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The International Space Station has been streaming HD video of the Earth for the last year, but starting today it will be able to capture four times the detail.
Don’t think that all 4K cameras are created equal, ive seen many 1080p videos that looked like they were recorded on a toaster. Now on a lighter note, close up images on Google maps are (were) actually taken from planes (aerial photography) rather than space.
So comparing this to Google Maps is like you saying you’re Usain Bolt because you can also run 100m. The Elgato Game Capture HD60 S is a video game recorder that enables gamers to help share their gaming experience like never before.
CNET's Donald Bell shows off Parrot's compact, tablet-controlled Bebop Drone and uses a pair of virtual-reality goggles to see from a drone's point of view. May 11, 2014CNET's Donald Bell shows off Parrot's compact, tablet-controlled Bebop Drone and uses a pair of virtual-reality goggles to see from a drone's point of view. This is a small, lightweight quad copter due out this year at an undisclosed time for an undisclosed price. It's got a camera on the front here that captures a raw 14 megapixel image and then processes that down to a two megapixel footage. So you're not dealing with the weight, and the intricate delicate, you know, system of a gimbal on the bottom of this thing, like we've seen in some other quad copters. And by using that fish eye lens, it can reprocess the image inside the camera, so that you can kind of tilt it around. So, it's a neat trick, and it helps cut down on some weight and makes the design a little bit more sturdy.

Each battery pack will give you what I've been told is about 12 minutes of flight time, which is about average for something as small as this. It's got built-in GPS and with that GPS, you can use the app on either iPhone, iPad Android tablet. You can use the GPS on here to trigger, to automatically return back to you, if you're a little bit confused about which way is forward and which way is backward on the control itself. Another interesting feature that Parrot's built in here, that's the first I've seen, is that it will automatically detect if there's something intruding on the propellers.
If your flying this indoors, there's a pair of bumpers that attach to this so that it's not going to you know, bump the propellers if you fly into a wall, or if you fly it into the ceiling. If you want some extra range or some more advanced controls, they're also selling a remote control rig that kind of docks your tablet and also extends your Wi-Fi range.
And also has the benefit of being able to integrate with an Oculus Rift or they're just generically saying some kind of video goggle system. And with that you can get a literal bird's eye view of what you're seeing through the camera.
So that is a first look at the Parrot B-bop Drone, a very cool lightweight quad copter that I'm excited to see this year. A new camera module from a company called UrtheCast is now up and running on the ISS, and it’s capable of capturing 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) video. The 4K video comes from the Iris camera and 25MP still images can be captured with the medium-resolution Theia camera. The aspects that determine a video’s quality include light sensitivity, bit rate, compression, optics, resolution, color accuracy, and for space, I guess the ability to perform under extreme conditions.

You can see the first one below, which includes some cool footage of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. Iris is mounted on a rotating platform that lets the camera stay pointed at a target on the surface as the station swings past at 17,000 miles per hour.
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. It can take 60-second clips of an area six square miles in area.A web based platform will eventually make HD video clips available for free. It will take at least a few hours to get the video clips from UrtheCast cameras down to Earth and posted online.The old HDEV is set to wide-angle, so it captures much more of the surface. That would be much cheaper than existing commercial options, which can cost upwards of $20,000. However, the UrtheCast 4K camera is set to operate as a telephoto camera that zooms in on the surface.
This is high enough resolution that you can actually see cars driving down the road in real time. UrtheCast says the camera has 1-meter resolution, meaning each pixel in the image can be as small as 1 meter across.
That’s not as good as the photos from satellites like WorldView 3 that can manage 30 centimeter resolutions, but this is video rather than still photos.

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