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The most basic trophic level is made up of producers: plants such as underwater bay grasses and free-floating algae that make their own food through photosynthesis. This simple diagram shows how organic compounds originally produced by a plant pass through successively higher trophic levels.
The food chain starts with phytoplankton converting sunlight and nutrients into living tissue.
Phytoplankton are then are eaten by copepods, which are members of the microscopic animal community called zooplankton.
Copepods are eaten by bay anchovies, which are eaten by large fish such as bluefish and striped bass. However, food production and consumption in the Bay are rarely as simple or direct as this example. A healthy ecosystem is one with a balanced food web — not too much production or consumption of any one of the producers or consumers.
An ecosystem must be enormously productive to support substantial populations of species at the highest trophic levels.
However, an overabundance of algae can be harmful, reducing oxygen in the water and blocking sunlight from reaching underwater bay grasses.
Small bottom-dwelling organisms take up contaminants that are in bottom sediments while feeding or through skin contact.
Larger fish accumulate toxins in their tissues when they eat contaminated smaller organisms.
In turn, birds, other wildlife and even humans may eat contaminated fish, allowing the contaminants to continue to move through the food web. The severe decline of bald eagles and osprey in the 1950s through the 1970s was the result of bioaccumulation of DDT, a pesticide used to control insects and agricultural pests. Understanding Food Webs in the Chesapeake Bay: Fact sheet from the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center on food web research in the Bay.
A catalog where goods are displayed combined with an ordering system to allow visitors to put goods in their virtual shopping cart and buy them.
Spend money at PCWorld, put some effort in and get yourself an enterprise-class suite of Internet services.
Our company sits at the intersection of mobile, web, and social networking, and as such we have established a highly experienced team of graphic designers, software developers, QA testers, solution architects, and project managers that are able to deliver projects that consistently exceed our clients expectations. We are able to bring as many elements as needed to your web solution to help capture the attention of your clients. We are interested in building lasting relationships that allow you to utilize our extensive experience in mobile, web, and social networking to help you advance your business. Shaunessy Dobish is one of Florida's leading interior decorators offering a full range of interior design and decorating services for homes, apartments, and offices. Shaunessy's custom designed site replaced her old site, and we worked with Shaunessy to capture her personality and brand. The Empowering Center for Employment and Career Development is a non-profit organization committed to developing education and empowerment strategies focused on education, empowerment, and employment.
Building for the Future Academy is an alternative, non-public school offering students with special needs, ages 17-21, an alternative, non-traditional path to receiving a high school diploma as well as vocational and life skills training to increase employability.
Balloon Labs is the website for the 'All Subway Pro' Android application, and the site was created to provide visitors with an overview of the mobile apps features. Liquid Lightening was commissioned by a client that wanted to perform the website development themselves, but needed Crash Bang Studios to design the look and feel, along with the artwork. The Rib Bar website was commissioned by a client that wanted to perform the website development themselves, but needed Crash Bang Studios to design the look and feel, along with the artwork. Here is our free black backgrounds section, if you have a background that you would like to send, please use the contact link to the right.

