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Most online sellers do connect and share their store on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but they spend less time engaging with their audience. Updating your social media account moderately is as essential as interacting with audience.
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Generally I don’t read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to check out and do so!
Social Media is changing faster than ever, as if that wasn't something everyone already knew!
If you're managing social media for your business, it might be useful to know about some of the most surprising social media statistics this year. The 45-54 year age bracket is the fastest growing demographic on both Facebook and Google+. Those are impressive numbers against the prevailing idea that social media is 'just for teenagers.' It certainly points to the importance of having a solid social media strategy if these age brackets fit into your target demographic.
Rethink it: Keep older users in mind when using social media, particularly on these three platforms.
Not only does Facebook have millions of users who don't access it from a desktop or laptop, but mobile use generates 30% of Facebook's ad revenue as well. Rethink it: There are probably more users accessing Facebook from mobile devices than you thought. Rethink it: If you've been putting off adding video to your strategy, now's the time to give it a go. Make sure you share consistently to your LinkedIn company page and profile by for example scheduling your posts. Rethink it: Putting time and effort into your social media strategy clearly makes sense in light of these stats. Although LinkedIn is gathering new users at a fast rate, the number of active users is lower than most of the biggest social networks around. Rethink it: If you're hoping to get people involved, think about which platforms are best for that. Rethink it: If you're struggling to make your strategy work, or you just want some advice, you don't have to go it alone. Rethink it: While you can reach people almost anytime, since they have their smartphones with them almost always, this also means you can interrupt pretty much any part of their lives. Blogging is clearly a big focus for marketers who want to take advantage of social media and content marketing.
What a lot of people struggle here is how to write the best headlines for your articles, when the best time is to publish posts and lots of other blogging questions that arise when people are starting out. But despite these high-profile cases of security-conscious users pushing back against social networks and web services, Velocity Digital reports that 25% of Facebook users don't even look at their privacy settings. Rethink it: Assuming that all of your customers are thinking along the same lines could be a big mistake. Your social media strategy really comes down to what your goals are, and who your target customers are, but it doesn't hurt to pay attention to the trends happening across the web.
Oh and before I forget, we've recently launched the new Buffer for Business. Take a look, it's the most powerful Buffer yet to help you better manage your social media everywhere. We Love Social Media Thought we’d share a quick office video with everyone in Blog World. This is one of the most frustrating things for me when trying to help an owner with branding. I couldn’t agree more!… BRANDING BRANDING BRANDING, but branding does you no good if you only use it sometimes! I couldn’t agree more!… BRANDING BRANDING BRANDING, but branding does you no good if you only use it sometimes! For graduate internship and job seekers it is important to recognise the value of social media in the job hunt. Make sure you have a sensible Facebook profile image and set your account to private as you wouldn’t want a potential employer seeing your drunken university photos. LinkedIn is your professional online image so if you are serious about furthering your career you must be on LinkedIn. Secondly, write a one sentence personal statement which can be used across your social media sites. Having created thousands of internships, and written a book about them too, we like to think we can offer some pretty solid advice to students and graduates looking to kick-start their career. Nearly 1 in 4 people in the world now use social media and 50% of worldwide active internet users are from Facebook.

