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You can choose from the stylish German, the boxy Soviet, the bouncy American or even the French, Chinese, Brit or Japanese tanks too. There are metricf-ton of tanks to choose from, and you don't need to choose a nation and stick to it, which means you can have any tank in the game without making new accounts.
Since I had this account (dead) since beta testing I got some fine-but-useless exclusive tanks like the LTP and the T7 Combat Car.
Second thing is that the controls are very simple and easy to get used to, WSAD to move and mouse to aim, scroll to zoom into "sniper-mode".
Yes, I said grinding, because this game offers no more but 15vs15 matches and whopping "two" game modes. I put the two in quotes because while in one game mode you have to capture the enemy base or destroy the enemy team, in the other one you have to capture a neutral base or destroy the enemy team. What's sort of redeeming though is that the maps are always different and random, but that won't be enough on the long run sadly. No lobby, no rooms, just you and 14 other guys, with 30 seconds to "discuss your strategy". Since the beginning of the game people have been complaining about the skewed matchmaking that leaves them useless in the game, but to understand this, we need to get into the heart and soul of the game: the tanks first. The scout and flanker of the game, with low armor and usually enough firepower to penetrate other light tanks or SPGs.

The flanking is even more impossible due to the small maps, the lots of players and your lame firepower. Can't say much else, they're the best choice, for their rear armor will hardly be reached by anyone, and it's still too thick for the light tanks to hit through, but mediums can't really get around. Their "trademark" is that they have a fixed cannon, so you need to rotate the whole tank to turn it, though there are some exceptions (Nyancat) Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs): They're the artirelly, and the not next-to-useless, but totally useless class in the game. They're going slow, they turn even slower, their guns focus on the target in a ridiculous pace, and may take half a minute to reload, and their shots have a much longer curve meaning you have even less chance of a successful hit.
Hitting something with one of these things is a miracle, since you'll take twice as much time re-re-focusing on the constantly moving target. Every of these fields have sections I prefer to call "lanes", which you can travel down on as a basic strategy, this particular one has three: The one on the left by the dirt road, the one on the right by the rails, or the one in the far right towards the river and the hill.
If you break down the maps to these sectors you're quickly realize that there are not many spots you can use to go around the front for flanking.
If you're not lucky enough and get into a match with much higer tiers it just adds to the gap. You see, tier 1 tanks can fight with tier 1 and 2, while tier 2 can fight with 1, 2 and 3, tier 3 fights with 2, 3, 4, 5, then tier 4, can fight 3, 4, 5, 6, and even 7. They have the longest reload times and often found on Russian Heavy tanks or the American "Lada" (T18) or "Roadster" (T85), latter two also has an absurd speed for a tank destroyer too.

Good luck with trying to hit those though, since the most obvious of these modules you can clearly hit are the tracks, the others are either not shown at all or need extreme accuracy to hit (like the turret ring), along with a good enough armor penetration value, which you don't have.. Sadly you won't be able to penetrate many tanks from anywhere, you're just not strong enough for that.
Same goes for the sounds too, the cannons sounds wonderful, the engines and the screetching metal is right on the spot, and if you have an autoloader you can also hear the gun reloading in sniper mode, which is a nice touch. Even though this game proudly boasts as a teamwork based strategy game, we already went through where the strategy part bit the dust (also, see the underlined parts about how many things are based on luck rather than tactical thinking), and now we're going to see why the other half does so too. Minus one, for team-killing, which is pretty damn frequent in this game too, for varied reasons of course, which can range from "having his own fun" to "why don't you go and spot, noob?!". What I got was a neat pop-up message to the face that I got banned for three hours, for team killing. Also, people kept killing me in the beginning of matches pretty often afterwards, as I had a blue name that labeled me as a team killer, meaning if anyone kills me suffers no penalty. Yeah, true it has it's good moments, but those way too rare, and you'll close the game with a bitter taste in your mouth very often, if not making you want to punch a hole in the wall in frustration.

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