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Welcome to Chapter one of our new book “Integrated Marketing Communications and the Capture of Joseph Kony” where we take a look at the type of Internet marketing consultant Melbourne businesses need to get more customers!
In Chapter one, we take a look at traditional marketing and identify to what degree we still rely on it in our businesses. Unfortunately, the Internet marketing consultant Melbourne businesses need most is not often easy to find.
Welcome to LT Marketing Services, where our mission is to make your life easier by providing superior marketing services that deliver results. Founded by Lauren Taveroni, we partner with our clients and provide cost-effective marketing consulting services, with a specialty in digital and social media marketing strategies. Her marketing experience gained from roles in online marketing, traditional marketing and consumer promotions at Fortune 500 companies, including Nabisco, Cadbury and Johnson & Johnson, allows her to use an integrated marketing approach to tailor services that benefit both local small businesses and larger companies, across a variety of industries. Lauren’s entrepreneurial spirit, resourcefulness and ability to creatively solve problems, drive her to enthusiastically take on any challenge within any budget.
Marketing consulting services range from advising small business owners how to improve their online search rankings, to digital marketing and social media strategy, copywriting and project management.  Learn more. Contact Lauren for a free consultation to discuss your business challenges and to explore ways to make your life easier and get your brand noticed!

Find a Marketing Consultant is a specialist website designed to help you identify professional, experienced and skilled Marketing Consultants to develop your business. Complete the simple form outlining your requirements and you will be contacted by up to 3 Marketing Consultants who will discuss what you are trying to achieve, meet up with you if appropriate and submit a costed proposal, before any work commences. Contact Management Systems-Setting up and organising an effective content management system to keep control of your existing customer records and prospects. You will then be contacted by up to 3 Professional Marketing Consultants to discuss your Marketing requirements. As the saying goes, one of the first things that gets cut in difficult trading times is expenditure on marketing-either in terms of personnel or marketing activity.
Marketing activity is easy to cut back on both in actuality and intellectually, as many, probably most businesses owners do not know how effective their marketing is anyhow and the expenditure on marketing is perhaps seen as a luxury to be spent when times are good.
We don't want to contribute to a self-fulfilling prophesy that we are heading into recession, but the principles we are talking about are applicable in any trading conditions, but are just more crucial when times are hard. Research undertaken during and after previous recessions have shown that companies that cut back on expenditure on marketing, do worse during and after difficult times than those that dona€™t cut back. If we accept that we should continue with our marketing activity, then we need to be sure that we are fit and ready for the good times and the bad times.

Firstly undertake a detailed review of your marketing activity and expenditure, ideally over the past 3 years? If you find that your marketing or part of your marketing activity is not producing results, try and find out why and stop it if necessary and spend the money of other activities that are more effective. Whatever the conditions, you marketing expenditure must work for you and be seen to work for you as well.
Assuming that there is growth in your market, then according to the theory there are 4 main strategies to consider, Market Penetration, Market Development, Product Development and Diversification. All other things being equal, and remembering that we are essentially talking about growth markets here, Market Penetration is the most straightforward strategy to adopt (less unknowns) and Diversification is the Most risky (Most unknowns) and the others somewhere in between. This can be a useful model to think through and 'categorise' your current marketing strategy-you may for example have been undertaking a classic Market Penetration Strategy without actually realising it. If your looking to take your business to a new level with Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing, Websites Marketing, or Google Maps, Facebook Marketing then you've come to the right place.

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