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While standard online ads have seen decreases in the past year, PPC has increased by 30% on YouTube.
This increased use of mobile and YouTube has also seen some impressive profits for the company. Google is the king of digital advertising, particularly on mobile devices, and the latest data from eMarketer charted for us by Statista proves it. Google accounts for more than half of all mobile ad revenue worldwide, while Facebook has been steadily increasing its market share of mobile ad revenue each year since 2012, the year it went public. Mobile Advertising Watch is a leading technology media property dedicated to covering the rapidly evolving world of mobile advertising, reviewing new solutions, giving reliable and actionable tips and breaking important technology news.
But there are some things you wouldn’t know to search for about this ubiquitous internet behemoth and trendsetter. Here’s an interesting factlet about Google that should make you giggle — and it’s about goats.
If you don’t believe us, you can Google it … or check out this Google Infographic by the ever clever web development experts at Fusion360. In the last two years, Facebook and Google have gone from a position of merely being two big, fast-growing players in mobile advertising to dominating it completely. In 2014, Google alone is expected to be roughly as big as all other companies combined, as this chart of mobile ad revenues from Statista shows.
Google expanded its GoMo initiative to offer small businesses an opportunity to mobilize their websites for free. According to Fortune, the Mountain View, Calif.-based search engine teamed with startup Duda Mobile to offer the $9 per month service at no cost for an entire year starting today. Our hope is that by offering both the education AND the service at no cost for one year, we can help businesses make the shift to mobile more quickly, benefiting both their business as well as us consumers who no longer want to pinch and zoom our way through their regular websites on our phones.

Google originally launched the GoMo initiative last fall to ensure dominance in the mobile advertising space as mobile websites continue to become more popular.
Duda Mobile, founded in 2009 in Google’s hometown, is the brains behind a do-it-yourself mobile website publishing tool.
Advertisers pay Google to use AdMob as a platform for promoting their app from within existing mobile apps. Google AdMob has greatly furthered the monetization of mobile apps, making it easy for advertisers to use the AdMob mobile ad network and get their ads integrated into mobile apps.
While advertising on Android often equates to using AdMob, the same isn’t true for advertising on iPhones.
Google AdMob SDK lets mobile ad developers incorporate mobile-optimized text ad image banners in addition to rich web apps called interstitials for Google mobile advertising. Interstitials are rich HTML5 experiences, also known as “web apps” that appear at natural app transition points like a game level load. Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget.
Tetrabyte Accreditations and Partnerships: Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Dell, ESET, BT, Tetrabyte optimise the innovative automation and self-service systems that our Partners has pioneered over the last 11 years.
Before, online advertising was a paramount investment for any business and it often led to a larger customer base and sales for these businesses. While it is true that Google and AdSense users are seeing declines in PPC (pay per click) advertisements online, the numbers are increasing for mobile advertising.
When taking into account the increased amount of time users are watching YouTube on mobile, it’s clear how mobile and YouTube are going to be the future of advertising. That means Google blew expectations out of the water, and mobile ads are bringing in loads of money for the company.

So, while it will still be a while before mobile ads exceed desktop online ads, it is clear that mobile is the way of the future. He writes on a wide variety of topics, but mostly focuses on mobile and computer technology. Reportedly, the company “employs” goats to munch dry brush to reduce the fire hazard in fields near Google’s California headquarters.
In 2002, Klingon officially became one of Google’s 72 “language interfaces.” As described in a 1984 book (The Klingon Dictionary by Marc Okrand), Klingon was deliberately designed to sound “alien” and yes, it’s both a spoken and written created language that many people have actually taken the time to learn. Combined, they have cornered 75.2% of the entire mobile market in 2013, according to new data by eMarketer. Users will save $108 a year, and then they can purchase the premium service after the complimentary period ends—if desired.
Google also unveiled a Google Mobile Ads website and announced two webinars earlier this week for those interested in learning more. Google even provided a list of developers to help users construct their immersive mobile websites. This also enables apps to generate AdMob revenue, even with a free mobile game, by offering other apps adverting space within their game. When he isn't writing, Caleb spends his time tweeting nonsense and reading Star Wars novels. Between Facebook and Google, the companies could rake in more than 70% of mobile ad money in 2014.

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