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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. During last couple of years, webinar or web meeting has become important part of the business world. Most of the time moderators or speakers fail to make best out of this valuable method of interaction.
Give them a preview of your presentation so that they understand the format of your content. After delivering a detailed presentation, you should allow them to ask questions to fade away any confusion.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP - an excellent tool for exporting mind maps to PowerPoint to visualize and presenting your project.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP supports the ability to import presentations from Microsoft® PowerPoint®. You can use SWOT analysis PowerPoint presentation to represent strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats involved in your SWOT matrix. You can use SWOT analysis PowerPoint presentation to represent strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats involved in your SWOT matrix.

The intuitive interface of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and the Functional Tools overview below will guide you in creating and demonstrating powerful mind map presentations using template.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP extended with Presentation Exchange solution allows you to create a traditional PowerPoint Presentation from your mind maps.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP with the ability to import presentations from Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as enhancing its existing presentation capabilities. There’s no shortage of ways the new Microsoft® PowerPoint® import capability in ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 can help you. PunchSlide Design is a specialist presentation design consultancy creating compelling, creative and top-notch slide decks for professionals, Keynote speakers and client/agency companies all over the world to transform how they present in pitches, talks and seminars. That is because they have been addressing people in meeting rooms and fail to make their webinar presentation successful.
Mostly, the presentation is divided into four different parts: Introduction, Main Content, Audience Interaction and Conclusion.
You may follow the traditional timeline structure in which you tell them what has been done in the past, what is going on in present and what you are expecting in the future. It is always better to make the relevant slide visible while answering question as they will be able to understand easily.

Do not do this rather you should summarise your presentation properly so that they leave you with clear minds and a valid plan of action.
You can simply generate, change, update your mindmap and then make a presentation in PowerPoint.
There are two different variants when exporting to PowerPoint  - one places editable text into the template of your choice, the other places the pieces of the map that you want to show into the slides.
Exporting the mind map to HTML format, preserving the links so they can be used to download documents.
We can take you beyond bullet points and use data visualization, custom graphics and illustration to make sure every slide is visually striking and conveys your message in a format your audience relates to. Moreover, they will be interrupting again and again if they don’t know the arrangement of your content.

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