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December 27, 2010 by Christopher Meinck 18 Comments Today comes word that Samsung is prepping an Android based Galaxy Player. I agree as well, with the exception that the next Zune should be the official Xbox portible. Good idea, but I already love my Zune HD and my Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 just the way they are, as does my wife.
I think everyone agrees that Windows Phone 7 should have been the basis of Microsoft’s music player.
So even though something like this is a no-brainer, it doesn’t mean that Microsoft will follow logic and do it. I agree that M$ should make their own branded phone instead of relying on carriers to make WP7 generic, i would actually love a phone the size of the ZuneHD! The insane thing Microsoft did in the first place was leave out the zune dock connector on all Windows Phone 7 devices.
A centralized published spec for connecting similar devices is what creates a market space for third party development.
Microsoft has the reserves to get a comprehensive strategy put in place by offering devices with more ability at a lower price and gain market share but the big thinkers there need to start thinking bigger.
All MS development has been on WM7 with nothing new for the Zune HD, and they haven’t even gotten WM7 right yet.
In the meantime, it's just connected to my computer and I noticed I don't have full function of the remote.
I hope this helps some, it needs clear line of sight as well, so that is important to keep in mind.
The wireless remote gives you full access to your Zune player from anywhere in the room.Did I buy the wrong thing? It seems a lot of people have been checking out the Zune for the past couple years, and now everyone got a new Zune for Christmas!

Here comes the tricky part - getting your Zune connected and configured to work with your computer.
Once your Zune is synced to your computer with the software, then you can load the Zune store, buy Microsoft points, and download music. This should come as no surprise as the iPod touch has yet to have any competition when it comes to a media player that offers a multitude of apps. If Microsoft replicates that functionality along with a few improvements and thousands of apps, it will help generate a gateway to the success of Windows Phone. CES 2011 is just around the corner and announcing a Zune 7 running Windows Phone would have widespread appeal. It was also a no-brainer that Windows Phone 7 should have been the basis for Microsoft’s tablet. I bought them not only because of the OS, but because of the way they feel in my hands and in my pocket. Just as they were walking down a path that their supporters were thrilled with, they killed the idea. I have owned the last 2 generations of Zune and have loved them both and now own the Samsung Focus but i don’t agree M$ should port WP7 to a new Zune player. Everything im reading says that all phone changers are being standardised to use Micro USB (European rules).
However, because of MS using Zune HD owners as not much more than beta testers for WM7 and essentially deserting HD users, I absolutely will not get a WM7. It works perfectly with the older generations but for some reason I cannot scroll through the menus either, or pick other music to listen to.
Sure the Zune HD has a handful apps and they are quite good, but that’s not the platform of the future for Microsoft.
By removing the wireless carrier component, you remove barriers to adopting Windows Phone 7.

By shying away from producing a premium product, Microsoft will only insure that cheaper versions get produced. Windows Phone 7 is the platform of the future and it of course runs the popular Zune software. You might also get people from other platforms who are more likely to test the waters with a carrier-free Zune product. The Zune experience is pretty watered down on WP7 and I really miss the animations while songs are playing and smartDJ!
The sooner Microsoft delivers the Zune 7 running Windows Phone 7, the more users will start embracing the new OS. Not to mention, you’ve got a current Zune user base that would welcome an upgrade to the Zune line to include access to thousands of apps.
If M$ is to make ZuneHD 2 they should continue with the experience offered on the ZuneHD but add the apps of WP7. Developers have started warming up to Windows Phone 7 and a new contract-free Zune is just the medicine needed to seriously ramp up developer interest.
It would also command a premium price and, most likely, put a few dollars in the coffers at Microsoft. Microsoft cares just as much about the customers as they do about the fox Conn manufacturers.

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