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The CMO’s guide to crushing gross sales kickoff (Venturebeat?structure=xml) Sales kickoffs aren’t just for gross sales teams. This week, we are talking about good old-fashion internet marketing… And a few strategy tips to increase your sales and convert more people to clients. But there are also 3 incredibly important steps to ensure people get excited by your programs, get clear on what transformation they will receive and feel 100% confident purchasing your offer. If you can hit these 3 points with your internet marketing, you will see a change in the amount of people investing in your internet marketing campaigns.
Max SimonMax Simon is the CEO & Founder of Big Vision Business, a cool little company on a mission to train one million entrepreneurs to create thriving businesses that are on-purpose, in-service, and wildly profitable.
After you have built in the 3 ingredients of networks, passability and remarkability, try and incorporate some of these methods into your own online marketing campaign.
Get help with Internet viral marketing or share your expertise and experiences! GO TO: a€?What is Internet Viral Marketing? Internet Viral Marketing Tip #1:Create Supergroups Who are your most passionate customers?
A common theme I came across when researching Internet marketing successes is the concept of creating whole new worlds in order to sell a product, service or idea. Creating alternate realities can be simplified for common sales and marketing purposes into creating a story.
Interactive Marketing Communication is also something I have discussed in detail and, along with being integrated in your sales and marketing activities, is another cornerstone of success in your online marketing strategy. Why So Serious? Producers turned this tagline from the blockbuster 2008 movie "The Dark Knight" into an Internet viral marketing campaign that built on intense speculation about actor Heath Ledger's Joker character.
Do you have insights, strategies or a story about viral marketing to share with other readers?
Do you have the natural born ability to cultivate and sell customers by providing your customers with exceptional service, integrity and honesty? If you are you looking to start a new carreer or advance in your present carreer to a job with almost unlimited income potential selling web site design service, web site optimization, or internet marketing for small, medium and mid size companies you are in the right place! Qualifications we are looking for:The ideal candidates to become a web site design, optimization and internet marketing sales affiliate for us is an honest, goal driven hard working individual, who has strong written and verbal communication skills and computer literacy. Salespersons must also be able to help prepare proposals and presentations for customers, manage their own accounts and sales process and manage paperwork.
Salespersons are expected to generate their own leads by whatever means they want such as calling perspective customers by phone, in person, by mail etc.
Compensation:The commission structure for web site design, web optimization and marketing sales is extremely generous.
Salespersons who perform well will be entitled to periodic bonuses, exclusive territories and that show exceptional professionalism and leadership qualities may be promoted to sales management where they can earn a percentage of the sales of all affiliate salespersons under their control. Any active salesperson that brings in a new salesperson to our company that performs well will get up to a $1,000 recruiting bonus. Presently this is a commission only position and salespersons that perform consistently will be eligible to receive a weekly draw against commission.
How to apply:Think you have what it takes to sell web site design, optimization and internet marketing for us? If truth be told, these situations ceaselessly provide a important possibility for chief advertising officers and their groups to boost the CMO’s key strategic issues for the 12 months. His signature live event "What's Working Now LIVE" is widely considered to be THE premier gathering for big-vision entrepreneurs looking to play a bigger game. Whether or not your goal is to actually go a€?virala€? with your sales and marketing message, these tips will enable you to make the most of the power of Internet viral marketing. Remember that this is a work in progress and while you may not see overnight success, you cannot afford to neglect the fact that most successful companies today are the most connected (online and offline!). You may have an e-mail mailing list, contribute to online forums and regularly provide valuable content in some shape or form, be it by blogging, writing articles or posting videos or audio podcasts.

