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Load time or speed of a blog is basically very important now a days in SEO’s prospective. Above tool is the only free tool which accurately shows you about your blog’s speed time. Avoid heavy Flash Media and components Flash media and components though provide a nice readable experience for readers, they can make your page load much slowly, so you should always avoid heavy flash files and if necessary, you can compress them. Don’t use too much images Having images in Blog posts is great thing, but using just one or two images is far a more better idea. Optimize Images Optimizing images means, just make sure you re-size your images by using a  photo editor like Photoshop or Paint, because if you download an image from internet and uploaded as same as it is then it will be harmful, however, if you re-size an image from 1000 * 800 to  500 * 300 then it would give you two advantages, one that the image will be now having less size and the second that you’ll own the image.
Get Rid of Extra Widgets Using widgets in blog is very time saver thing, but don’t use extra widgets, they also take too much time when someone visits your site. Before you start tinkering around with your site speed, it’s best to have a starting point so you can see how your site performs before and after making changes.
Our page speed score had a grade A (91%), which is great, but our YSlow score (a measurement for site performance) was looking pretty lousy with a C grade (77%). It was fun to see that improvements were made pretty much all across the board, especially with the YSlow score. We use the Genesis framework in all of our WordPress designs because of its speed and customizability. There is nothing worse than a site cluttered with too many copies of post revisions, trashed items, and spam comments. We’ve been talking a lot lately about how important it is to optimize and resize your images before uploading them to your blog.
An easy way to determine which plugins may be slowing your site down is to install and run the P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler). Make sure that after you install Gzip in one of the above two ways that you check to make sure it’s working by running Check Gzip Compression. Every time your website is loaded by a user, all sorts of mechanisms are taking place on the back end to allow your user to view it.
WordPress uses a database to store everything about your site–posts, pages, comments, plugins, settings, etc. Using a CDN helps to speed up your site because it takes all of your static files like images, CSS, Javascript, etc. I had just minify the CSS but I am unable to find the .htaccess file in my theme on the wordpress. Watching videos have become more of a usual job than a frenzy time passing hobby nowadays, yet with low connection speeds things are only turning sad. If you frequently watch YouTube videos, you can get rid of slow loading times and make them load faster with the help of a tool called SpeedBit Video Accelerator.
SpeedBit Video Accelerator can make YouTube videos load faster by taking care of buffer problems, and so called video interruptions. It can not only make YouTube videos load faster, it can also supports faster streaming of videos in other sites such as Metacafe, and more.
Now consider this situation: there are 2 or more YouTube video pages open on your browser. So the alternate solution is to get the functionality of a stop button so as to prevent caching of videos.
If you didn’t know, YouTube has recently added a fast forward mode to their video player. Smaller is a powerful HTML, CSS and JavaScript compressor on OS X which also has the ability to combine several files into one.

Combining several files into one is easy, ⌘ click to select multiple files, right click and choose "Combine".
You can also drop files directly on to the Dock icon, Smaller will do the rest for you, quite handy, isn't it?
The Official ® Games4theworld Downloads ForumThe Official ® Games4theworld Downloads Forum for EVERYONE! Computers are notorious for slowing down with old age, but there are a few tips and tricks to give them a speed boost. So before you toss your computer aside for a new one, try out these suggestions to get your PC chugging along again. RAM, or random-access memory, is a cheap and easy upgrade that can make a sluggish PC feel brand new again. While traditional hard drives are cheaper and feature moving parts, SSDs are based on flash memory which have no moving parts.
Waiting around for your computer to boot up is a pain, so it can help to limit the number of programs and apps that start on launch. Your computer is always running multiple processes at any given time, but it can be helpful to make sure they all belong. You can usually weed out viruses with a reputable anti-virus software, but sometimes you just need a fresh start.
Performing a fresh-reinstall of your Windows operating system will set the clock back to zero, so make sure you have your important documents and media beforehand.
If your computer is struggling to surf the web, the problem could be with your browser, not your hardware. The directions are slightly different for each browser, but in general you want to navigate to the Settings menu, and head over to the History option to clear the cache. This tip will greatly speed up the process of searching your computer by having your computer re-index your entire hard disk. But to be honest, all tools aren’t accurate, however, some tools are there which are created by professional organizations and they work just perfect.
So make sure you use only 1 or 2 images inside your blog posts, this will also reduce your blog’s speed.
So make sure you only use important widgets and avoid using widgets such as State counters, Google Translators, Feedjit etc. Actually a 77% is respectable considering that the average YSlow score is 69%, but we still wanted to get that score up. So let’s jump into these tips so you can start seeing amazing improvements in your site speed as well! Of course we are huge fans of BlueHost around here (learn how to set up a site on BlueHost here). Genesis comes free with our WordPress designs and is one of the most solid frameworks out there.
It’s great because you can run all of your images through the plugin and it will compress them all into smaller file sizes.
Gzip zips up all of your website files so they are easier for your server to transmit them to your readers browsers, hence decreasing page load time. If you are comfortable digging into the backend of your site, then log into your hosting account and go to your file manager.
WP Total Cache is one of the best caching plugins out there, but again, please be certain to follow the installation instructions carefully. Videos need to be buffered, that leads to some amount of loading time leaving you deserted for moments.

Additionally, the SpeedBit Video Accelerator application also allows you to search for videos.
You hit the Pause button on one of those videos, thinking that it’ll slow down the video loading time in the other.
Just click on any place in the slider in the bottom, and the video starts playing from there. You can then either install it yourself or have a computer technician slot it into your motherboard. There are two types: the traditional hard drives (HDD) and the newer solid-state drives (SDD). They’re getting cheaper by the day, and having an SSD means faster startups and load times. When you’re ready to reset, insert your Windows installation disk or USB stick into your computer and then shut down your PC. Today we are going to take a look at ten tips that will dramatically speed up your WordPress site. If you are currently using another webhost, click here for instructions on how to get moved over to BlueHost. We also use Premium StudioPress themes in our custom designs because they are light, fast, and cleanly coded. I love the WP-Optimize plugin because you can set it to routinely clean up your database so it’s not weighed down by all that garbage. The larger the images you upload, the longer your site will take to load, so remember to resize, resize, resize! Once you determine which plugins are slowing down your website, you can then decide whether or not those plugins are worth keeping. There’s really no drawback to installing Gzip and the increase in speed can be pretty significant.
If you find you need to uninstall the W3 Total Cache plugin, this tutorial can help you uninstall it successfully without crashing your site. But if you got less then 90 points or less than 80 points then you must think about improving your blog’s load time. If you find that your site gets more traffic than a shared server can handle, you can always upgrade in the future to a dedicated server for faster speed and even better site performance. For detailed instructions on how to resize images before uploading them to your site, review tip #3 in this post. If the database is packed to the brim then the information can take a long time to load causing a slow loading site.
Sticking with the simplicity of Genesis and StudioPress is the best way to keep things clean and running lightning quick. Be sure to delete the P3 plugin after you are finished with it, because leaving it activated will slow your site down. WP Total Cache is a very powerful and advanced plugin, so if you are a novice, it would probably be best to skip this tip. WP-DBManager plugin is a great plugin that will help you easily back up, repair, and optimize your database, which in turn will speed up your site.
Once you get this set up, you’ll see dramatic improvements in your site speed as well as your YSlow score.

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