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Child Operation Restrictions is a new list applet in the States view and allows to specify a (State Model enabled) child BC and Link. The following screenshot shows a portion of the new States view with the Categories view tab, the Category Name and No Invoke Method column as well as eht Child Operation Restriction applet highlighted. Since I have been confined to my office with a bad cold, I have found myself relentlessly trawling the internet (no, really, for work). This of course is by no means a full list, just the few that really caught my eye when I read through the What's New sections of the Bookshelf.
ACR 560 provides support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, including the new AutoDiscover feature for Siebel Server Synch for Exchange (SSSE).
ACR 603 enhances Siebel Search (integration with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search) by providing support for indexing using HTTP or FTP. Classroom discussions recently included the question how to identify which object manager we are currently connected to. So the weary administrator whose task it is to clear some LOV cache or similar needs to know which object manager on what server he or she is currently connected to. While we were discussing this, I played around with the Application Splash Text parameter, which controls the text that appears on the Siebel login web page.
Recently I came across a YAUBS (Yet Another Useful Business Service) which is used by Siebel CRM standard to generate Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) in the Siebel Universal Customer Master (UCM) realm.
The result is an output property set with a random generated 32 character hexadecimal GUID string in the Value property. The above screenshot is taken from the Business Service Simulator which I used for a quick test drive of this hopefully useful business service method. Editor's Note: This article has been revised for the 2015 reload of the Siebel Business Service Library. Some of you probably have come across this error, but it sure took me a while to work out what was going on.
I decided that everything was OK, that strange feeling of being watched was normal, I had not really heard any noises outside in the street – it's only the wind howling, right?
Maybe it was the cat trying to kill me with stress, maybe me when I was getting used to my new mouse. To celebrate my new experience,I did some image swapping and behold my new Applet Web Edit Layout! All I can say is, if you are about to reinstall Siebel Tools, Internet Explorer, or do something else with your system this weekend – remember it is Halloween soon and strange things can happen when the spirits are watching you. It comes in Excel and is documented – no more guessing at parameters and debugging code to work out what this bit does. And the final kicker is that it is available, freely, without hassle, from the Only Siebel blog. Get in touch with Ryan on twitter if you want to badger him for a new version ?? or talk CRM – he is always happy to talk! The Siebel Hub is a repository of over 1800 articles and materials from three Siebel Blog sites – Siebel Essentials, Siebel Observer and On Demand Education Ltd. You’d never know it unless you were one of about six people in the entire world, but today is a landmark anniversary for me. The UK-based society at the forefront of astronomy since 1820, their records actually go all the way back to the founding of calculus! Regardless of whether you like the viewpoint expressed in their work, their claims should be addressed in an objective, unbiased manner. Finally, and most importantly, there are going to be flaws that you find in the text, but it is not your sole job to point them out, and it is certainly not your job to belittle the authors for their errors. 1.) To verify that the introductory section(s) adequately sets up, explains, and places their work into its appropriate historical and scientific context.
Most importantly, perhaps, there are points of contention surrounding any issue, and presumably this paper is attempting to take a step towards either strengthening or weakening one (or more) of these points.
Do your best; intentional deception is the toughest of these to catch, but you can do a great service to the scientific community if you keep a scientist (or a team of scientists) from fooling themselves. Basically, based on their methods section, you should be confident that you’d be able to reproduce their results if you did this work, again, yourself.
4.) Can the conclusions reached be justified based on both the combined, pre-existing breadth of knowledge of the field and the work done in this paper? There was a reason that everything in the introduction was necessary, and that the authors needed to be so careful about the work they did up until this point.
Science is a process and a discussion, and peer review is both a right and a responsibility. For what it’s worth, I wound up rejecting the paper I was called in to be the expert referee on, and I did so in particular because of the strong (and unreasonable) conclusions that it drew based on the lackluster evidence it cited. No; the paper was later submitted to a disreputable journal that does not do adequate peer review, where it was accepted.

