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Use a flat shovel to remove the grass and level the dirt in the area you want your fire pit (our kit required a circle 4’ in diameter). Place the fire screen in the center of the circle to serve as a template for laying the blocks.
Position the first row of blocks in a circle around the screen, in the pattern indicated in the instructions that came with the kit. Position the second layer of blocks on top of the first, with the joints in the blocks overlapping the joints in the layer below. Continue applying construction adhesive and layers of blocks, overlapping the joints on each row, until the fire pit is complete (our kit was three blocks high). After the construction adhesive has cured, built a fire in the fire pit and use the mesh fire screen to contain any embers.
Stone fire pit kits are a popular way to add warmth to your landscape without the time and expense of building a custom pit. This kit calls for using the provided screen as a template around which the blocks are placed in the prescribed pattern.
Between each row a generous layer of construction adhesive is applied, so that the next row will remain in the proper position. You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader. You can find out more about the Pavestone RumbleStone fire pit we installed in the article at the bottom of this page.
Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home. We built this playset—including swing set, climbing wall, and second-story playhouse with a storage room underneath—from pressure treated wood in three days for about $1,000 in materials. Dig 2’ deep or deeper holes for each of the four playhouse corner posts and three center posts.

Attach horizontal 2×4 band joists to the playhouse posts at ground level, 3’ high, 6’ high, 7’ high, 10?’ high, and 12’ high. Attach ?” treated plywood on top of the floor joists shims to form the floor of the playhouse. Nail 1×6 fence boards vertically to the first floor and second sides of the playhouse, leaving a small gap even with the playhouse floor on the two low sides of the floor to allow for drainage.
Except for the drainage gaps between the floors, cover the seams between the first and second floor siding with 2?” wide strips ripped from the fence boards.
Position the rafters on top of the 2×4 band joists, and attach them to the posts and band joists. Danny Lipford: This playset is built primarily with posts—four-by-four, eight-by-eight, and four-by-six.
The primary structure is laid out as a six-foot by six-foot square with four-by-four posts at each corner and at the center of each side, except the front where there will be a door.
The eight-by-eight post is set centered on the square and off to one side by about 12 feet. The four-by-four posts are then connected with horizontal two-by-fours at the ground level, at three feet, at six feet, and at the height of the floor for play area—or about seven feet.
At that point the two-by-fours are connected with more two-by-fours across the space to create floor joists. We’re using standard one-by-six by six-foot fence boards as the siding for the structure.
Once we cut off the eight-by-eight, we notch it so that the four-by-six can span the space between it and the play house. The fence board siding continues up to the hand rail level, with the dog-eared pattern facing up. To trim around it, and cover the seams in the fence board siding, we rip more fence boards on the table saw to a two and a half-inch width.

With the basic structure complete, you can add the accessories that make it fun for the kids—like climbing walls, swings, and rope ladders. Kit fire pits, such as the RumbleStone Round Fire Pit kit from Pavestone we made, come with everything you need, including blocks, metal fire bowl, and a mesh fire screen.
Even with a template, be sure to pay attention to the number of blocks needed for each row, so that you don’t run out before you reach the top. In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420.
Check to make sure the diagonal measurements from corner to corner are both the same so the structure will be square. We attach thin shims to the center joists so that the treated plywood floor that goes on next will slope slightly to the sides to shed water. Half-inch plywood decks the roof, and then it’s covered by asphalt roll roofing to keep out the water.
To access the top of the playhouse, we’re building a simple ladder using more two-by-four material.
On top of that we screw down more dog-eared fence boards to give the roof a more finished look. Next, we use two-by-fours to construct a frame for the large door, or gate, that allows access to the lower level of the structure.

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