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Here is a Mind Map which shows the key elements of internet marketing strategy (click to expand). Are your website, newsletter and social media interactions engaging your customers, or failing to get their attention and interest? He welcomes media enquiries about 21st century marketing, social media and digital marketing. Nigel is the founder of The Marketing Compass – join thousands of business owners, tell us about your business and ask some marketing questions! Our goal is to work with you to develop an ironclad internet marketing strategy for your company that can evolve as your business needs require. We analyze your company, including your goals, customer-base, competition, industry, and budget. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you for the recent successful implementation of our Contact Management Software System.
My clients (and members of The Marketing Compass) tell me that the more they write, the more they sell.
He served as a Faculty Member and Course Director at CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing) for 12 years.

That is where people interested in setting up an online business of their own can step in and delve into the prospect of offering online marketing services. We aim to build a long-term partnership with you, not as your provider, but as your partner. Then we build a personalized, detailed internet marketing strategy that will take your company from where it is today to where you want it to be. We monitor your results and optimize your Internet marketing strategy as needed, so you’re always getting the most from the web.
PCA Technology Group is indeed a fine organization one which I will continue to recommend to organization with whom I work. He is often asked to deliver his website review service – for business owners, boards of directors and teams. He led over 500 Business Link workshops, focusing on website effectiveness, SEO and social media.
Nigel is the Founder of The Marketing Compass, which provides marketing direction for small business owners.
Most online business owners are either not well aware of the technicalities of marketing or are too busy to take up that department into their own hands.

It’s no use having lots of traffic, hits, followers, likes etc if you are not making money.
Today, he delivers internet marketing events for The Marketing Compass which provides impartial marketing advice for business owners.
You will be able to work from home, at your own comfort and as long as you are able to successfully grab the attention of a healthy number of good customers, you are doing a good job.Online marketing services are not limited to online business companies. Once your internet marketing strategy has been finalized, we’ll set our wheels in motion to execute it.
Even business houses set up on the streets of the city benefit from being part of a well-connected network and having its name spread like wildfire over the net.When you are taking up the job of promoting the business, you need to set in mind a target audience right at the beginning. This helps with the planning and execution of your idea as you are well aware of the tastes and preferences of the group. Find ways like incentives to encourage referrals as they are one of the fastest promotion methods and a great way to expand customer base.Do you like this post?

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