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Ann Durso, owner of Express Sign & Graphics has judged DECA competitions and created National winning displays for numerous students in the area. When one thinks of customer service skills, it’s easy to picture companies that cater to retail, financial, technology, health care and hospitality.
Another way to let your manufacturing personnel understand the principles of good customer service is to educate and train them on specific examples of how they can use this at work. A good method for boosting the customer service level in your manufacturing company is to hire people with a track record of already dealing with customers in a positive way.
Work with a local, experienced staffing service partner who will provide service beyond your expectations – and help your business achieve greater success.
As a recruiter, it’s easy to get caught up with sourcing and processing candidates as quickly as possible, without giving much thought to their actual experience. The number one reason why good candidates avoid applying for a job is because of a lengthy or complicated application process.
Taking the time to acknowledge applicants is a start, but the next step in honoring the candidate experience is to conduct live phone screenings. Send out a brief survey to gather feedback from candidates on the quality of your interviewing and application process. Another way to streamline the application process and get good feedback on your hiring practices is to work with a staffing agency to handle these initial details. Davis Staffing strives to provide excellence in service with personalized attention and gainful employment opportunities to our employees. In a global economy, candidates who are bilingual are considered to be valuable for their ability to communicate with a wider range of people. Many workplaces are seeking bilingual job candidates, therefore job seekers often mark this on their applications in order to get noticed ahead of others. It’s possible to build a little testing into the application process for any new candidates.
A staffing agency in the area that works with bilingual candidates can screen people ahead of time who are suitable for positions in your company requiring this skill. Once you have hired a candidate who is bilingual, be sure to observe their progress in the first few weeks on the job.
Guided by a commitment to maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, Davis Staffing  strives to provide excellence in service with personalized attention and gainful employment opportunities to our employees. Not every company is planning on where new manufacturing workers will come from in the next five or ten years. Because of the various career opportunities out there today, employees do not have to stay with their current employer if they are stuck in dead-end or repetitive jobs. Many employees leave one job for another one because they were not part of a collaborative culture. Millennials are used to working in groups because of their educational careers and their social lives.
Your company must be more open to embracing technology as it becomes available if you want to attract the next generation of manufacturing employees. Having to complete tasks using outdated technology when there is new technology available that can make the process less repetitive or difficult will only frustrate employees. A strategic way to find the next generation of manufacturing workers is to create a policy of hiring from a temporary staffing agency in the industry. An excellent way to find new employees is by setting up a table at the next job fair in your area. Even if you attend the event by yourself and are bored, do your best to stay off your phone during the career fair.
It is understandable that companies want to see job candidates dressed appropriately when they attend job fairs.
One of the worst things you can do when representing your company at a job fair is to walk in after the event has started to set up your table.
If you met some candidates who piqued your interest at the job fair, be sure to contact them within 24 hours after the event so they do not forget about your company. If you follow this strategy the next time you attend a job fair as a representative for your company, you should have no trouble attracting top candidates. No matter the situation in your office, a time will come when you need to inspire creativity at work. Every workplace has employees who are outspoken and not shy when it comes to talking with management about their ideas. The next time you walk into a meeting and announce that a new product needs to be created, offer rewards for those who come up with the best ideas. At Davis Staffing, we strive to provide excellence in service with personalized attention and gainful employment opportunities to our employees.
The focus on safety must start at the top of an organization because it takes a strong management team to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work in a safe work environment. Every workplace should have a central safety communication center, where hazardous materials and chemical information are stored, and important procedural data is readily available to managers and employees. Tap into the expertise of the leadership team by including them to participate in safety measures at the company.
While managers need to be on top of safety measures in the workplace, they also need to be accessible enough so that employees can promptly report safety risks that can prevent loss of life and property.
As company leaders, it’s possible to make safety one of the key values of the company through continual training.
If you make safety a topic that comes from the top down, employees will be more willing to follow the rules and report safety risks to their managers before someone is seriously injured or killed. Whatever challenges you face, Davis Staffing has the experience and flexibility to help you overcome them. If you want your business to prosper, then you must take the time to invest in your employees.
Employees who see their companies investing resources to help their careers will appreciate those investments.
Here are some ways to develop your own employees and watch them prosper, while your business bottom line is improved too. Bring people on the right way with structured onboarding programs for all the new employees you hire and all temporary employees. Your employees come with many skills that they’ve earned in previous jobs, but if you really want efforts to be focused on your company goals, the addition of on-site learning programs makes the best sense. If you really want to get the most return on investment for your employee development programs, then a succession plan is a must. This week, we will discuss the various changes that are occurring in steel factories across the country. The required skill-set for people who want to work in steel mills is quite expansive today.
Those seeking work in steel mills need to be well-versed in automation, mathematics, science and engineering in order to have a successful career.
The Steelworker for the Future program run by ArcelorMittal operates partnerships with 10 colleges in five states.
