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You get the chance to create something that’s yours, you can send content, affiliate links, and newsletters to all your subscribers and keep doing so for years to come.
If you don’t start a mail list you will stay at the same views time and time again, however if you do start a mail list, every sign up you get could potentially be a view from then on. If someone told me I could sell a book for $2 to 1000 people and then never see any of them again or I could give my book away for free and get the emails of 1000 people, I’d always choose the second one.
The first thing you need to do is go and start your email campaign for $1, this will give you the ability to start, collecting emails, sending emails, enable popups, opt in forms, and even create auto respond emails that will send without any work for months to come.
This means for that $1 you get to experience how powerful email marketing really is and how quickly it can boost the profile of your site.
Their support is the best, their service is easy to use, all round they’re the must have in email marketing. A few people have tried Email Marketing and failed and then never started again, this is something that will cost your site a massive amount in potential earnings and really hurt your profits all round. Don’t give up after a month because nothings happening, just work twice as hard for another month and then another month and so on till it works. I use a program called Ninja Popups it make these cool popups that you can change instantly using their plugin, it takes a few seconds to make a highly converting plugin with no pictures or videos needed. And this is how the second popup looks, right now I’m split testing so it changes regularly.
This goes at the bottom of most of these articles, believe it or not this was the easiest to set up and only took a few seconds with Magic Action Box this could be one of the highest converting email opt ins on the site.
I would recommend getting the professional  package, you get Facebook sign ups, social buttons, create sales box’s (high conversion), and so much more go check it out. I have a squeeze page to collect emails for the free eBooks I give away, this is one of the best ways to gain subscribers as you can advertise directly to your book. This one changes a lot, but usually if I want to capture an email in a post like in about me then I’d just use something like this.
You can always add opt in forms like this to your post it can help get sign ups while they’re most engaged in your content. Now I’ve gone over all the opt-in I still need to tell you about advertising and getting more email sign ups.
The number 1 way to get email sign ups, this is something I’ve been playing with for the last year and have seen a lot of conversion. I have been split testing it for the past few months with different campaigns and I’m looking forward to releasing an article and showing you the results. Books, you need to be giving something away to capture someone, just pointing them to your email sign up isn’t going to be good enough. You also need to see how much an email subscriber is worth to you, I usually see how much money I earn over the space of a few months from my emails and then you can usually give an estimated price to one email.
I have two email lists and would say one was $14 per person and the other is around $8, (per year) that means that as long as I’m spending less than or the same as that per person t get them to sign up. It doesn’t usually come to that costs using Facebook, I have a very cool tip for getting conversion, if you go and buy 100,000 Facebook ad impressions for $49 it will convert so much better than if you do them yourself. I usually will try to do this with 2 ads per month, I change the ads and sites monthly to make sure I keep high conversions and I only choose sites in my niche or near my niche. This doesn’t convert as well as Facebook Ads but will still bring in some amount of traffic if the ads you use are nice and well worded.
You don’t have to use BuySellAds you can always use another site or blog that offers ads directly, like this site.
This means that every time someone joins your mail list they get ready-made emails that have been built for months, I usually only keep a month ahead of myself as  I like to be more personal and give news that I know the people will like.
Follow up series are a must and if you want to earn the most money out of your list I recommend making 10 emails for every person who signs up to get over the space of a month or two. Before I start writing  I usually go and come up with some message ideas, I look at all my valuable articles and I put together a list of all the best ones, then I go and make a follow-up series with all of them inside, and then I just keep a list of the ones I used and the ones I need to use.

