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Spinner is a jQuery spinner plugin worked with Bootstrap 3 (OPTIONAL) that allows you to create input spinner components using number inputs.
DP Number Picker is a jQuery plugin for converting a DIV element into a spinner input that allows to pick a number by clicking the '+' or '-' buttons. Loading Overlay is a simple and lightweight jQuery plugin that adds a loading overlay with loading text and loading spinner to a target element.
A lightweight jQuery script that creates an animated radial gradient background from an array of pre-defined colors. Previously, I’ve released a copy of my JQuery + CSS Slideshow for everyone to download, here.
This set of codes, as the comment stated, will reset some of the default styling inconsistency between different browsers to 0 or none.
Having the layout and looks setup, we are now ready to move on to developing the slideshow’s mechanism. What this does is basically, to declare a set of given settings with default values, and then extend it to allow users to customize it by setting their own values. Of course, when you allow the users to set their own values, you need to apply them to make changes. Hi Nadine, Well because the purpose of this tutorial was really to address how to use Twitter’s API to setup your own tweet feeds. The class selector is among the slowest selectors in jQuery; in IE it loops through the entire DOM. As of version 1.3, jQuery has been using the Sizzle Javascript Selector Library which works a bit differently from the selector engine used in the past.
So, what this means is that we can hide content when JavaScript is switched on and then use jQuery to show it when necessary (e.g. When you have a lot of elements in a container and you want to assign an event to all of them – use delegation to handle it.
The best way to test a Javascript code is the human way But, you still can use some automated tools like Selenium, Funcunit, QUnit and QMock to test your code (especially plugins). When styling a few elements it is best to simply use jQuery’s css() method, however when styling 15 or more elements it is more efficient to append a style tag to the DOM. It’s a good technique to break your Javascript code in multiple files and load them only on the pages that need them. After you decide what javascript files you want to load – compress them and glue in one file. This way you save a server request and also the client has the chance to load the jQuery script instantly from his browser cache if he visited another site that loads the jQuery from Google CDN. Special thanks to Paul Irish, Addy Osmani, Jon Hobbs-Smith and Dave Artz for providing lots of information about jQuery performance. As for the selectors, I think that it adds a new parsing level if you add the element name. That’s a form of Hungarian Notation and is frowned upon by many people, not a convention. 1, 2, and 4 are a bit outdated, searching for ID hasn’t been privileged for some time now.
You can use them both, this way you can have a bunch of glued and compressed scripts that load on demand. I have read somewhere that DOM manipulation can be made faster if the element we are working on is removed from the DOM.

We want to do that on, for example, a site with 10 pages and on each pages the scripts that must be loaded are not the sames (some are common but not all). We maintain a big, scalable site that we’ve built about 2 years ago on Yii Framework.
Can I link to the gallery from an external page specifying the category I want to be active? Hi, thanks a lot for your tutorial, I have a problem when using in pages’ with rtl direction, any solution???????
So lets take a look at the two famous open source iphone web development frameworks jQuery Mobile and sencha touch. As you will see below there are some really good options available.Lately responsive web design have been one of the most talked about and hot topics and it is easy to understand why. Well, if you have experience in JQuery, basic HTML and CSS, you’ve nothing to be afraid of then!
In this case, I would like to position them in the center so that it would be more noticeable.
The extend is an API of JQuery’s massive library, that allows the merging the contents of 2 or more objects together into the first object in its parameter. We bind the click events to the action links and call the function with the parameter of the direction.
With the newly introduced CSS3, many new creative slideshows are appearing, such as rotation, scaling, etc.
Cool slider, but why can’t people just tell us beginners step by step what to paste where!
After digging in a lot of articles decided to make a list of the best common performance tips.
Delegation provides you with the ability to bind only one event to a parent element and then check on what child the event acted (target). Lighter DOM structure means less elements to traverse for jQuery and better load performance. This can be done automatically with open source tools like Minify integrated in your backend code or combining them and minifying with online tools like JSCompressor , YUI Compressor or Dean Edwards JS packer.
So you can switch between jQuery code and raw Javascript functions where needed to gain more performance.
With each request we add the necessary JS files to the ClientScript stack and Yii generates for us separate bundles of glued scripts where needed.
You can see the result that I’ve achived by combining this two jQuery plugins by clicking the preview button below.
Sencha touch is little hard to learn for newbies,there is also a weak forum support but those who are already have some knowledge about Ext js can easily develop sencha mobile applications. The huge explosion of mobile devices with internet access have made clients ask for mobile versions of their websites. As simple as it is, if you’re able to finish up something like that, you will have no problem doing your very own slideshow in future!
Thus, there isn’t much explanations or detailed steps to address the structure or copy-pasting stuffs.
I also built a handy jQuery Performance Cheat Sheet that can be printed or placed on my desktop. So use a quick object detection before calling any methods on a jQuery object that may or may not exist.

It’s very handy when you have a big table with a lot of data and you want to set events to the TDs. You can create your dF and append all the nodes you need inserted, then insert the entire content of dF into the main DOM all at once.
Should i make 10 compressed Master JS file (one per page) or there is a thing that i’ve not understand ? You can use the jQuery gallery in your own projects, just download the package for having access to the files. I can get the prettyphoto lightbox to work just fine, but in IE 8 the quicksand filter does not work at all.
Native mobile apps are however quite costly and dedicated mobile web apps (mobile copies of existing websites) require extra maintenance and cost for delivering the same content. You may notice that I had seperated each and every elements with their own class, such as box-shadow, button, etc. Its generally pleasing to see with minimal effects, and helps to feature some of the content a website or blog has for their users. The gallery is cross-browser compatible so it’ll be easy for you to adapt in your project.
Download jQuery mobile from hereTwitter API url has been changed so you need to update the url accordingly in downloded file. Ethan Marcotte started a snow ball effect with his definition of responsive web design back in May 2010.
That’s because we would still want the slide appeared as the last of the list of slides, but hidden.
IDs are generally used for javascript or php to identify an element, so it is always a good practice to separate designing and styling from positioning and defaults.
If you do, I would really appreciate if you share it with others through the social media below! Once we have a working slideshow on our page then we can figure out what to change and where. Today responsive websites show up everywhere and there are literally tons of building blocks available for creating responsive them faster. In other cases, it could also be a certain same set of styling will be re-used again and again. One example, besides responsive jQuery sliders, is responsive WordPress themes where you get an entire responsive solution in one package. Now, let’s move on to the CSS portion, which you will get a clearer picture of the explanation above.
Instead of increasing the length and size of your stylesheet, a smarter way would be to use a class to attach the same set of styles to different elements. Many of these themes have responsive sliders integrated already.In this article you will find some of the best responsive slider scripts available right now. Hope you find what you are looking for and that you are going to drop a comment or share the article with your friends and coworkers.
The plugin is perfect for anyone looking to create a completely customized slideshow as it does not declare any markup or style.

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