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Leverage the latest templates for email, web banners, posters, print ads, and more to support your marketing campaigns. The HP Digital Marketing Hub data uses advanced analytics to turn multichannel data into real-time insights that drive improved marketing results. The HP Digital Marketing Hub is the first multichannel analytics solution designed specifically to help marketers combine disparate data sources into a single customer view along with the customer’s journey across different channels. Get customer and channel insights in real-time The HP Digital Marketing Hub solves this issue by combining the ease of use of point solutions with the power of advanced analytics. Get superior marketing results In addition, because the HP Digital Marketing Hub is designed for marketers—unlike existing advanced analytics solutions—our solution delivers better results.
Instantly turn insight into action Because insights are not useful if they can’t be immediately applied, the HP Digital Marketing Hub is tightly integrated with other marketing technology providers, so you can instantly use our insight to better target and personalize cross-channel customer experiences.

LaunchPoint gives marketers access to the best applications, solutions and services that drive engagement and build revenue.
Gear up with solutions that fit your business challenges from our expansive array of printing and marketing services.
Turn your business challenges into solutions with comprehensive printing and marketing services from PIP. Some point solutions, such as web analytics, are restricted in scope and power, which means they only deliver limited insight. Marketers can select the desired customer behavior, and the HP Digital Marketing Hub automatically creates customer and channel insights that enable you to optimize your marketing efforts to match that behavior.
Traditional advanced analytics use generic statistical methods; the HP Digital Marketing Hub uses algorithms geared to marketing problems.

For example, insights into offline purchase patterns and social media trends can be immediately used to drive website personalization.
On the other hand, certain advanced analytics solutions are hard to use, expensive, and require several weeks to deliver any intelligence.
We are able to deliver all analytics in real time because our solution is built on HP’s Big Data platform, HAVEn, which is able to analyze data on a massive scale.
Whether you are looking for content marketing solutions or a demand generation agency partner, your search starts here.

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