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One of the big tricks of Adsense publishing is, surprisingly, making your ads as unobtrusive as possible. When generating her ad code, Maguire chose a white background and white borders to blend her ads more effectively into her site’s overall color scheme. Head On Over To Tailored MediaJanuary 5, 2016 We're slowly moving all of our online life over to Tailored Media.
Remarketing is a method of advertising that allows you to tag the pages of your website with a special code that attaches to a visitors internet browser.

70% of people on average abandon their shopping cart, remarketing has been shown to recapture up to 30%!
There are dozens of ways to remarket to someone and we are one of the best leading re-marketing agencies on the internet.
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Once the visitor is tagged with this code on their computer, they can now be shown image advertisements of your choosing all over the internet. You can follow visitors all over the net, making them think that your business is everywhere, when in fact, you have been tracking them and following them.

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