Students who successfully complete their schooling and two internships could be in line for jobs with ArcelorMittal. The bottom line here is that the steel industry in the United States has changed drastically over the last 30 years. Instead of hiring a “warm body,” why not take the time to find an outstanding candidate from those who are not actively searching for a new job, but whom may be open to a better opportunity?

When considering the value of passive candidates look at their career history, and you will see it almost immediately. The idea of hiring a passive candidate is to select someone who is a leader in their chosen industry.
One of the reasons that passive candidates can make better employees is because they care less about having a job and more about making a difference.
Something that may deter companies from hiring a passive candidate is the fact that they may not be able to start right away.
If you are looking for great candidates to add to your company this year, be sure to reach out to our expert recruitment team at Davis Staffing for support.
Even though your team might not see customers all the time, one positive interaction based on solid customer service skills can make all the difference.
Bring in trainers who specialize in customer service for this market, for hands-on training sessions and practice before interacting with clients. Hire from a staffing agency that can provide candidates who have strong experience with customer service. Contact Davis Staffing today to get started on meeting all of your manufacturing employment needs! But, in a candidate-driven job market, the way in which you treat candidates has much to do with how effectively you can place them into jobs. To improve the chances of getting great candidates to apply for work, make the application smooth and simple.
Call each applicant and invite them to schedule a brief introductory phone call to learn more about the company and see if there is a career opportunity they may be interested in. There are free survey programs to accomplish these goals. Use this data as the basis for improving your application methods and interviewing process.
Contact our great team of recruiters today to work with the top staffing agency in Chicago. But, what if a candidate is somewhat bilingual and cannot perform well in the job, or worse yet, not bilingual at all? At the conclusion of the application, add a set of screener questions in the alternative language that the candidate has indicated they can speak. Ideally, this should be someone on your HR team, but can also be someone you use on a contractual basis for recruitment purposes or borrow from another department to handle interviews.
They conduct screening in a variety of ways, from candidate assessments and testing to verifying work skills with past employers.
This topic should be on the minds of all hiring departments within the manufacturing industry.
Companies must begin to pay attention to development paths available and the working environment provided to their employees.
It is also more common for employees to quit on their direct manager and not the company as a whole. These employees want to work in groups so they can collaborate on different projects and run ideas by co-workers in order to get as much feedback as possible. Employees get annoyed when their employers take too long to adopt new technology that can make life at work easier or allow employees to focus on more important or innovative projects. Many companies find fresh skilled laborers this way, for entry level and mid-level positions, as well as seasonal peaks in production. Or, if you really want to expand your employee search, consider attending career fairs outside of your region. Job candidates will see you on your phone and not want to stop by your table because they think they will bother you. Make every effort to arrive to the event on time and have your table ready when the doors open to the job seekers. You do not want to eat at your table while job candidates are walking around trying to speak with you. For all you know, they could be receiving three or more phone calls from other companies that were in attendance as well. Contact our great team of recruiters today to learn about Chicago careers and how we can help meet all of your job search needs. There are some workers who can put together a creative project each and every time they are asked while there are some workers who have very little creativity. On the other side of the spectrum, that same workplace will have creative employees who are too shy to share what they create. This tactic helps weed out the poor suggestions and the ones made by employees who just make suggestions to show they are participating in the project. When you have a group of like-minded people from similar backgrounds, you will continue to receive the same ideas. If this environment exists in your company, it is time to create a more positive environment for your employees. Contact our great team of recruiters today to work with one of the top Chicago staffing firms.
In fact, it is a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for employees and others who step foot on your company property. Have a clearly written safety communication policy in the employee handbook and make sure all employees sign off on this. Make them the stewards of this mission by encouraging them to protect the lives of employees as much as they protect other business assets, such as the equipment and inventory. Make it simple for employees to report things and have an active ear listening to any concerns and complaints from employees and floor managers.
From the moment employees begin work to the end of the day, ensure that safety training and equipment is provided to all. Studies have shown that onboarding increases retention and performance by as much as 60 percent over those employees who have not had this experience.
Plan who you will move up into mid-level and management positions, and when you will need to hire replacements at entry-level roles. In fact, the skills required to work in steel mills have become so in-depth that a host of educational programs have been created across the country. The partnerships are located close to the company’s plant in the suburbs of Chicago and in areas around Northwest Indiana. According to the company, 93 percent of students who pass the hiring requirements and graduate from the program accept the offer of employment, which is full-time, with the company.
If you are like many hiring managers then your first step is researching resume databases to try to find someone suitable.
They tend to stay in their jobs for longer periods of time, are focused on developing all their talents in a meaningful career, and they have solid references.
Therefore, your company can benefit from this because they have current industry and technology knowledge. When you find such a candidate, and convince them to work for your company, it raises up the entire team because this is someone who comes from a strong background and can lead others.
