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Wave goodbye to the days of inaccessible, high-priced video editing tools — they're long gone. For context, there are now more than 1 billion smartphones in the world, and YouTube video views surpassed 1 trillion in 2011. The YouTube editor is rudimentary, even when compared with simple video editing programs like Movie Maker and iMovie.
Many people don't even realize YouTube has built-in editing capabilities — after all, the editor is not easily found on the site. If you want to remove anything from the middle of the video, you'll have to drag the same video into the timeline twice, then trim each down. Usually we don't use tripods when shooting smartphone video, which means filming can get pretty shaky. Before anything else, check the box in the bottom-right corner of the window that reads "Preview effects side-by-side with original video." Then adjust the "Stabilize video" bar to remove some of the shake. Before using the stabilization bar, or any other, it is usually a good idea to try the "I'm feeling lucky" option.
Or select some of the sillier ones, such as Heart and Star, for ironic or comedic purposes — if that's your goal.
If you do find an appropriate track, you may choose to either completely replace the audio from your video or engineer a mix between the song and the video's audio. Finally, should you choose to use audio, YouTube will automatically add advertisements to the associated video.
The YouTube editor is great for compiling footage and making minor improvements to the aesthetics of a video. If you've got great tips about how to get the most out of the YouTube editor, let us know in the comments section. This has to be our favorite for the dog's indignant expression when she wakes up and realizes she's being filmed. Note that YouTube has a storyboard section, where you can add multiple videos or add the same video multiple times and trim the desired portion of each of the selected videos.
YouTube Video editor is cool to mix and match videos and mix some cool audio to it.It probably lacks video effects, but is still an effective online tool to edit videos.Enjoy the free online YouTube Video editor! To Adding effects in  your video, press on wand icon and you can adjust brightness and contrast the clip. If you want to add audio to your YouTube video, click on audio icon preview it first and then add to your video.
When your video is set, tap the arrow button in the upper-right corner to head to the Upload screen.

Anyone with a smartphone and a free YouTube account can create a video that could reach millions. But while it is relatively simple to figure out, particularly for anyone with previous editing experience, there are some potential pitfalls. Or click on "Video Manager," which will make the "Video Editor" tab appear directly under the search bar at the top of the page.
Linear video editors like YouTube's are based around an intuitive and easy-to-use timeline.
Unlike most video editing programs, YouTube does not let you split and cut parts out from the middle of the video. While you're adjusting the slider on the timeline to trim a video, the video constantly reloads on the display. Simply drag multiple clips onto the timeline and arrange them in whichever order you fancy. You can find these beneath the "Video Manager" tab, by clicking on the icon that resembles a bow tie.
To do this, click on the text tab, marked with a lowercase "a" and located next to the transition tab. Usually, I fix the bugs by refreshing the page or taking the video or song out of the timeline, then replacing it. If a song is longer than your video, the song will simply end awkwardly at the point where the video ends. And using a song from YouTube's library negates your ability to monetize a video if it goes viral.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Until recently, we used to download the YouTube video, edit it using windows movie maker and upload it to YouTube again. Grab the trimmers on either side of the clip and drag them to your desired entry and exit points.
If you had chosen multiple videos, you can choose to trim each of the selected videos and the trimmed videos will be mixed in sequence. It is free online tool to make or edit your video with features like video clips, music and transition also shorten the clips. Here, you can select one of six filters.Lastly, tap the music icon in the lower-right corner to add background music to your video.
If you want to add a clip from your pool of videos into the project, simply drag it onto the timeline.

Obviously, you can do this more than twice, depending how much you want to chop up the footage.
The best way to trim a video is to pre-decide the exact startpoint and endpoint, rather than trying to eyeball it while dragging the trim bar. Once that is done, an easy-to-navigate yet often buggy slider will appear on the right side of the screen.
However, YouTube had recently introduced an experimental video editor that lets you do some very basic video editing like trimming the video, adding an audio to the video and giving it a good title.Thus you don’t even have to download the YouTube video or convert it to WMV format to edit it! You can browse by genre, artist or search for a track by name in the toolbar at the top.If you use an audio track, YouTube may overlay ads on your video, to compensate the copyright holder. No matter if you don’t have any experience just follow simple steps mention below and enjoy your videos more effective then before.
This is ‘Media Picker’ area and if you want to preview a video editing, then simply put mouse over the video and click the play button. Tap the Add Music button and you can select from preselected and cleared songs from the Featured or Genre & Mood tabs. You can also include any YouTube videos that were uploaded with a "Creative Commons" license.
And always keep in mind that you have millions of YouTube fans waiting for you to entertain them; so keep practicing and try to produce something amazing.
Note that you can add the same video to the storyboard to trim a different section of the video and mix it.
Alternatively, you can tap On Device and select a track stored locally on your iPhone, but be warned: the app may tell you the song you picked is copy-protected and can't be used. Other than the first two (Crossfade and Crossblur), which are relatively subtle, each of the other transitions will make your video look amateur. Simply delete the "ABC" from the text box and you'll have a two-second black screen transition. Even with the option to sort by genre or artist, the list of songs can be tricky and frustrating to navigate.

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