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Link building is the most significant but also the most challenging aspect of optimizing your blog or website for search engines. I’ve learned through hard work many search engine marketing tactics that can benefit your business. Chose the category of your post or infographic you want to share, find the closely related Scoop it page and suggest your post.
There are many companies that moved and changed their brand names, therefore, the links were deleted. It can seem kind of creepy to keep track of competitors’ backlinks, but I can make sure you will get a lot of great ideas how to get quality links based on them. Before monitoring them you should figure out your top competitors in SERP, I actually use SE Ranking tool to monitor my top competitors. Weekly or monthly checkups will help you to stay awake with what SEO tactics your competitors use to acquire links and draw up a plan how to replicate as many links as possible.
Creating and submitting infographics is the most effective and powerful link building strategy in SEO.
Most people try to stay away from this method, creating a professional infographic costs a pretty penny. To get the most out of your infographic, you can offer bloggers to post it as a guest post.
When you submit an info-graphic, make sure to write a unique description with 200-300 words to take real advantage from it.
Businesses need not only to build up quality links, but also build good relationships with customers. You should figure out what you want to get out of a guest writer and define the subject of guest articles. Reviews about products, software or services are one of the best ways to get good backlinks at scale. Or you can find them in Google using search queries “website feedbacks”, “site review”, “website customer review”.
Monitoring any mentions about your brand or product is a good way to get quality backlinks. Reverse image search is something new and totally different from the other link building tactics. If you manage a website and use only quality images, you should keep track of your image theft. If you find out someone is using them without your link, you can reach out the admin and let him know about it.
To simplify your SEO process, you can use TinEye to check all images that are used by other people from your website. If you know any other effective link building tactics, I will be more than happy to hear them. I just extolled the virtues of Jeff Bullas at my last preso, bc I think he puts out the largest amount of great material out there. Wouldn’t you consider replacing a dead Wikipedia link with your own to be a black hat SEO tactic? Monitoring and attempting to copy competitor backlinking practices is also a high risk strategy since most Webmasters don’t know when competitors are penalized for violating search engine guidelines with their backlink strategies. Infographic links have led to penalties for some sites and Google has warned marketers to tone it down with the infographics. If you have a product, please do not presume to think a blogger simply writes a review because you sent them a PDF about coffee beans. Regardless of business size, Google offers many ways to market a business and increase traffic with very little effort.
Forbes reported that there were six ways that national brands failed at creating an effective local marketing plan.

One other important feature of claiming Google Business Pages is that it puts the location of the business on Google Maps. As previously reported in Inquisitr, mobile marketing will play a big part of the marketing process in 2016, and it’s an opportunity for small businesses to maximize their revenues when they focus on the right trends.
Smartphones are becoming the new wallet for those who use them, and it allows them to pay for everything from groceries to shopping and food orders. Search Engine Land reported that small businesses can leverage mobile apps as a way to engage users locally. Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date profile on Google Plus influences how well a business ranks in Google. February 7, 2012: Google Places isn’t a new concept, but considering the majority of our clients at KoMarketing came to us with either no listing or an outdated listing, I thought it may be a good time to touch on some of the benefits of creating, maintaining and optimizing a Google Places business listing.
The reason we are able to come up in this web search result is because we are registered as a “Marketing Consultant” business in Google Places, with a Waltham address. Being registered with Google Places allows KoMarketing to generate visibility in Google Maps for keywords related to our business.
Business listings from Google Places are referenced in Google Maps both on mobile searches and in GPS mobile phone applications. In order to create a listing on Google Places the business has to be verified by phone or mail. I would recommend using a universal or impersonal email address for the registration (unless you own the business) in case updates need to be made in the future.
Google Places is quick, easy, free, and sustainable, so get on it – and please feel free to share any additional references we missed in the comments field! Welcome!Our goal is to present ideas, thoughts and opinions related to Online Marketing, including SEO, PPC, Social Media , and Content Marketing.
If you have questions or would like to talk with us about our online marketing services, call us at 1-877-322-2736 or use our contact form to get in touch with our leadership team.
Google is always updating its algorithms and changing the game by releasing Penguin updates that give you penalties for using unnatural ways of getting backlinks on your websites. It is an awesome content curation basement where people gather interesting content over the web and publish them in a magazine format.
Based on my experience, 50 % accept them within a day what means a good amount of quality backlinks for 15 minutes of your work. I guess this tactic is totally worthy to spend time and efforts to gain these killer links.
When you find such kind of broken links, you can instantly contact the owner of the website and inform him about this crap-shoot. After you find a dead link, you need to recreate it on your site and replace it with your link in Wikipedia. As soon as you get their target keywords, enter them into your backlink tool like Webmeup or Ahrefs, you will get a diverse list of backlinks linking to their sites.
It taps into the visual content marketing trend and is one of the leaders in this segment. If you sell some products or information that can help people to learn something, for example, “ways how to make coffee”, you should use search strings like “how to make coffee”, “make coffee home” and etc.
You should create an alert like for Google Alerts and you will get mentions about your brand or service.
Site owners, usually, try to avoid any conflicts, and you will have a high rate of response to your email. Serious bloggers (the sort that write well and have an audience that might buy your product) charge money to do a review for even a $0.99 app. Reverse guest posting is a fab way to drive traffic on auto pilot as long as the guesties are putting good stuff out there.
Mobile apps and Google Plus Business Pages allow businesses to connect with their markets locally by creating listings in Google that are relevant to the location.

