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The 2016 Thumbnail Media Planner is the Result of 30+ Years Experience in Planning and Buying Television Advertising. Every day when we leave our homes, we do so with three things in our possession – keys, money and our mobile phones. The best way to get your business visible is to be on every phone in every hand bag, pocket and backpack, with a Mobile Website. Contact us today at 01-5252-144 to learn how Lighthouse Internet Marketing can help with your mobile websites, website design, search engine optimisation, social media or other Internet marketing needs by completing our Free Online Request Form.
A good website will regularly and reliably produce FREE leads for your business making it an invaluable asset - but is your website producing as many leads as it should? The way your pages are laid out and the prominance you give to getting in touch will make a huge difference to the percentage of visitors who will enquire - this is called conversion rate enhancement. As use of iPhones and other smart phones grows, more and more people search for local businesses on mobile devices. This is particularly true for Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels and other hospitality businesses where use of mobile phones to access websites has gone up by over 1,300%. Internet marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing and is certainly the most measurable. The core of all Internet marketing is your database - of leads, prospects, customers and many more.
Effective use of email marketing to your database will dramatically increase your business.
We'll help you choose which will work for you and set up a process to help you exploit the opportunity. With the right training, you can do much of the work in-house and in many cases (eg Social Media), can take very little extra time to do yourself. Please contact us to organise a FREE consultation so we can help you get the best website for your needs. Google represents around 90% of all searches in the UK so presenting your website in the best possible way to Google and getting page 1 positions is really important. Getting your website to the top of Google captures demand that already exists, but you must also creating demand for your products or services. Social media marketing - if you sell to consumers in the social media generation, tools like FaceBook will work well. Contact us now for FREE advice so we can help you plan and implement your email and social media activities.

Dorian has a background in art, color and design which she implements successfully in website and graphics design. Contact Dorian Karthauser for creation of your Custom Search Engine Optimized Google+ Brand Pages Profiles. Internet (Inbound) Marketing: Branding, Content Marketing, Content Copywriting, Marketing Strategy, Small Business Sales and Business Development. Marketing, Digital Marketing, WordPress, Web Design, Web Development, New Media, Technology, Sales, SEO, Open Source, Professional Writing, Personal Development and Motivation, SciFi and Fantasy Fan, Amateur Photographer, Avid Traveler, Philosopher and Drinker of Coffee. Part one of a two part article on how Physicians Internet marketing services and the major benefits of having a quality Internet marketing expert help you.
Physician Internet marketing has developed rapidly, with new strategies and techniques available and commonly used now. Recent CommentsRiaz Shah on How to do SEO for a Website in 10 Simple StepsRiaz Shah on What is O2 Worldwide?
This set contains 16 SEO and Internet Marketing icons that can be used for designing and developing websites, as well as printed materials and presentations.
Mobile Phones now outnumber desktop computers 4 to 1, and smart-phones like the iPhone, Blackberry and Android are out-selling every other type of mobile phone.
By measuring and comparing the Return on Investment (ROI) across all your marketing, such as Internet, Yellow Pages, Local Press, you can focus your precious budget where you get the best return. Offline methods like conventional PR, press, radio and TV advertising are expensive, so what other internet marketing can you do?
Dorian had over 10 years extremely successful experience in sales and marketing before beginning to implement internet and digital marketing; and design websites. Physicians and doctors have their websites through which they try and attract people who need medical services. Gone are the days when creating a website was all you could do and then had to hope that people come across it.
Because these smart phones have internet connectivity, it won’t be long until more people are surfing the web from their phone than on a PC.
You must know your keyphrases, have a well-tuned website and after that, get as many links from other sites as you can.
The Google+ Local Business page [a part of your Google+ business Profile] replaces Google Places listings. With a large number of doctors providing the same service as you do, making yourself stand out from the crowd is a must.

As a result, he will have a definite edge over you and you won’t be able to compete with him anymore. The best way to get yourself moving on the internet juggernaut is through developing a corporate profile. Working on an internet marketing strategy from the outset is important so that you don’t have to wait for people to find you on the web. If you want to make the most of this boom you need to have a website that is designed and optimised for the mobile phone user. One way to do this is using physician SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to enhance your online presence and reach a large number of people through the internet medium.
With more and more medical practitioners jumping on the bandwagon, web competition among physicians and doctors is heating up. Medical web marketing, including SEO helps immensely in creating a corporate profile for you.
For this, your website has to be designed to be compatible with the modern internet marketing strategies. Most existing websites don’t work well on a phone, they are slow to load and difficult to navigate, and if the typical user can’t find what they need in a matter of seconds they will leave your site and move on to your competitors. She applies this knowledge to interactive digital marketing and website design-development. Here are some compelling reasons why physician marketing is important for doctors with websites.
Having the tools at your disposal to be a strong competitor and not utilizing them to the fullest potential is foolhardy. It helps a great deal in accentuating your reputation on the internet and lends you a lot of credence.
The content and layout will be developed according to a predefined template that helps you boost your internet presence. Doctors enjoy a high social status in the real world and a corporate profile brings that social status to the web as well. Your corporate profile will include your credentials as well as all the information any person may require about you.

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