those are not standard fields most people would use or even record. I plan on creating it and sending it to myself and then on to the company executives so that they can distribute to their contacts, as appropriate.
I don’t know how we got our list, but I would imagine just from our contact database. Risky because those people will have forgotten who you are by now, and will surely report you for spamming. Our compliance team learns a lot more about you and your list management when you have to come up with your own. In that scenario, your email would get forwarded to an abuse desk somewhere (ours too) and a grumpy admin will start an investigation on your list collection practices.
Now our email list comes from contact with potential clients or through public sources (company websites, online directories were they post their information) how can we address the permission reminders. You might even include some incentive to sign up (a free gift to a random subscriber will be announced in each issue, or something like that). If you no longer want to receive these newsletters please click unsubscribe to send an email requesting to be removed. According to the Wall Street Journal, a 5% increase in customer loyalty translates to profit increases of 35-85%.
We also have tools available to help you implement marketing programs using your own resources. But creating a simple brand is not simple, it’s the one area of marketing that you should not skimp on. All this means to me is that you purchased my email address from some affiliate who did the dirty list-aggregation work for you. You don’t necessarily have to merge in the proof, but you should at least imply that you have the proof, if needed. Just a giant coupon for a pharmaceutical product (assuming I can even see that graphic in the first place). Perhaps in the future we will organize a larger email blast system but for now that is my goal. So, we’ve gone through our personal contacts and compiled a list of people to send our initial Email to.
You'll want information on their pricing, distribution channels, product features and benefits and other issues relevant to your business. My professional experience in brand strategy consulting and the arts andentertainment industry has equipped me with the unique ability to be process-driven and strategic, yetflexible and innovative. My wish is to incorporate all the loose ends and redirect my previous customers to my new, personal website. Setup differnet lists, and send very different welcome emails to them, each with different permission reminders. Worst case work scenario would be having to pull each Paypal receipt individually and using it to initiate contact.
At that point, it can be hard to maintain regular contact with your list (in order to keep them engaged). Is it okay to do this, or should I use that larger list to send a new invitation to subscribe? Please feel free to contact me for any additionalinformation or for an interview at 617-353-2834. In fact, how do I know you’re not just some 3rd party who purchased my email address from the non-profit? The word "relationship" seems deliberately vague, as if to cover all possible bases in case they’re questioned.

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