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In recent years, there has been an explosion of new marketing platforms in the social, mobile and digital space. One sure way to increase your chances to execute a successful campaign is to plan and execute your marketing efforts as an Integrated Marketing Campaign with built-in focus on tracking, measurement and optimization.
To make the shift towards integrated marketing campaigns, here are what I believe to be the most important steps you can adopt in your campaigns . Select channels by taking the target demographics into consideration to get the most visibility and highest chance of multiple interactions. Create your Marketing Content with the intent to deliver a seamless customer experience as your customers and leads interact with your brand across multiple channels. Guide the audience through the purchase funnel by defining multiple intermediate measurable meaningful goals along the way. Optimize the campaign by studying the correlation of the effects of online and offline channels on each other and making adjustments along the way.
It is not a coincidence that conversion rate optimization and content marketing, the top two marketing priorities in 2013, are central focus in an integrated marketing campaign.
SmartMPM, our marketing performance measurement solution, focuses on the measurement and optimization of integrated marketing campaigns.
SmartMPM marketing performance measurement today announced they have integrated with Constant Contact®, Inc.
The technological resources that have been available to marketers are now requiring more human resources.
Target smartphone users by adding QR codes to your direct mail campaigns increasing direct response opportunities.
Integrate digital channels with traditional media to measure campaign effectiveness and increase ROI. Marketing on a mobile phone has become very popular in recent years, and SMS marketing is now a widely-used and efficient advertising medium. According to Admob, the world’s biggest mobile advertising marketplace, South Africa is ranked as the 5th largest mobile market in the world. As of May 2009, South Africa has been serving more than 150 million mobile ad impressions each month. Since 2008, Admob has seen a 35% increase in mobile traffic in Africa, with South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and Tanzania being the largest contributors to this increase. The myGamma Global Marketing Advertising Index has ranked South Africa as the 3rd largest global mobile market.
Mobile marketing provides a highly personal and cost-effective advertising platform, and many companies are recognising the benefits of implementing a mobile or SMS marketing campaign as part of their advertising strategy.
The objectives of mobile marketing campaigns are usually to increase brand awareness, boost revenue, and improve customer loyalty. Campaigns are highly targeted according to age, gender, race, LSM, area of residence and so forth.

It’s a two-way dialogue between brand and consumer, building a personal relationship. It’s instantaneous, delivering messages straight to consumer and enabling an immediate response.
SMS marketing -A Mobile SMS marketing utilises text messaging via cell phones as a medium to communicate their company’s message to a number of targeted consumers. MMS Marketing -A MMS mobile marketing is also often used to send customers a slideshow of images, text, audio and video.
Social Networking -A Social networking is also becoming a popular mobile marketing medium, and location-based services, such as The Grid in South Africa a€“ which make use of the normal cell phone network to enable positioning a€“ are becoming very popular.
Internet Marketing -A Advertising on web pages that have been created specifically for mobile devices is another effective mobile marketing option. Previously, the ability to navigate the web and browse web pages was difficult due to the size of the screens of mobile phones.
Based on research by Vodacom SA & Admob, the majority of this total is primarily using their mobile phone to gain Internet access.
We can set scheduled email campaigns as well as auto-responders allowing immediate personal email replies. This trend is reflective in our client campaigns that are being measured and optimized in SmartMPM. It is an approach to achieving the objectives of a marketing campaign, through a well-coordinated use of various channels that are intended to reinforce each other.
Historical data says that an individual needs nine to twelve positive impressions before they act. It requires coordinated effort between teams focusing on various channels to deliver customer-centric content. During the sales and setup process of SmartMPM, we discovered that our clients found it difficult to navigate the hordes of articles that exist, just to learn about tracking codes, analytics and insights. The first one focuses on embedding the right tracking codes to measure marketing effectiveness for all channels – starting with your website, social media and print.
We acquired most of this knowledge by working alongside our clients in setting up and identifying issues with their campaigns.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
Call 01604 638200 to see how Garvin Willis Art Director can make your business truly mobile. For businesses, it’s one of the most accessible and effective advertising platforms yet. Its most recent figures revealed that SA serves more than 526 million ad impressions each year.
The short codes are 5 or 6 digit numbers assigned by mobile operators for different mobile marketing campaigns.

Consumers respond to an SMS sent to their cell phone by a company utilising a bulk messaging service. South Africa is one of the countries on the forefront of the move to mobile marketing and it is becoming even more imprtant for companies to utilise mobile advertising as an effective marketing medium. This keeps the potential clients in the loop of what's happening and what the next step is depending on what you want it to be, ie: signing-up, deposit into bank account etc. Strategy, planning, execution and optimization of campaigns utilizing multiple tactics has become complex.
So pick your channels such that you have the best chance to create the right impressions for the target audience. So the timeline of the various events in the story will directly impact the effect of the story on the audience.
Create a culture of analytics that turns away focus from soft metrics and intuition, and toward real data, with emphasis on insights instead of the data itself. The intent is to provide a good starting point for businesses transitioning to integrated marketing and help the professionals executing the campaigns from falling victim to the common pitfalls.
Follow us on Twitter to get notified of posts, or subscribe to receive posts via email on the footer of this page. Mobile marketing is advertising on a mobile device, such as a phone or gaming psp, and is an effective way of reaching potential customers through digital campaigns. The growing market for these devices has made the web, gaming and social networks more accessible, to more people, than ever before.
Most South African major brands and companies already realised this and enjoying a massive increase in awareness and conversion.
Success or failure of the campaign depends on business objectives being met timely and cost efficiently.
It’s used to advertise and promote brands, products or services to a larger customer base than ever before. Only a small percentage of people in Africa have access to the World Wide Web, but with the introduction of Internet browsing capabilities on cell phones, more and more people in Africa have access to the Internet. We have seen a huge increase in integrated marketing campaigns and these are becoming more and more popular. Email marketing is just as effective as most mobile phone users now also setup their email accounts on their devices.

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