While this may sound like a lot to take on, you do not have to go to the lengths that the producers of the hit TV show a€?Losta€? or the movie a€?Cloverfielda€? did in reinforcing alternate realities. The stronger your story, the more impact it will have on your customers and the way to make your story strong is to repeat it often and in many ways. Remember that the main difference between traditional marketing and Internet viral marketing and social media marketing is that the latter are about creating conversations with customers.
The appearance of The Joker was kept hidden in promotional ads, posters and websites and fans were urged to search for clues, both online and in real life, in order to put the pieces of a puzzle together.
Perhaps you have been able to achieve viral marketing success or want to recall another major viral marketing success or flop!
If so we are looking for a few key individuals who can build relationships and sell to a large variety of businesses from small mom and pop cottage industries to fortune 500 companies.
Because our services can be offered to any business around the world, your location does not matter! If you are calling on customers now for a non competing business, you can continue doing so and offer our web site design, optimization and internet marketing services to your present customers.
Generally our smallest sales start at around $1,000 and large clients can be in the 10s of thousands of dollars earning the salespersons a quite handsome commission. We are also planning on a group health insurance program which affiliate salespersons can participate in. These questions form the basis of social media marketing which I discuss separately but for now, think about ways of creating and nurturing a community of your superusers who will then create buzz. Your website can also have links to share articles via RSS and posting to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Engage The lowest form of engagement and the primary sales and marketing methodology of the past is a one-way monologue. I have already talked about Integrated Marketing Communication and it is a piece of the puzzle that lies at the heart of the power of Internet viral marketing and social media marketing. Repetition You may have heard of the old sales and marketing adage that a customer has to be exposed to your brand 7 times before they make a purchasing decision. This is complemented by engaging your customers by giving them things to do. Online A simple way to facilitate online interaction is letting your audience share their thoughts. Fake police reports detail the locations of movie-related paraphernalia and tie-ins in major cities around the world including bakeries, bowling alleys and other events taking place around the world. What is necessary is the desire to work hard, learn and keep your customers satisfied by providing them quality service. This job allows you the freedom to be your own boss and work your own hours from where ever you want.
Traditionally, ways of doing this offline include events, discussion groups, promotions and so forth. This is very different than the dialog that is the goal of both Internet viral marketing and social media marketing.
The a€?Haloa€? video game franchise created a mini alternate reality game called a€?I Love Beesa€? that created a large following. During this process they go down a Buyer's Journey from being unaware to aware about and then becoming sold on your brand.
This can be as simple as providing comments sections on your website or blog and asking for feedback at every opportunity. A fake website in support of movie politician Harvey Dent shows a a€?Page Not Founda€? error but contains the secret message a€?See You In Decembera€? when highlighted. Candidates must be self disciplined in order to be highly successful because of the immense freedom this job offers. We would love to speak to any candidate and can be reached at any one of the following numbers: Boca Raton FL (561) 210-5245, Asheville NC (828) 398-4948 or Knoxville TN (856) 329-7949. Here are some ideas about creating online buzz and making the most of viral marketing concepts. In the first of these, your goal is to create remarkable messages that, by definition, people will talk about to others. Keep feeding your customers with valuable educational content and updates to stimulate conversation and generate sustained buzz. Mutliple Channels The traditional offline channels of the Marketing Communication Mix have now been supplemented by just as many a€“ if not more!

The whole of social media marketing is predicated around this concept of mutual conversation. Fans were also urged to dress up as The Joker and send in pictures. Imagination Your product or service might appeal to your customers' senses but can you appeal to their imagination as well? In the latter, your goal is to create conversation with your community and use it as a springboard for groundswell that will promote your brand. Empower A great example of the power of supergroups is the promotion of a new Harry Potter theme park described by David Meerman Scott in his well-known paper on Internal viral marketing. However, can you expand the scope of your offline tie-ins from simply providing promotional stationery, T-shirts and the like? Ask yourself if you can then tie this interaction into a concrete action: is there a quiz or a competition or an online event or engagement or something else that customers can partake in? Offline If you think about it, offline activities are by definition interactive because they take place in real life. Going beyond the 5 senses and linking what you do to our human faculties such as intellect, emotion and values is what can differentiate standard sales and marketing from campaigns that draw customers in by creating interesting new experiences. Rather than rely on traditional marketing, Universal Orlando Resort cultivated a supergroup of just 7 mega-fans from Harry Potter websites and then empowered them to spread the word. While you do not have to do everything, you should definitely be thinking about doing more than you have in the past.
A phone call is interactive and so is picking up and reading a brochure or visiting a shop. The producers of the movie created a vast number of online and offline links to the movie that engaged the imagination of fans while building suspense A World of Experience There is really no end to the kind of tie-ins you can create for your business both online and offline. How about creating your own theme and use unusual creative tie-ins in order to help promote your brand and story?
Doing something new is just about taking the time to learn about it and then try it. One Message The message you deliver through the various channels you adopt should be unified and be about a€?youa€?, your customer. Of the countless sales and marketing ideas and approaches out there, think about which ones you can incorporate for your business and areas where your customer can interact with you as well as with brand-building devices and promotional items. While you may not go out and set up dozens of website of your own to promote Internet viral marketing, you can certainly explore and create tie-ins to existing online forums and communities as well as think of creative ways to promote your business in real life. Remember to promote your offline tie-ins online! Lifestyle The reason that Internet viral marketing and social media marketing works is that it is more relatable for consumers.
The reason I called my methodology Sales and Marketing for a€?Youa€? is to remind you to use the word a€?youa€? as much as possible in communications.
Make sure your offline activities complement and reinforce your online ones and that your message is consistent. Relationships More than ever, relationships are key to building your business and it has been shown that the more engaged a company is with the general public, the more successful it is.
Nowadays, customers would rather trust a friend than an advertiser on TV when making a buying choice.
The best promotional tool may still be a handshake and a friendly conversation but now these can be accomplished online with more people and in less time. In addition to standard marketing tie-ins like a roller coaster, Formula One sponsorship, games, costumes, and toys, the movie producers created extravagant scavenger hunts and other activities for fans to partake in. People could supply their e-mail addresses and phone numbers to receive fake message and those who sent in pictures of themselves as The Joker were mailed a defaced copy of The Gotham Times.
Sales and marketing online is far less formal and less about your company and more informal and about your customer.
A message that is heard is less effective than one that is seen as well which is less effective than one that is also experienced. I can't resist using another movie example to talk about how you can create alternate realties or themes and use integrated and interactive promotional methods in order to create customer experiences.

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