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Executive with a Track Record in Developing Growth Strategies and Solutions: I have devised and implemented winning strategies that have opened up new markets and business opportunities.
Many companies have used this framework for years to figure out the best places to invest their limited resources. Hence I do feel that this is not the right strategy framework for innovating in today’s business environment. This framework suggests that every leader should look at their business over three horizons (short, medium and long) and set their investment priorities based on their expectations across the three horizons. Though this is a good framework it really does not address the core capability question for the company. Though this framework is not as simple as the other two frameworks, it does a good job of laying down the business opportunities as core, adjacent and new. Business leaders can plot their current and future business opportunities on this framework as a bubble chart (size of bubble corresponds to revenue potential of the opportunity), and clearly see where to invest their time, effort and capital. Though this helps in framing the strategic opportunities well, it does lack the time aspect.
Swiss Global Leaders are leading the way to a collaborative future with different methodologies, cookbooks and frameworks used and steps taken, building a social business (Picture courtesy by ZHAW and Lardi Partner).
To prepare for such a transformative change in the system the corporate values needs to be updated in asking the employees how they imagine to work in the future.
If the organization has undergone the learning curve and reached the plateau of productivity,  they are ready for Entreprise 2.0. This kind of communication generates a lot of unstructured information in the form of likes, comments in natural language and social relationships. Personally I am very happy to see that the technology is finally ready to deliver the promise we made back in 2001 – sending the first SmartBots to work in Switzerland with the Dot-Com Company Artificial Life. Companies are now gathering first experiences with social collaboration technologies, have stopped their attempts or are in the process of rolling out the infrastructure right now, or after a short peak only little activity is happening. With our systemic consulting approach described as ‘Social Business Engineering’ we ‘humanly’ support leaders to find answer to the questions and guide your organization to a ‘Collaborative Future’. Co-Creative Social Business Engineer that helps ready-to-change organizations identify digital transformation opportunities.
Strategic planning is the leadership driven discipline that articulates an organization’s direction, aligns its resources by devising goals, and equips teams for the execution of objectives that will further the organization’s  mission and the achievement of its vision. The first step in developing an effective strategic plan is to download your free Dimensional Strategy Overview.
The second step is to complete the The Dimensional Strategy™ Framework Strength Assessment to measure your organization’s strategic planning strengths and weaknesses.

The third step is to continue reading and understand the leadership resources that are at your fingertips. Dimensional Strategy was born out of extensive experience in strategic planning across numerous industries, and a frustration with many strategic planning approaches that present themselves as a “formula” for success.  Strategic planning is a challenging undertaking no matter the size of your organization. Most companies have a well thought out Annual Operating Plan, what is often missing though is a longer-term Go-To-Market Plan (3-5 years). Top Talent: A Top PriorityThis comprehensive study conducted by the Sales Executive Share Group (SESG), an organization of the top sales executives at major CPG companies, provides insights into recruiting and retaining Millennials for Consumer Packaged Goods Sales. An overview of the current status and future prospects for self checkouts in the retail environment. The former sets the vision and goals to aspire, while the later provides the execution power needed to meet the goals.
When it comes to strategy frameworks there is no one size that fits all, and hence I would like to share my opinions on few of the strategy frameworks that I have used in the past, the pros and cons of using the framework and my recommendation. It is a powerful framework as it helps in prioritizing the investments by short and long-term potential of the business.It tells us to milk our cash cows, kill the dogs, improve question marks and invest in the stars. For example, it is not always easy to kill the dog or milk the cash cow without investing (because competition will catch up and the cash cow will turn into a dog within two years). For example, Horizon 1 is all about superior execution so the investment should focus on scale and efficiency of the business.
It does not force the business leaders to think outside the box in terms of potential future opportunities which are not on companies radar. Also, it helps them think out of the box and really explore other areas which are beyond the core, which helps the business leaders in focusing and creating long-term value for their shareholders. And a new way of doing business in the information age is evolving under the term ‘Social Business’. With Silka an Engineering-like approach was taken, Swiss Re replaced an existing knowledge management system with a sharp eye on the change management process and ABB started with a bottom-up-pilot.
Productivity gains from less travel time and searching for information, faster time to respond to client issues, match talent to tasks. In this new phase of a Corporation’s Lifecycle, strategies with ABB for example, are not discussed anymore by only a small group meeting in Switzerland – but are collaboratively found with the whole global organization in a “Online Strategy Roundtable”. To analyze and process these data-sets, new tools come to place to help respond to questions like: do my employees support the new initiative in terms of the sentiment? Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. DHC’s GTM Framework will ensure that you develop a plan to achieve your sales goals within your overall corporate strategy.

Almost every shopper passes through and it is the last opportunity the retailer has to make the shopping experience a pleasant one. My son and I are pretty much outdoors and sports oriented while my daughter and my wife like the indoors. Also, this framework does not really help in figuring out the future growth opportunities, i.e. Horizon 2 is about Positional Advantage, so the investment focuses on becoming the market leader and setting the standards. This allows me to have a healthy discussion about investment opportunities followed by an investment timeline. With additional layers of opportunities arising, how customers are served, corporate strategies are defined, corporate values are found and business challenges are solved in an agile way. With different timelines, when the adoption reached the critical mass towards a social business maturity shifting out of the first gear to benefit from the additional layers of opportunities. So with technology developments in the fields of semantic analysis, artificial intelligence and natural language processing new game changing possibilities are arising, that will have an impact as the invention of the WWW had.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). With continued evolution must come continual evaluation of these front-end merchandising changes. Horizon 3 is about innovation, where company try a few things which could be a hit or miss. And Christoph Isenschmid with Swiss Re outlined in the Risk Talk on Social Media and the Financial Industry, how the Re-Insurer is using Jive to support the business transformation. Gallen summarized at IBM Connect: faster time to market, acceleration of processes, more knowledge about the company and their products, improved team work, ability to solve complex problems, better development and marketing of intangible products, increasing ability to innovate, development of employees, access of the crowd intelligence potential, improvement of self-consulting abilities of the organization, become Generation Y ready, support of employee motivation and support of competence and talent management. Provide a guidance trough the collaborative tool jungle or how to align the collaborative initiatives with corporate strategy and company culture?
It will help you determine how to attack your various customer segments and how to execute marketing plans across your customer base? But the investment in Horizon 3 sets the tone for future value contribution by the company. Beside the operational issues, the question is, how to sell a collaborative initiative to the board?

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