An Undercover Recruiter study found that passive talent is 120 percent more likely to want to make a positive impact and 56 percent more likely to seek out a corporate culture that they feel they fit in.
However, this can be a positive thing because it gives the company time to design a job that’s perfect for the candidate while accommodating their need for a few weeks to transition from a former job. But in truth, all industries need to prepare and train their people for excellent customer service because it reflects a dedication to positive relationships with clients.

During interviews, ask candidates about their customer service skills and what they believe they can do to support this effort at your manufacturing plant. Millennials are eager to hear from hiring managers and they understand the technology of email autoresponders – they are looking for something more personal. During phone screens, be personal and ask relevant questions while using the candidate’s name often.
Ask candidates to be specific about what they expect, what they liked, and what they didn’t like about learning more about career opportunities with your company. This sets up clearer expectations, and you can ask the staffing agents what you can do to improve the way candidates are handled on your end of the hiring process.
If they can answer the questions, the candidate at least has the basic skills to move to the next step. Ask some of the questions in the alternative language type, and then find out if the bilingual candidate has the skills to move forward. A staffing agency generally has a pipeline of great candidates who are bilingual and ready to go to work immediately too. Someone who is bilingual may be a little “rusty” in some areas of alternative language use, but this should improve over time.
Your company must have an idea of where these workers will come from, what it is they will look for in the industry and how to retain them.
Providing leadership training or sending employees to personal development seminars shows a dedication by the company to its staff members. Because of these reasons, companies must not only create a collaborative culture, but also train their managers better so they can get the most out of their staff members.
Staffing agencies will produce quality additions to your organization for whatever needs you have. The trick here is that you must do a little extra work when attending job fairs because the great candidates will not just present themselves to you asking about your company and the openings you have. Just because you are doing the hiring does not mean that the candidates will excuse your appearance. Unpacking containers as job seekers walk around will prevent you from finding a great candidate because they will not waste their time waiting for you to unpack. The more diverse your office is, the more likely that creativity will flow throughout all your employees.
Employees who feel relaxed will develop more creative ideas, which helps the company on a long-term scale. According to a survey from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the U.S. Managers should have regular safety meetings with staffers to ensure compliance and reporting happens before someone gets hurt.
The best leaders are those who step up and take command of the safety matters that affect working people. Accidents can happen but being aware and listening will help management be proactive in addressing safety issues. Have regular training sessions to refresh current employees on things like lifting, use of safety equipment, material handling, personal safety, and other issues that are common in the workplace. Good people are hard to find, and loyal employees are even rarer, so the more you invest in the learning and developing of your teams, the more they will give back to your business.
Those programs can be found in unions, trade schools, high schools, colleges and community colleges. The Steelworker for the Future program requires students to hold a 2.8 GPA in order to obtain a paid internship with ArcelorMittal. One of the most intriguing parts of the program is the fact that by the third year of full-time employment after the program, employees will typically be making $90,000 per year for their salary. Choose candidates who are actively pursuing advanced degrees, certificates, or whom have the knowledge your company needs to go after better projects. In this age of transparency and online customer service reviews, your company needs a solid plan for training employees on customer service skills. Communicate this value from the top down, starting with the executive leaders in your company emphasizing good customer service policies.
Consider candidates who have strong verbal and written skills, because they may be dealing with client through live, telephone and written communications. This is why your focus should always be on creating reasonable expectations and gathering feedback from candidates as often as possible. Take the time to check the application updates daily and follow up with suitable candidates. Consider if a temporary assignment is a good way to get started until the candidate proves himself. Assigning projects or tasks tailored to employees’ strengths will also set them up for success and lead to a happier staff.
That is why we have compiled this strategy for your company to use at the next job fair it attends. If you don’t want to wear a suit or a tie, consider wearing dress pants with a polo that has your company logo on it. Do not make this the only way to share new ideas but presenting it as an option will provide an outlet for quieter employees. Some employees might view this as deliberate, and not spontaneous, but they can be successful if handled properly. While you can do a fair amount of hiring too, giving your employees a fair chance at being their best on the job is worth the time and effort.
The beginning of their time with the company won’t be trying to learn everything on their own. Those smaller investments in your current employees will be less than the time and money needed to make a new hire. Your promoted employees will be ready to give back to the organization through their new assignments and increased salary level. As the students continue to study and work, they are brought in for additional interviews, assessment testing and some hiring qualifications. The program is also available at Delaware County Community College in Pennsylvania and two Penn State campuses in Harrisburg and York. Candidate pools are filled to the brim with candidates who don’t have the skills or the experience needed to get the job done. If the leaders show they are bought in to safety being a priority, then it’s much easier to get the rest of the company to buy in. The response doesn’t have to be in two minutes, but a timely response will meet their expectations. This program enrolls people who want to work in the steel mills and trains them so they have the knowledge and the skills necessary to work in the mills.

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