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Requires expertise spanning retail, wholesale, catalog, web, creative, and customer analysis.
We’re a garage band of multi-channel geeks with 80 years collective experience and an unparalleled network of talent that leverage multi-channel strategies to grow businesses. Our engagements start with the Buyer Life Cycle©, an in-depth study of your customer and your business.
ManaloCarlos is focused on Information Architecture, user interface design, usability modeling and testing, research, and iterative implementation across all channels. GriswoldMorlee has 20+ years launching, growing and managing catalog divisions for multi-channel companies large and small. WogomanJeff is a seasoned direct marketing expert with 15 years of management experience with a variety of globally recognized brands. SiegertPhil maintains a knowledge base over the evergrowing variety of available media and technologies and brings pragmatic experience around execution. WilsonCraig is author and originator of the Buyer Life Cycle, an evolved state of direct marketing segmentation allowing for targeted communications to coexist with traditional RFM techniques .
Phil is one of the more astute, well versed branding and marketing professionals in the game.
Morlee has spent a 20+ year career launching, growing and managing the bottomline of catalog divisions for multi-channel companies large and small. Her specialization is developing business plans including 1, 3 and 5-year pro-forma P&L's for multi-national, branded companies starting catalog direct marketing divisions.
Her consulting portfolio includes: Jockey Brands, BurtonSnowboards, Horny Toad Apparel, Patagonia, and Babystyle.
In his own words he is an independent "User Experience Consultant" who specializes in facilitative conceptualization and development of optimal interactive customer experiences.

Our Map of the "Universe" provides an overview of available mediums, technologies and services that comprise Multi-Channel marketing as a whole. We do not sell, rent, license, trade or otherwise disclose the personal information of our site visitors to unaffiliated third parties. We from time to time will offer links to other Web sites that we think may be of interest to you. We make our best effort to implement physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to help prevent unauthorized access, maintain security. From that basis we provide concise, practical approaches to your multi-channel questions from simple, single-channel tactics, to complete long-term multi-channel expansion plans. He spent eight years in the heart of advertising and interactive marketing working at larger advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett.
As former leader of all direct at Patagonia, he built one of the first businesses structured with five sales channels and was a pioneer in broaching the subject of channel conflict in the late 90a€™s. His most recent post was Director of Marketing for Cloudveil Mountain Works, a soulful backcountry apparel brand. She assesses and helps contract with a broad range of service providers, and develops plans for circulation and creative positioning, operations and inventory, assesses executive and management reporting needs and builds standardized reporting to run the business unit.
He's worn all the hats (from project, account, creative, and even technical management) in his journey but now focuses in developing optimal user experiences through rigorous focus on Information Architecture, user interface design, usability modeling and testing, research, and iterative implementation across all channels. Most recently, he served as the Group Director of User Experience for WhittmanHart Interactive, a national award winning interactive agency. This does not contrue endorsement of any other Web sites, and our privacy policy applies only to use of our Web site only. However, please remember that the transmission of data over the Internet cannot be 100% guaranteed secure.

He was also a founding partner of The Royal Order of Experience Design, a cross media boutique still in existence today serving clients such as Kohler, Patagonia, and Ann Sacks. The resulting business was and is a true multi-channel operation across the disciplines of database marketing, performance tracking, cross channel customer analysis and understanding, online marketing, customer acquisition and creative execution. We do not review the privacy policies of any site linked to, and you should read the privacy policies of each site you visit to determine what, if any, personal information they may collect.
As result, Twiss cannot ensure the security of any information that you transmit to us or from us, and you do so at your own risk. Hea€™s been involved in reshaping the way brands look at themselves, and moreover delivering experiences intrinsic to the customersa€™ expectations, across traditional, promotional and interactive channels. Craig was integral in Patagoniaa€™s strategy development and orchestrated much of the multi-channel marketing intelligence during his tenure.
Craig is also the author and originator of the Buyer Life Cycle, an evolved state of direct marketing segmentation that allows for targeted communications strategies to coexist with traditional RFM direct marketing techniques, thus improving upon returns on direct marketing investment. At Twiss he is primarily responsible for taking the envisioned ideal state and building strategic planning required to manifest its ideas into reality.
He has significant experience with online marketing and ecommerce programs, a deep understanding of customer segmentation and targeting via implementation of marketing databases and CRM techniques and a strong media background in planning and launching print media, PR, and social media campaigns.

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