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Autor jednej z najciekawszych piosenek tego roku, „Nie mam dla ciebie milosci”, zagral w Krakowie. Z okazji 40 lat Centrum Kultury Rotunda 10 grudnia odbedzie sie uroczysta edycja konkursu Spiewac Kazdy Moze.
Cudnie, pieknie, fantastycznie – tak publicznosc komentowalakoncert Meli Koteluk 12 pazdziernika w krakowskim klubie Forty Kleparz. My beef with you and others are that you guys sound like faggots that go around glorifying a generation of music that hasn’t been out in over a decade. Hi HIgreat checking your site and basically thought I would say appreciate it and wished I could write like that.
Real rappers,(tupac , biggie , nwa, camoflage etc…)all had a message in their lyrics that related to the every day person and their struggle.
There are literally thousands of people everyday deciding that they would like to learn this very popular art form. If you’re a white male between the ages of fourteen and twenty-six, the answer is obviously a “Yes!” If you’re anyone else, it’s a maybe. 95% of the internet is that same picture of an insult written over Victorian era greeting card shit, posted over and over again. If you haven’t noticed in all your time on the internet, people on here will get mad for no reason at all. The internet is based around a thing called “Search Engine Optimization.” I’m already regretting not calling this piece “10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Nip Slips A Free iPad!” You have to make things that people will find and the easiest way to do that is to use a sample of a song that’s already famous.
A lot.Twitter is important for marketing, because using it a lot guards you from the repercussions you’ll face on things like Facebook. Najwieksi wielbiciele slaskich raperow spedzili noc na specjalnie przygotowanym polu namiotowym. Zaskoczyla wykonaniem coveru Breakoutu „Ona poszla inna droga”, w ktorym wokalista Eugene Hutz spiewal po polsku. Lubelski muzyk byl studentem Wydzialu Jazzu i Muzyki Rozrywkowej Akademii Muzycznej w Katowicach. The new generation has done nothing to improve what was going on in the 90’s, you dont count.

When you hear people like future t pain lil wayne an all that it aint nothing but auto tune and rappin bout money, cars, and clothes like we have it. You should follow this trend when crafting your first internet rap song, starting with your name.
Someone read that last sentence and thought to themselves This guy needs to check his comma privilege. It’s what separates people who enjoy their lives from you, who will spend the rest of it over-analyzing everything. Pierwszego dnia w bytomskiej Agorze wyloniono wykonawce, jaki wystapil trzeciego dnia imprezy w Dolomitach Sportowej Dolinie w Bytomiu – Pierwszy projekt.
In real Rap it’s about lyrics, song have their subjects and stories and enough lyrics in one song for one whole pop album.
While yes it is true that some rappers are gifted with the natural ability to rhyme just like some high jumpers are born with the ability to jump high. The internet responds best to things that can be shared repeatedly, because the only sex that people on the internet know is the massive circle jerk that they’re usually a part of. And someone else will read that sentence and construe it into a way that makes it sound like I hate vegans. Make sure to pick one that is universal enough for the lost and confused to want to click on your link.
You won’t be able to legitimately be happy about anything, but by God, at least you’ll be able to say that you were “actually kidding” at any point during your post-fifteen minutes. I used to be like you too until I opened my eyes and appreciated what Hip Hop is really about. That doesn’t mean that somebody who wasn’t born with that ability can not train their bodies to jump just as high or higher then the one who was born with it.. So, in order to gain acceptance, you need to choose to be either very sensitive or so insane that people know that you don’t take yourself seriously.
Rap remixes are based around getting as many four line verses from different rap artists over the same beat as possible, so make sure that you pick a song that can be very easily rapped over by a single person with terrible, terrible flow.Choose something safer, like an older pop song. You’ll join the ranks of people with kids and people with Kickstarters on your friend’s “most annoying people” list.Twitter is safe from this because, due to the 140 character limit, people are going to zoom past your shit most of the time anyway.
You’ll need to get over the fact that you sound like glorified karaoke, but it’s the best bet when dealing with people as fickle as those on the internet. When you get more popular, people will actually seek you out to see all the meaningless stuff and links to the same SoundCloud song that you’ve posted.

Instead of being overly critical on everything learn to appreciate the music that makes you want to move and have a good time. Real Rap, no matter if it’s Gangsta or Gospel Rap, touches the souls of people who can associate with the lyrics and the rapper. If you are willing to focus and put in some work you can develop he skills needed to be a very good and respected rapper. While you might not have to deal with the income that someone like 2 Chainz brings in, at least you can keep your integrity while pleasing the ones of tens of people that will reblog you on Tumblr. That’s why the description of most things is either “oh my god, I cant even” or “literally hitler.” There’s no in between.
Being culturally aware saves you from A) being turned against when people decide that you’re a more racist version of Hitler and B) being compared to those evil Nicki Minaj’s and Rick Ross’s that clog up the mainstream. Keep jerking off to album covers of Public Enemy while the rest of us enjoy the present times. New age dudes have one subject composed of three words(bitch, money and cars) and repeat it throughout the whole album. You’re not on the radio, you’re on the internet, which is the safe zone of cultural awareness. Some of these methods may seem strange to some but you better believe that the methods being taught are effective. Do you know current technologies like phones and computers and care little about your self-respect? Or, you can be completely ludicrous, say the most ridiculous things possible, and not worry about anything. I just named myself Tyredditsaurus Rex, and that alone assures me popularity for at least three months. Talk about the unbelievable amount of money you’ve made, an impossible amount judging from your “I can either afford a microphone or groceries this month” lifestyle. It’s more of a warning: it’s easier to get started on something when you’re already riding on the shoulders of something else.

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