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Corel gives you a solid template set for slideshows and easily facilitates computer screen capture.
My snooty-attitude notwithstanding, Corel VideoStudio does have a cute back door wormhole into the filmmaking world. Cough up an additional $20 for the “Ultimate” package and you get extra tools for shot-stabilization that can fix some of the “jello-cam” (rolling-shutter) effect that happens when you pan with a DSLR. The premium level VideoStudio Ultimate drops a hundredweight of picture element-shifting gizmos (Motion Effects) on you.
If you spent all your money on a 4K camera, Corel gives you the least costly editing tool to cut your footage. If you’re going direct to the Web in an HTML5 environment, VideoStudio lets you code interactivity into your video pages. And, like other packages in this class, you can spit out your final versions to social-sharing directly.
It would help if you link to the other two articles in the series so we don't have to rummage through the site to see if we can find them.
In the interest of potential longterm planning, wouldn't it be prudent to familiaize oneself with Premiere from the get-go?
We’ve been watching Harrison Mixbus, a DAW and mixing, editing, and recording workstation, as it has matured.
The upgrade also expands upon previously rather lean documentation, improves installation, adds key bindings, improves the UI and menus, enhances range selection, improves realtime automation recording, and enhances various other features which Harrison says were user-requested. The automation editing improvements do require getting used to using region gain automation to really take advantage of them, not something I specifically used a lot, but after forcing me to change my workflow isn't bad at all.
I will say the real nice power of MB2 to me comes out when playing with track templates after having assigned the plugin controllers. What about the plug ins? I dont know much about Linux but is there good ones (free, good value, expensive?) and easy to use?
The enourmous complexity of a screenshot like this reminds of why I never see myself using a DAW.
I really like the Idea of being semi-restrained by console workflow , But apart from the workflow, are there increased sonic benefits? Many of the features mentioned, (phase buttons, sends, routing, etc) including an insane list of other features and improvements- have already been developed for Ardour 3. That said, you can move files between Ardour 3 and Ardour 2, so you could, for instance, use Mixbus as your final mixing and mastering tool.
That being said, I will say there are a variety of features in Mixbus that have not yet made it into A3, for example the plugin control shortcuts which I personally love, or the new editing improvements(Smart tool, region gain based automation improvements, etc.) including ripple editing.
I am grateful for these applications that can help artists produce and mix music to create something unique. Just got my grubby hands on this an i must say, the way it glues my tracks together is next level compared to a lot of DAWS ive used in the past.
CDM is an online magazine for creative technology, from music and DJing to motion and more.
CDM by Create Digital Media GmbH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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So I imagine I’ll be on the pointy end of more than a few barbed comments for this dismissive snark: VideoStudio is no toy, but neither is it much of a creative instrument. And, if you check your artistic pretensions at the splash-screen, you may be laughing your way to the bank by the time you close out of the program. If you own a Canon DSLR, VideoStudio Pro can likely drive it to create stop motion animations. Even if you hate it (and you probably won’t), at $80, you won’t have gotten stung too badly. But it will be slow unless you have monster hardware, in which case you probably didn’t need to skimp on the software after all.
You can prompt users to play videos without downloading and shepherding a raft of plug-ins.
In a crowded world of similar tools, this tool, powered by the open source Ardour DAW, nonetheless sets itself apart. Stay tuned – and let us know if you have any questions (or if users out there have any tips). As a guitar player, I find these programs helpful especially when I want to put my own spin on songs that I like.
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Robust, console-style mixing meets modeled Harrison DSP and extensive editing options, appealing enough that many Mixbus users employ it as a mixing front end even with other tools. DAWs remind me of Excel and Powerpoint, both of which i use at work and really want to escape when making music. The other advantage of the Harrison design is, rather than hiding some of these parameters away (as both hardware and software have been known to do), everything's essentially on one screen.
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On Linux, it finally makes the open source Ardour more palatable, but on the Mac, too, it’s winning some converts.
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