We thrive in the complex world of creative and technology applications, using our expertise to develop efficiencies, lower costs and create new velocity within our client organizations.
Our considerable technology capabilities allow Webhomes to recommend the right technologies to provide the most value to our customers. The convergence and crossover of screens [2013 saw more people accessing information from their mobile device than their computer] - allows us to identify, examine and qualify current technologies, best practices, information architectures, and digital platforms. The team of Melissa Allen, Josh Baugher, Baris Bilek, Scott Guengerich, and Jeremy Vogan (Team Captain) from JMU’s iMBA Program were named the First Place Global Winner of the Google Online Marketing Challenge Social Impact Award.
Special thanks is extended to our amazing alums and colleagues at Search Mojo, RKG, and Silverback Strategies for their continuous support of the Challenge at JMU.  We are so appreciative of the individuals at these companies who share their time and expertise with JMU students. When you look at what she’s accomplished as an entrepreneur, the track record is impressive.
Plus, she’s accomplished all that in the crowded and competitive market of sales performance improvement. When you started your business, what was your overall vision for your market presence, and what was the first thing you did to get your marketing strategy off the ground? Are there one or two guiding principles that form the basis for how you’ve built your personal brand? A lot of consultants aren’t sure whether they should blog, develop a newsletter, or do something else entirely. In Agile Selling, you talk about the importance of personal “grit” for getting things accomplished. If you look back to the early days of building your platform, what do you know now that you wish you’d known then? I work with the leaders (and employees) of small to mid-sized professional services businesses, like management consulting firms, training organizations, and other advisory businesses. My aim is to help you grow a thriving services business that creates substantial value for your clients and for your business. Decomposers appear throughout the food web, breaking organic matter back down into nutrients for the producers to use once again. Filter feeders such as oysters, clams and menhaden must have enough plankton available to sustain themselves.
For example, for every pound of commercial fish taken from the Bay, almost 8,000 pounds of underlying producers and consumers had to be produced. I modified the front & rear suspension pieces from the Revell ‘37 Ford kit to fit the narrower frame. Located in a web site are a collection of WWW resources, such as a bunch of HTML pages, pictures and so on.
If a page does not change no matter who is looking at it, such as a title page, is called static.
Many tools are available to help with tasks like time management, customer support, or conference registration.
A web site may be comprised of one set of pages on one computer running one web server, or it may be a hundred proxies, load balancers, databases, application servers and other systems scattered across the world that have all been linked together to present one tidy virtual location to the Internet world.
WWW became the second most popular service on the Internet, in front of telnet and behind ftp-data. From simple, visually stunning websites to highly interactive database driven web experiences, we are able to work with your ideas to capture your customer's attention.
We can work with your existing website to improve it, or we can help you re-design from scratch. This dynamic website allows visitors to browse a large inventory of hot sauces, salsas, mustards, barbecue sauces, and condiments. Their mission is to maximize each student's potential to learn and make a positive contribution to our world.

There is a significant advantage in developing business strategies knowing technical, IT and systems capabilities in the planning stage. By applying a technology agnostic, creative tactical purpose we can deliver almost any idea from concept to working prototype, to functional solution.We were the one of first of the new agencies, to combine the time-proven crafts of MBA business strategies and analytics, with Madison Avenue advertising, evolving new web technologies, and the applications of the internet, cloud-based network systems and todaya€™s digital data worlds. Multiple platforms, great content delivery, and new web 3.0 technologies are critical today to create effective customer connection strategies.
This helps us to advise our clients the most appropriate development path for a truly seamless, integrated system providing excellent user experience a€“ and the ability to connect with and create a customer relationship of on-going, perceived value. This award recognizes a team that made an outstanding difference to their nonprofit partners via superb online marketing campaigns. So I thought it would be interesting to ask Konrath what she has done to create her position in the market.
As a consultant tries to decide what to focus on, what advice would you give for making that decision? As she mentioned in our interview, have a look at her Resources page to get access to free materials to support your sales efforts.
Striped bass and bluefish, part of a higher trophic level, rely on menhaden and bay anchovies as their primary food source. A web page is a collection of different resources (text and image files) that are stuck together by the web browser. A site used by computers may have nothing at all for a person to look at: it is purely there to get a job done. A static page is contained in a file that is copied from a store every time someone asks to look at it. If something is a web site then the only thing you can be sure of is that HTTP is involved somewhere.
From a technical support point of view, we use the web site name to indicate all the bits and pieces that make a web site go. One interesting aspect of the book is that it gives us a view of the things Konrath has done to create her own success. She’s the author of a high-value blog, gets great traffic to her website, has an extensive list of email subscribers, and a strong social media presence. This complex network of feeding continuously cycles organic matter back into the ecosystem.
A site may be full of mad scientist research material or contain only a single photo of a man and his dog advertising their true love. Sales and marketing guys like to talk about B2B web sites and tend to call any other type of company web site a B2C (Business to Consumer) site. The web browser's request is routed across the Internet and arrives at the business end of the web site, the web server. A 30 ton truck and a motorcycle both involve wheels but you really shouldn't drop a freight container on your bike. This could be any combination of servers, data, bits of networking kit and organisation back-end systems. A page that looks different depending on who the customer is viewing it is dynamic, such as a shopping cart page. It is a simple label that does not tell you anything about how many DNS names it has (if any), what content it provides, what the infrastructure is that powers it, who the target audience is, or indeed anything else.
The language that a web browser and web server use to talk to each other is defined by the HTTP protocol.

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