Looking back over the past fifty years, we’ve seen major theories in cosmology whittled down to a mostly-convergent picture, even though there are still plenty of puzzles to solve. I hope you realize that Sagan was giving an example of bad scientific thinking, not making the argument himself.
And given the text added afterward by Ethan about how the conclusion must be able to be drawn from the previous parts of the paper, pretty obvious that Ethan knows that too. The only fly in that ointment is the caption on that youtube clip, but that would have been put there by whoever put that clip up. The first submissions of manuscripts usually aren’t good enough for publication as they are, so editors need to know what improvements are needed, and whether and how the manuscript can be improved enough to be publishable in the journal.
Another important job of a reviewer is to discern whether the authors defined an appropriate research question. This would be called trolling on the internet, but the original intent was to see if there was any change in the consensus and give fresh ideas (even though in almost all cases they’re going nowhere). But off topic discussions don’t belong here because they disrupt or confuse and are not the point of the blog. But the point that I am coming to is that to learn science and to learn to be science minded requires not only that you study and learn the best science as currently known; but that you also (in my opinion) develop your own learning hypotheses (yes and then test them with logic against theory and experiment). For example as I am studying any book (on general relativity or politics) I am continually both digesting and questioning and building my own hypotheses.
Now my concern is; where does the sincere science minded person who is not a professional discuss his necessary learning hypotheses. Well how do we encourage science mindedness; when we discourage the efforts of sincere observers, experimenters and theorizers of science.
Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, Albert Einstein and other great scientists did great work outside of the mainstream science establishments of their time. Well, out here on Ethan’s blog we can certainly ask our question and may receive an answer or not.
So if you or I have ideas, that we think are scientifically important; how or where can we publish them. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This is a presentation to give you a good overview to the SAP as a company and its systems and applications. For each child BC, the state of the field can control whether the child records can be deleted, updated or inserted or not. The Status LOV is controlled by a sample State Model which I modified to use the new categories feature. This short flyby demonstrates 3 interesting new features of the Task UI, and also tries and fails to locate number 4.
Customers who use the modules mentioned below might find it interesting enough to download and evaluate. As many of the astute readers are aware, Siebel Native Load Balancing distributes sessions between object managers on different servers in a round-robin fashion. The method has a mandatory input argument named IDType which must be set to a value of GUID. Hammering away on my keyboard the other day I was using Siebel Tools to modify a standard Siebel Enterprise applet as part of a prototype I was working on for a customer.
Three years ago, I was on summer break from teaching at my local college, when I got an email from the Royal Astronomical Society in England. Their journal, Monthly Notices, was the location of my very first published scientific paper, but that wasn’t why they were contacting me. This is not to say that you must be unbiased or without opinion; you will have your professional opinions, no doubt, and you should. But what about the meat-and-potatoes of peer review: the actual reviewing of the content of the paper?
If there are large flaws in the raw data that is gathered, then the results and conclusions are meaningless! If you know how something’s supposed to work, and they took their data exactly as they said they would (or did their calculations, etc.), are these reasonable results?
Unless there’s a calculational error, a glaring omission, or some other gross mistake, there are rarely catastrophic problems in this section. Not because we need more uniform conclusions, but because we need fewer papers that draw grandiose conclusion based on a cherry-picking of historical and scientific facts.
But I also pointed out which aspects of the paper were strongest, and what a version of the paper that would be acceptable (and scientifically interesting and valuable) would look like. In the interest of keeping anonymity and confidentiality, I won’t disclose any further information about that particular paper. Chemists seem to have somewhat more jaded views on peer review than physicists and cosmologists.

The job of a reviewer is to help the journal’s editors decide whether to publish the work, and if it should be published, what changes should be made to improve the paper.
All it needs are some other fellows to say it has merit and it goes in if it gets selected out of the participants. The Editors may reject some manuscripts without peer review as being unsuitable for that journal (I know this is routine at Nature and Science), but the manuscripts that pass that hurdle do get sent out for peer review. Others, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar comes quickest to mind, had their careers nearly destroyed by great work that was mocked by the leading peer scientists of the day. After doing so, you can specify a "From Category" and a "To Category" in the Transitions view.
The Child Operation Restrictions can also work on methods invoked using the new No Invoke Method column. We can repeat this command for all other servers which host the object manager in the load balancing scenario.
My trusty virtual PC was running fine, I had installed Siebel Developer Web Client and Siebel Tools and everything was going well. Designed to facilitate the extraction of SiebelObjects in readiness for documentation or study, probably in the context of a migration or maybe just one of those "what the heck is in here?" moments when someone hands you a database. And yet, impostor syndrome aside, I knew (and know) that I legitimately am an expert in a few particular sub-fields of astrophysics and cosmology. But you must be aware of any biases you have, and do your best to address their work solely on its own merits. There are many perspectives one can take, but the reality is that on most issues, there is a scientific consensus, there are dissenting opinions, there is wiggle-room, and there are important nuances that need to be addressed. But it is the place to make sure that everyone who deserves credit is given credit for their prior work, and to ensure that the authors are very clear about what the rest of their paper is going to entail.
Authors should be free to express their professional opinions and assign their own weights to various findings, even if that supports a contrarian position. When there is quality work that’s been done, you should never belittle or berate an author simply on account of the portions of a paper that need changing. I think you make a great point about respect and we should always review papers like we wish others would review ours!
Thus, you need to be able to provide some context to the work: is it within the scope of the journal? There is a certain amount of luck-of-the-draw in who you get for referees, but I have found that to be the case for other journals I have submitted to, and I have no reason to think the quality of the reviews is significantly worse than at those other journals. Where can our experiments, observations and hypotheses be discussed in terms of their scientific merit or possibility?
This is especially useful if you have larger LOVs and general groups of values transitioning to other groups. The next possible values shown in the dropdown list all belong to the "Operations" category. For a moment I contemplated the horror – had I accidentally installed Internet Explorer 9 or some other alien software that meant Siebel was undead? It’s possible that some of the people you refer to exploit the confusion in terminology to claim that their published correspondence (which, as you point out, is not peer reviewed) is a Letter (which is).
And to me this is very important; because whether experiment or theory is imperfect or not, is not as important as the fact that the author of whatever experiment or theory is willing to engage in scientific discussion. The field of black holes was killed by Eddington (such was Eddington’s authority) until he died 20 or so years later. I did not have to (and was not allowed to) specify individual state transitions (e.g from Approved to Paid).
It is highly recommended to browse the "What's New…" chapters in the various guide for a first impression of new features.
I tried all the things I could think of – deleting preferences files, bouncing Siebel Tools several times because it is fun, logging in as any other users I could think of, drinking a cup of tea. Indeed, I once tried to code my own in a rash and ill-advised burst of zeal some years ago. I did get one minor error with this version regarding the Calendar component used when you select dates.
I don’t have direct experience with Nature or Science, but my understanding is that review in those journals differs from PRL mainly in the degree of editorial triage (those journals are specifically looking for papers they expect to be heavily cited, so only a minority of manuscripts are sent out for review).
And presumably such an author is willing to listen, though not necessarily agree with feedback (e.g.

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