If they are interested in your sharing, they will check your content and indirectly discover your online store!
Our age makes a difference to our taste and interests, so if you're focusing on younger users with the content you post, you could be missing an important demographic. It's worth considering how your content displays on mobile devices and smaller screens before posting it, particularly if your target market is full of mobile users. You could start small with simple five minutes videos explaining what your company does or introducing your team. From groups to blogs to job listings, this platform is a rich source of information and conversation for professionals who want to connect to others in their industry.
If you weren't already serious about social media, you might want to give it a bit more of your time now. Looking at the latest Twitter statistics and Facebook statistics, these platforms might be a better place for your contest or survey, while passive content like blog posts or slide decks might be just right for your LinkedIn audience. That means there are lots of people out there getting involved and managing a social media strategy.
If 93% of marketers are using social media for business, you can probably find someone to give you a hand. And we've all heard the cliche of smartphone owners who don't want to let go of their phones, even for five minutes. Don't forget that having a phone in your pocket all the time isn't the same as being available all the time. This is great, because blogging for your business has lots of advantages: you can control your company blog, you can set the tone and use it to market your product, share company news or provide interesting information for your customers. This can work, it's just important to realize how big a task it is to run with a full-time content strategy without a full-time content creator. Facebook itself has been in the news several times over privacy issues, Instagram users recently got in a kerfuffle over changing their terms of service, and the recent NSA news has seen people become more conscious of their privacy online.
Hopefully these stats will help you to identify trends that will affect your strategy and adjust accordingly. A common mistake for small businesses is a failure to recognize that their daily offers may be better than the “promotional” packages they are offering.
It’s not hard to surf the web and see inconsistencies between a business’ main website and its social media efforts. I spend so much time designing their logos,which are then used on their stickers, business cards, company shirts, signs website, and when it comes time to promote their business on social media sites they want to drop the ball on using their logos, theme and business design. I have worked with a plethora of small business and this seems to be the biggest hurdle for them to overcome. I have worked with a plethora of small businesses and this seems to be the biggest hurdle for them to overcome.
More and more, the mobile phone is being used as a major marketing tool due to the popularity of the the IPhone and now the arrival of the Google Android enabled smart phones. Social media has quickly become an essential networking and recruiting tool so it is important to learn how to best brand yourself on the web so that your online presence can be used to your advantage.
To have a strong LinkedIn profile and give a good impression complete your profile to 100%, write your positioning statement and career goals in your ‘summary’, ask former employers and internship supervisors to make recommendations on your behalf, make connections and join groups relevant to your interests. This is a way to promote yourself so think of your strengths, knowledge and what you could bring to a company.
This is a great way to show off your strengths and write about a topic you are passionate about.
Here you'll find a big mix of delicious bloggy treats, from careers advice and internship debate to Inspiring Interns news and amusing asides.
Although Facebook contributes most active users, Pinterest and Tumblr are the fastest growing social network globally in 2013. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr are dominating the world wide web, what we can do with these social networking sites? Share contents, reply to messages in a timely manner and don’t forget to thank them for checking your store. Make use of group boards by inviting people to pin and request to pin in their group boards. Share appropriate and relevant content with people in the group to get Repins.
I had spent a good deal of my time looking for someone to explain this subject clearly and you’re the only one that ever did that. Of course, one video won't necessarily reach more viewers than a cable network could, but utilizing a platform with such a wide user base makes a lot of sense. Making your group or community a great source of information and a newbie-friendly space can help you to make the most out of the growing userbase. This means you're probably not going to have as good a response with participatory content on LinkedIn, like contests or polls, as you might on Facebook or Twitter. It's becoming more common to include social media as part of an overall marketing budget or strategy, as opposed to when it was the outlier that no one wanted to spend time or money on.

With only 9% of marketing companies hiring bloggers full-time, however, the pressure to produce high-quality content consistently will be a lot higher. If your business hasn’t jumped on board the social media bandwagon then chances are you’re behind the curve and potentially missing a huge market share. This is inconsistent branding and can lead potential customers to question the validity of your business.
Do your research and think things through and if you don’t “get it”, hire professionals to help you.
I try to tell them its a waste of theirs and my time if you aren’t consistent with branding online. You should follow relevant industry leaders, companies you are interested in working for, and peers in the field. Use the same or similar usernames for each of these sites for people to easily remember, obviously your first and last name is best.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are examples of social media that’s available nowadays. You have to be selective and moderate in your sharing to avoid spamming and annoying your audience. Interactions will nurture trust and this will increase people’s awareness towards your online activities.
High number of Repins will increase the chance of your product to be discovered by Pinterest users.
Watermelon videos on Facebook, you can at least console yourself with the fact that the majority of people online right now are doing something similar.
Be sure to find the right social media management tool for you to stay on top of everything. If 25% of people aged 18-44 can't remember not having their phone with them, there are probably very few times when they're not connected to the web in some way. As many businesses gravitate toward a more streamlined business model it becomes essential to tap social media in some form or another, whether it be a Twitter feed keeping your followers informed or a Facebook page to share your promotions or whatever amazing offers you have going that week.
It might be time to make some changes or call in the professionals for help and if you are new at the social media thing, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do things right the first time. If you can’t fit this sort of engagement into your working schedule, hold off on launching a social media campaign until you can. Social media is an amazing tool, but also a dangerous one that if not used properly could potentially backfire on you. The following statistic were complied by Microsoft and they are too important to be ignored.
Mobile Browsing Will Outstrip the Desktop Computer As the image shows, internet browsing on the mobile phone will exceed browsing on the desktop computer by 2014.
For Instagram and Tumblr, the usage of hashtag is crucial because it is the main criteria for enabling your posting to appear in the search list. Internet capable phones are now becoming the norm and it will only be a matter of time before a majority of people will have internet enabled phones. Description in Pinterest should not be overlooked because it will help users to search your pin. Couple that with increased bandwidth on our phones and it will be essential to have a mobile presence.
Due to the mobility of the mobile phone, people will conduct searches on the move to find what and who they are looking for.
This presents advertises with an amazing opportunity to utilise new technologies like tags and qr codes to present to viewers. The ability to connect with social media on the mobile is making connectivity with friends online much easier, and it is already exceeding that of the desktop computer.
Conventional websites are too large to be viewed on the small screens of mobiles, so a mobile ready version is imperative. People are going to be searching for products and services using their phones and if you are in business, you will need a mobile ready site to satisfy the mobile phone browsers. I specialise in growing their online presence, improving their reputation, increase sales and make more money.

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