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Presented the subject in an effective and understandable way, given good working, relevant examples. There are tons of lawn care businesses out there, but few are marketed properly and doing so can make the difference between making chump change and building a robust business.
Give customers an invoice instead of just saying “That’ll be $30.” It shows that you are running a real business, and that you are organized and can be counted on for consistent, reliable service. Get little signs you can stick in your customer’s yard, and make sure the lawn looks beautiful because it is a testament to your quality work.
Think of how you can use the same literary tricks to incorporate your name into the name of your lawn care business. There is a lot of importance when it comes to using inbound marketing in your aging care care business, whether you are offer home care, home health, or hospice services.
In fact, half of the online searches are made by potential customers who are looking for some kind of product or service. In this new marketing backdrop, every aging care service provider should be changing the focus from forcing their services on potential clients to attracting customers to their web sites or blogs with inbound marketing tactics. Focusing some of your effort on relevant content that is SEO optimized so that your prospects will find you in an organic search result is a great addition to your marketing arsenal. Use social media websites to show prospective customers that you are an authority in the aging care industry.
Anthony Simonie has more than 19 years of successful business development, marketing and sales experience. His focus is to provide proven marketing, sales strategies and advice that enables smart, but overwhelmed business owners to attract (and retain) more clients, while increasing profitability, eliminating wasted effort and frustration, and creating more quality free time to spend with their families, rather than being enslaved to their businesses.
About UsThe NAPHC is a community where those who provide services in the aging care market come to learn the latest cutting edge business and marketing strategies in order to take their businesses and lives to a higher level of success and profitability.
Our mission is to help aging care business owners, directors and managers involved in the home care, home healthcare, assisted living, home hospice and related markets, to reach their dreams of achieving higher levels of success and profitability, by attracting, and retaining more clients, through a down-to-earth, relationship-oriented approach, while at the same time having fun along the way AND making an incredibly positive impact in the lives of both their clients and their families.
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Easily translates to actions I can do in my own Home, definitely the most useful course on Marketing I have ever been on. Paying a professional designer a few bucks to make you look more professional can go a long way.
Put your certifications on your business cards and any ads you run in the neighborhood newsletter, and on your Web site. No one likes guessing, and if they are planning a get-together at their house, they might want to tell you to come on a different day.
A magnetic sign featuring your logo and tag line is inexpensive advertising that will give you high visibility in your target market – your own community.
Google has made it easy for users to search organically, which means that as a business owner, director, or manager,  you don’t have to spend your entire marketing budget on paid advertising for PPC ads (pay per click). Provide valuable, high quality information that will offer solutions to potential customers, so that they can make better decisions. This means that when you write your blog post, it should contain relevant keywords and phrases so that you can be found by your prospects.
He's the founder and co-founder of multiple successful businesses and has helped more than 20,000 people increase their success in life and business. Most people make the mistake of thinking a brand is simply your logo, but it is much more than just a symbol. If you want go further, get ball caps made up with your logo or even get a nicer shirt embroidered.
Do an excellent job of trimming weeds, and use a leaf blower to get grass clippings off the sidewalk, patio and driveway. Customers have a different impression of someone mowing their lawn with a 5 horsepower push mower than they do of somebody riding on a zero-turn professional grade high horsepower mower. Well, it is obvious that as a home care business, home healthcare business, or home hospice business, those potential customers could be looking for your business. You want to diversify your aging care marketing efforts and embrace techniques that give you the most return on your investment.

Follow and become fans of other aging care agencies on Twitter and Facebook so that you can stay abreast of the changing industry and you can also see what they are doing. Whatever you say about your business has to be backed up, and reinforced with the way you do business.
As a brand mascot, it works BETTER than a normal logo because this little cartoon guy is very likeable.
Not having one is a sign that you are only half committed to supporting them with your business. You may have a slogan that says something like “Professional Lawn Care” but if your customers see you mowing a lawn in Bermuda shorts and a tie-dye t-shirt, they aren’t going to “think” professional. If you claim to be timely, but are always late, it will grate on customer’s nerves even more so if your slogan claims otherwise.
He comes in three colors, red, green and yellow, and we offer him in a variety of poses and logo templates.
They knew they couldn’t compete with the big moving companies, but understood many people just wanted down-and-dirty moving services.
They set customer expectation low, but people were OK with it because they knew they were getting the job done cheap. If you are just a kid with a small law mower who is only available after school and weekends, then embrace that.
A child entrepreneur might call his business “Me’n My Dad’s Lawnmower.” People would have low expectations, but would feel good about helping a kid learn responsibility.

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