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Our estimation is trying to emulate for a better adsense usage if this website uses 3 adsense ads on all pages. Put the following HTML code in your website on main page(anywhere you want) to show your website price and domain worth. If you own this website and want to sell on, just register and verificate it. Google Webmaster Tools gets a lot of the limelight as being a€?the besta€? webmaster tool set to use, as it is built on the most popular search engine, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect others. Stop thinking about Google and Bing as rivals and which one is better, as your website can benefit from both.A  You just need to make sure that you are ranking well on each. To truly improve your overall website SEO you will need to use both, as only then you will be able to get the best results. So, first things first, you obviously need a Bing Webmaster Tools account.A  If you havena€™t already got one, you can sign up here. Once signed up and logged in, you can go to the a€?Diagnostics & Toolsa€™ section to find the SEO Analyzer.

Here you can enter in a URL to assess where it will give SEO improvement suggestions that you can make (if any). Not surprisingly, there are a couple of issues that I can work on.A  I have used quite a few H1 tags for my subtitles (use H2 tags instead for subheadings, there should only be 1 H1 tag for your main post title) and I seem to have forgotten to add an ALT tag for one of my images. Quick Tip a€“ When going back and editing old posts, now is the perfect time to do a bit of editing.A  Make any amendments, add internal links to newer pages (where relevant), optimise your images, etc.
It is well worth the time spending on doing this for your site.A  If you can fix any issues it will help you to rank higher in Bing (potentially other search engines as well).
Just wondering, did you find anything that was contradictory between Bing and Google SEO optimizers? In my case it was mainly H1 tags that I’d mistakenly added in some of my earliest posts, a few missed image ALT tags and a couple of meta descriptions that were a bit too long. Whether that was the extent of the difference I don’t know, but was interesting to see the differences. I really appreciate with this But I didn’t find exactly that how can I add My Blogger site into Bing Webmaster Tools Can you please Explain me??

Haven’t added a Blogger site before (not even sure you can with Bing being Microsoft), but it should be the same process as adding it to Google Webmaster Tools.
Indexing is one one of the hardest factor if you have a big website, so we believe that search engine visibility is very important calculating the website value.
Indexing is one one of the hardest factor if you have a big website, so we believe that search engine visibility is very important website value calculation. This value gives only the backlinks from another domains, it doesn't include internal(backlinks from the same website) backlinks count.
Backlinks are very related with Google pagerank so we believe that PR value is more important from backlink count. A Not only will you be able to make improvements to your posts, but it will monitor your site (when you add your site to Bing Webmaster Tools) and let you know when any issues arise.

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