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I thought long and hard about this, but Fordring still seems like the card that earns the most value for its cost. Ol’ Cairne has gone out of style over the past few months, Control Warriors and Paladins aren’t running him in favor of the faster, cheaper Sludge Belchers, which makes sense given all  the corrosive aggro you’ll find on ladder right now.
There are some moments where Loatheb wins you the game, like a final nail snuffing out any desperate comeback. Vol’jin introduced us to the world where a Priest drops it onto your Ragnaros, leaving it with a paltry two health, and then zapping it dead with a tiny Holy Smite. Nobody plays Miracle anymore, so it’s difficult to figure out where Edwin’s legacy is right now, but he’s still able to be an awesome capstone to an already killer turn. He’s pretty good with a Rockbiter, and pretty great with double Rockbiter, but generally I like my Legendaries to stand on their own without supplementary cards. Every once in a while I have this crazy idea of putting Deathwing into an aggro deck, like Zoolock or something. I might be underrating this card, but it really seems like it’s only a great play if you’re able to get it out through Voidcaller.
It’s a card named after a vaguely recognizable NPC from a years-old World of Warcraft expansion. Gazlowe is one of those cards that can take advantage of cheap spells, and he’s pretty good!
Murloc Shaman has yet to surface, but using Neptulon as a way to fill up your hand with some quick, useful cards is still good enough to justify Neptulon’s existence. Hunters can’t run Whirlwinds or Death’s Bites, and they don’t have a hero power like Fireblast. It’s a great anti-spell card, and it puts your opponent into fits when they realize easy-outs like Polymorph and Hex aren’t going to work.
Pretty great when you’re cutting down a Tirion or a Sludge Belcher, not nearly as fun when you’re playing it in a piddling top-deck war.
One day Nuke Priest will become a thing, and Velen will melt faces with ridiculous Mind Blasts and Holy Fires.
These were both promo cards, which come with decent stats and an effect that mostly works the lols.
Malygos was pretty scary in Malygos Rogue, but now nobody plays Malygos Rogue because Gadgetzan Auctioneer sucks.

Even with scrubs like Goldshire Footman or Mana Wraith, there’s feasibly some direction the meta could go in where having one-mana taunts or mutually-destroyed tempo could be a huge benefit.
When you drop Rag on the table, there’s always that chance that you roll exactly what you need and hope stays alive for another turn. At it’s best you’re getting a heal-to-15 with an extra three damage needed to clear the board and then an endless, stream of Infernals and threaten emotes. Sure the Sneed’s into Thalnos line sucks, but I’m not sure the Sneed’s into Tirion wombo combo ever loses.
It’s odd how one card has become absolutely integral to all sorts of different control decks. Gently pushing Flamestrike, Equality Consecration, and double Lightning Storm out of range. Too small to get Big Game Hunter’d or Shadow Word: Death’d, but sporting enough health to be impossible to trade evenly for. Boom might need to be higher, but it’s a new enough card that I’m slotting him comfortably at 13. Don’t get me wrong Al’Akir is a deserved mainstay in every Shaman deck, but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to spend a total of 10 mana to get the desired value. Gnomes, there was this weird little run where Control Warriors, (and even some Handlocks!) were putting in Hogger at their six spot, mostly to replace the fading Cairne Bloodhoof.
Yes you get a draw a card, yes it’s that extra burst of spell damage you need for board clears. I know that’s nuts—discarding your entire hand and wiping the board in aggro is the worst thing you could do. It gives you Spare Parts, which are useful if you’re running a deck that takes advantage of cheap spells. I like the Iron Juggernaut, but it’s going to need a real deck around it in order for it to be truly good.
I want to believe he’s a good card that buries himself deeply into the psyche of my opponent. All rights reserved.All other logos and trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.
Jaraxxus is the most unique legendary in the game, and he’s become one of the primary reasons Handlock is enjoying such a golden age right now.

Once upon a time you’d see Sylvanas routinely steal away the Ragnaroses and Mountain Giants of bewildered scrubs, but now she’s mostly just a secure way to pin down the board.
Without Alex we wouldn’t have Freeze Mage, or Control Warrior, or pretty much any deck that needs to draw a ton of cards to win. But there are also plenty of times you play Loatheb because you have nothing else to play and you don’t want to lose tempo. Things have gone back to normal, but I still think Hogger’s ability to snowball is a little underrated. But, it would be pretty fun to do some immediate catch-up on those awful times you fall behind after a Sunwalker or something. Foe Reaper is most useful if you’re playing it into a situation where there’s already stuff on your opponent’s board, in which case he can usually be dealt with without too much hassle.
But then he got nerfed, and he wasn’t one of the most efficient removals in the game, and now he’s hardly played. Now he only gets a chance to draw at the start of a turn, which means your opponent has a chance to snipe him off the board, and even if he doesn’t, you’re still only looking at a 50 percent chance to draw.
Unfortunately that real deck hasn’t shown up yet, because ideally you want to run this thing in a mill, which doesn’t necessarily suit the other Warrior cards.
Although, now that I’m thinking, a Warrior that runs a bunch of invincible healing and armor and a couple pandas with this thing might actually be okay.
That’s the dominant thing I kept coming back to when I was ranking the Legendaries in Hearthstone. Without the Paladin requirement and excluding aggro, it’s hard to think of a deck that wouldn’t run it.
Boom can sometimes be worse than say, Stormwind Champion, but there are also times it can be the best card in your deck. Onyxia is crippled by Swipe, or even the lowly Arcane Explosion, and Gruul doesn’t grow fast enough.Again, these are all fine cards, most Legendaries are, but the reason you don’t seem them played is because they don’t make enough of an immediate impact. Sure, Hemet Nesingwary might be terrible now, but there could be a situation as early as this year where he’s one of the most important tech cards in the game.

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