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Gonna be a mostly a specialty service, Wood, Wood with Live Edge, Custom Butcher Block, Pre cast concrete, fancier glass fiber re-inforce concrete GFRC, Corian (solid Surface), Zodiac (quartz Composite), Non Ferris Metals Like Copper, formica (plastic Laminate). Google also has separate algorithms for terms such as payday loans, insurance, pharmacy terms ect.
There has been studies, many of them, to determine how best to rank a page for a competitive search term. It has also been vetted over and over and over that if you want to convert visitors and rank for a keyword, make a single page for one or two at the most keywords.
You people have the webbles to talk about my SEO and then you come out with these stupid claims.
You people don't have one clue regarding what an algorithm is nor do you have a clue regarding what a search engine's algorithm looks for.
Are you trying to tell me that if I want to get on the top of the search results I have to write 2,000 words about Drain Cleaning and then expect that some idiot wants to read for 10 to 15 minutes so they can make a decision to call my company.
Google changes their algorithms every few weeks and Google will tell only tell you what the new changes are.
I am waiting for one of you experts to challenge me to a website SEO duel and I will blow your claims into smitherines (whatever they are).

Take the challenge and I will spend the 5 or 6 hours I need to prove that everyone is wrong.
First of all, you're conflating seo with conversions, but you probably don't even know that do you? I suppose the quality of your content doesn't have to be good, unless you want people to call you. Why one continues to spout flim and flam out of ones mouth when people continually and repeatedly say go the heck away is beyond me. This post is a waste of my time and energy but I relate to the really, are you kidding me, just go tge **** away already.
As much as one says everyone else is wrong regarding Seo, business, etc, you need to look in the mirror or at the very least, the wonderful picture on website. As they say in the music world - 'don't go away mad, just get the **** out of here and leave the rest of us alone'.
It is hard at times to write on the phone without auto correct and other factors coming into play. Every Tom Dick and Jose' does flooring and it lacks a certain wow factor, for Marketing, IMO.

Alot of those on the first page are from russia for some of the black market pharmacy terms and even using black hat methods they dont put 10k links in their footers. The consensus is (by people who make hundreds of thousands ranking a term or two) is that 2000 words on a page is the sweet spot for showing up on google.
There is absolutely no sensible nor logical reason for Google to want 2,000 words on a web page. If it was open to the public, what do you think that would do to search results if we all knew the formula? It is time for you people to start putting your money where your mouth is and to provide proof. I can't believe what I am reading and when I spoke to several people working directly for Google they laughed when I told them what people like you write.

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