I also write special content for my mail list, so make sure you find out what they want and give them some private tips that no one else gets, maybe even one extra article a week. My big tip to being consistent is to get things done before you need them to be, before I opened this site I already had a few articles stored and an auto respond series of some of my best work. Running this blog can sometimes be time-consuming because I’ve got to constantly find new ways to make money, try them and see how much can be earned, then create an articles telling you about it. Totally worth all the work though, so just remember to get stuff done before it needs to be and try to think 10 steps ahead when it comes to writing a follow-up series. To build a truly good email list you need reason or motive for the person to join, how I originally got people to join my mail list was with a bribe (my first book), it’s sometimes the only way to show people who the content you post is good.
I also send time writing to the people who send me a message, this makes some lovely friends, So give them a motive to join, we will talk about this method more below. Once I know these few things I can start planning ahead, I usually join all my competitions newsletters and see what they’re doing I also work on targeting a lot, I need to know a lot about who reads my stuff. This method can easily earn you a few thousand a month and you also get the people on your mail list, that’s two great things that you need.
If you really want to get the people going then prizes are always a good way, giving away things like iPads, laptops, software, money, anything that will get them to sign up, things like enter your email and join a money-making mail list and have your chance to win $400. This changes, usually I’ll do a free iPad contest on Facebook and say anyone who signs up to my mail list and likes my page has the chance to win an iPad, I then promote it on Facebook and get the snowball effect. Content will pull people to your site and that’s where you can talk them into joining one of your many sign ups, so make sure you make something worth reading. If you start doing this and putting your views to good use you’ll see a massive jump in conversions, this will help you in so many ways.
Just try to think of yourself as the person who’s got to sign up, think what it would take to capture you and get you to give over your email.
You need to give it a try to start working, if someone was learning to walk you would say “lets give walking a try and then guess what?
Then everything will be as easy as pie, they do have some of the best support you’ll ever see from a site. So that’s it, with these tips you can go and create the best email list, the rest is up to you, what you do and how you do it will change the future, so make sure you do it to the best you can. Get a FREE COPY of this money making eBook that will change the way you use YouTube and make money!
Sign Up To My Newsletter to get the latest blog updates and special advice on earning money. Get money making methods sent right to your email every week by signing up to the 101geek newsletter. In our previous post we talked about email marketing for recruiters today we will explain how to start an email marketing campaign for your business – follow these simple steps to run a successful email marketing campaign. For starting an email marketing campaign you must choose the right service provide, we strongly recommend you not to go with Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail or another platform to send bulk emails. For building an email list all you need is to provide sign up or subscription option to your website which will automatically link directly to the email database.
Before starting up your campaign you must know the law and rules as it may differ country to country. Write attention grabbing headline so that your audience would show interest to read the email further. Use bold text and divide each section accurately in bullet points, whatever image you use in your email marketing campaign make sure it is of the correct ratio and visually appealing.
Once you are through with the process its time to send your email to recipients but to measure its success rate send your email accordingly. Email marketing is still one of the leading online marketing strategies with the best return on investment for any business.
More than 3.5 billion email accounts worldwide, of which 91% of them check their emails at least once a day.

Again, email is only opened by a fraction of the subscribers but the email still reached the audience. In business, results are all that matter and one of the main reasons businesses invest in email marketing is due to its high ROI. Even if the emails are promotional, 77% prefer to receive promotes by email, while only 4% accepted promotional posts on Facebook. Social media still lacks in the analytics department and although it has improved over the years it still can’t compare to the metrics email provides. Growth, open rate, click rate, complaints, unsubscribes and you can even track sales and return on investment from that. While other online marketing may steal the spotlight, email marketing is proven to deliver excellent results across all industries including estate agents.
Based in London, Resource Techniques is both a software developer and web design solution provider for the property industry. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. I have a few on this site and you usually want to make it so every part of your site leads to a new opt in form. You need to give them a reason to go, so make an interesting micro book with some good tips in it and advertise that. Keep money low and just see how it works and how much you’ve got to pay for each email user. Adwords is amazing in its own sense and if you’re careful and learn how to use it and find keywords you can be a machine. My content on my newsletters is much more private and I send free eBooks, private tutorials, money-making tips that have not been seen and personal advice.
Just give them a free software that has affiliate links inside that they’ve got to use, maybe an ad or two and you can even add a premium mode that people have to pay $3 for. You do need to have a great marketing model for it but once you have that you’ll be grand.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. There are companies’ i.e Constant Contact, Mad Mimi or Mail Chimp etc who create and manage your email marketing database, customizing email template. By enabling this option you can easily build a list of your potential and existing customers.
Not only is it one of the most effective marketing solutions enabling you to expand your reach and draw in a larger audience, it can also help towards other marketing campaigns.
However the true number is considerably less as your content only reaches a small fraction of your followers.
With compliance laws and regulations in place to protect users’ accounts and data from abuse, features such as unsubscribe buttons allow users to easily select who they receive messages from. How to Start Email Marketing hits the ground running by telling you how to optimize your marketing for success. Why trying to make people sign up you’ve really just got to give the some advice, help, or something cool and they will give you their email. Many companies provide a free trial service that helps you to choose the right one for your business.
Users subscribe based on personal interests and relevant information and can unsubscribe easily if they aren’t please. Benchmark Email will give you the chance to evaluate the difference between commercial rhetoric and the real thing.

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