Not implementing a marketing plan at the local level can cost sales, and it’s one of the easiest ways for any business to increase its bottom line. For businesses that have more than one location, the ideal is to put up a page for each location so that customers can find out what they need to know.
The Google Maps app is the sixth most popular app for smartphone users, and if businesses want to be found, then they need to provide location information on their Google Business Pages so that it shows up on Maps. Businesses as a whole will need to make the shift from customer acquisition to value creation. Small businesses that have a mobile app will have a competitive edge as long as that app is geared toward engaging the user in some way.
Although Google isn’t the most used app on a mobile phone, it is the most used search app, and it is the fourth most used app by smartphone users. Although there was little difference between mobile search and using the Google app, sometimes the results of the search will change depending on which search results the user is using. This particular search query won’t produce a significant amount of traffic for KoMarketing, but it’s free and it took maybe 15 minutes to set up, so the few hits we may get from it are worth it. In this case, we included “Marketing Consultant” as a category and “Internet Marketing Agency” in our description, so when someone goes to Google Maps and types in a search query for Internet Marketing Agency in our area, we have a presence. Registering with Google Places may give you a Google Maps Pin when mobile users search for your product or service through their mobile devices. Also, be sure to fill in as many of the listing fields as possible including photos and videos, and encourage your clients and customers to submit reviews – it may play a factor in how high your pin is ranked.
We hope to provide an opportunity to engage in discussion and insight related to our campaigns, online initiatives and research in the field of search engine marketing. If you notice someone mentions about you without a link, you can contact that person, tell him thank you and ask him kindly to place a link to your product. Don’t forget to mention that the image is originally from your website and ask them to place an attribution backlink. This includes location and store hours and any special offers customers need to know about as well as company updates. Mobile phones will also become credit cards and bank accounts, so businesses will need to adapt to these new technologies and apps to collect sales. For businesses that have more than one location, creating multiple pages and keeping them up to date will help with this.
Google Places offers the opportunity to generate local web search visibility for the products or services your business offers. You need to find bloggers, contact them, send them products, wait for product reviews and send email reminders. It would be easier to follow with a little clean up, but still great info & I will always love Jeff.
Alaina Shearer, founder and CEO of digital marketing agency Cement Marketing, said that it’s not enough for companies to claim their pages. Including the business name, location, contact details, photos, business hours, and a search engine optimized description will also help in ensuring better rankings in Google. Think of some terms you would like your business to rank for locally and include them in the description and categories of your Google Places listing. Nor should you be looking at alternatives (such as Domain Authority, Trustflow, etc.) as these metrics have no bearing on how Bing or Google evaluate Websites.

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