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Die hier zur Verfugung gestellten Informationen sind lediglich zur personlichen Information bestimmt.
Of course, some people are much better housekeepers than I am, and would be horrified to see my last minute scramble down the driveway. Haven’t we all tried to create ruler guides as accurately as possible, but after zooming in we found the guides were off?
Choose the desired ruler units, either from Preferences, or control-click (on Mac) or right-click (on Win) on the rulers. Q: Since Save As PDF dialog doesn’t have the functionality of creating page tiles, how would I create Multipage PDF for tiled output from Illustrator?
A: You can create a tiled multi-page PDF more easily and precisely from Illustrator CS4 using Multiple Artboards.
You can also take complete control of overlap between tiles by setting the “space” between artboards as negative. But if you are a fan of page tiling and still want to follow the old route of going to the Print dialog, setting the Page Tiling on and so on, you can still print to PostScript file and distill the PostScript in Acrobat Distiller to obtain multipage PDF. In case you have a large number of legacy files created from Illustrator and have Page Tiling enabled in those documents, we have provided a smart way to convert these Page Tiles to Artboards.
Whenever you will open a legacy file that has page tiling enabled you will receive “Convert to Artboard” dialog as shown.
Picture: showing how to convert the page tiles of legacy documents to Artboards in Illustrator CS4.
If you don’t want to use Multiple Artboards and want all of your tiles be present in the document, always check the “Legacy Artboard” option ON, and all other options off in the “Convert to Artboards” dialog.
Please comment if you still have doubts and need more information regarding these work flows. Isn’t it a great feeling when you set out to do something and find that it’s already been done?
You see today was the day I was planning on wrapping up my series on Pathfinder and all the great features that use it with an article on Live Paint.
While I don’t want to spend too much time covering the nuts and bolts of Live Paint, as you can get that from watching the video’s, I’ll spend a little time talking about the development of the feature, since many of you have told us that you enjoy hearing the behind the scenes stories of how features evolve. The motivation behind Live Paint was to create a more intuitive drawing and coloring environment in Illustrator.
A: Yes we can still get the crop marks in an EPS or PDF file without any offset error by leveraging the Crop Marks Effect functionality. If you want to move these crop marks to a custom distance from second artboard, select the second rectangle and choose Object>Expand Appearance, or after drawing the first rectangle, use the attached action (Download file).
The Crop Marks Effect will be expanded, and using the Direct Selection Tool, you can move them wherever you want.

Please watch out for our next edition of Multiple Artboards Tips and Tricks to learn interesting ways of emulating Page Tiling in Illustrator CS4. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Adobe unveiled a new social graphics app today called Adobe Post, which now joins an expanding suite of applications aimed at encouraging mobile creativity, including Adobe Slate, Adobe Voice, and several others. The idea that graphic design is a skill set that can be democratized if only users were given the right tools is a growing trend. Similarly, Adobe Post is straightforward to use, though it leverages concepts from Adobe’s pro tools like Photoshop and InDesign like the ability to layer images with text and filters. On the app’s home screen, you’re able to browse through a curated selection of pre-made templates designed for social sharing to get started with your creation. The app also provides color combinations by automatically extracting colors from your background images and then suggests variations on that.
Another handy feature is that these graphics, once created, can be saved to be used again, or even re-edited for a future post. Though Adobe Post is aimed at a mainstream audience, the app may have particular appeal for those who work on social media, like community managers and other members of a business’s social team who often need to quickly create custom graphics to share along with their posts. Adobe also suggests the app can be used for a number of other purposes, like event invitations, blog banners, email newsletter graphics, business graphics, album covers and more. Adobe is a software company that provides its users with digital marketing and media solutions. The company helps its customers make, manage, measure, and monetize their content across every channel and screen. When they open them up and the swatch panel contains not only all of the swatches from the Startup Profile, but also every spot color you tried out while working out your color scheme, every variation of a particular pattern or gradient you were working on, and all the different brushes you experimented with on that one object you ended up deleting anyway. Not that it takes a lot of time, as Illustrator provides time saving tools to help you sweep your files cleans of unnecessary clutter. Please remember that the Page Tiling option has been moved to General pane of Print dialog. Once these Page Tiles have been converted into Artboards, they can be easily saved to a Multipage PDF or printed using the Print dialog. But it turns out Mordy has just completed a series of 10 videos that go into depth describing the benefits of Live Paint and how to use it. While Ai is the industry leader in vector graphic programs, the learning curve is pretty high, and it pains us to see new users create shapes by overlapping strokes then struggle to find a way to fill the object they’ve created with color. Now that Crop Area is not present in Illustrator CS4, can we still get crop marks in an EPS or PDF file without any offset error? The dimensions of the second rectangle are less than the first rectangle by 18 pt by 18 pt.

The new artboard you created will work as a crop area (please refer to the previous section of Multiple Artboard Tips and Tricks) and the crop area effect will be used as crop marks.
However, unlike many apps in Adobe’s lineup, Post is not only targeted at professionals, but instead wants to make it easy for anyone to turn their photos and text into “beautifully designed graphics,” the company says, then share them on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
For example, Canva provides online and mobile apps that help anyone creative banners, ads, blog post graphics, handouts, and more using a simple editor. You can then add typography to your images, or select from one of Adobe Post’s “Design Filters.” The company explains that while Instagram popularized the concept of filtering photos, Adobe Post’s filters are a combination of a photo filter, typography, layout, and colors which basically transform your image with just a tap. And Post offers fonts and shapes you can use on your images that were chosen and curated by professional designers.
Its tools and services allow its customers to create ground-breaking digital content, deploy it across media and devices, measure and optimize it over time, and achieve greater business success. Some are meticulous about handing off files that have been scrubbed clean, without a single erroneous anchor point or unused swatch. When you pick up your car, you expect it to be ready to go, without any sign that someone’s been working on it.
They may not be visible, but their presence can have repercussions that can cost you time and money later. If not, read on and I’ll share some tips with you that will help you add this step to your workflow as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Select the first rectangle and choose Object >Convert to Artboards to create a new artboard.
In preparation, I run around the house emptying all the trash bins, gather up the recycling and haul out the green waste container and park it all on the curb. Every layer, sublayer and group has a unique and meaningful name, and there are no hidden objects, unpainted paths, or dead links to be found.
So it’s well worth the taking a few minutes to scrub your files before handing them off. Hopefully timing these tasks before that big noisy truck comes along and takes it all away. Not only do tidy files look more professional, removing these items reduces the file size, and prevents problems and confusion further down the production line as people other than you open and work with them. Crop marks will be created at a distance of 18pt by 18pt from the corners of the second rectangle and 9pt by 9pt from first rectangle, which you originally wanted for a crop area.

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