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Once downloaded youa??ll be able to start out with your first stop-motion animation project and ita??s probably a good idea to just try something simple to get to grips with how the app works and the process of taking still photography to weave together the movie. Therea??s also a really good instructions sections thata??s well signposted from the opening screen to give you a clear visual set of directions. When youa??re actually making a movie ita??s important to take your time to get things right. The best points of the LEGO Movie Maker app have got to be the ease of use, great instructions and useful features to add effects, title screens and credits. The ability to share your movies directly from the app to email, Facebook and Twitter would be a useful feature to add, although, ita??s fairly straightforward to do this after youa??ve shared it to your camera roll as it is.
LEGO Movie Maker is a lot of fun, bringing a whole new angle to LEGO toys, but also giving a great tool for all manner of stop-motions animation.
Lego Super Hero Movie Maker (App Store-Link) kann seit heute kostenlos auf das iPhone geladen werden, der Download ist 14,1 MB gro?. Praktisch: Man kann sich neben einem Gitternetz auch das jeweils zuvor geschossene Bild leicht einblenden lassen, um genau aus dem selben Winkel fotografieren zu konnen, sollte man kein Stativ nutzen.
Der eigentliche Film kann dann noch mit einer Hintergrundmelodie und verschiedenen Filter-Effekten versehen werden, bevor man ihn im gewunschten Tempo abspeichert. Lego ha ispirato la produzione di decine di video remake ed in occasione della prossima uscita dei nuovi personaggi della serie Super Heroes, ha deciso di realizzare una app per iPhone, gratuita, che consente di girare e montare piccoli filmati in stop-motion. Carlyle Livingston II e Wayne Hussey hanno impiegato 12 settimane per un totale di 800 ore di lavoro per realizzare un autentico capolavoro di 20.

Cosa c’e di piu romantico che raccontare la propria storia d’amore, il primo incontro il primo approccio fino ad arrivare al fatidico giorno. With the Lego Movie Maker app youa??ll be able to get behind the camera yourself to produce your own stop-motion masterpieces, and as long as you know how to get the best out of the app youa??ll be able to produce some pretty cool videos.
Ita??s an easy interface to work with giving you some really easy steps to follow to get started. The guide will quickly show you how to take the shots, add title screens and credits, work through the menu bar, edit your movie and add music, effects and speed variation to bring your animation to life even more. The onion skin feature is really handy, giving you a transparent view of your last shot over your current view to make sure everything lines up. With HD recording, the ability to amend the speed of your animation fairly easily and the visual aid of the onion skin you should be able to create something fairly impressive with a little patience, care and the added stability of the tripod and sticky tack. Another useful addition would be more advanced editing capabilities to make it easier to add frames, cut sections and string them together to make a longer sequence right in the Movie Maker. Auf Internetplattformen wie YouTube finden sich dutzende solcher Filme, die problemlos auch mit dem iPhone erstellt werden konnen.
Leider gibt es die App nur in englischer Sprache, die wichtigen Menupunkte erklaren sich aber von selbst. Hier hat man die Auswahl zwischen verschiedenen Lego-Themen, unter anderem sind Batman und Superman mit dabei.
Au?erdem gibt es einen Quick Look, mit dem man alle Bilder in einer kleinen Vorschau abspielen kann.

Der Download lohnt meiner Meinung auf jeden Fall - zumal Lego Super Hero Movie Maker kostenlos angeboten wird. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Ita??ll also point you in the right direction to share your movie once ita??s complete, so that you can save it to the camera roll or upload it directly to YouTube. Being able to directly upload your movie to YouTube is a big benefit too, making it easier to get your movies online quickly.
Ita??s a useful accessory to have to help you produce really great looking stop-motion animation films, reducing unnecessary movement and making it easier to move your LEGO characters and set. Ita??s also fairly straight forward to add your movie to your computer so that you can edit it even more, or string it together to make a longer set of sequences using movie editing suites like iMovie and Final Cut Pro.
Another useful accessory wea??d recommend to help make sure your characters stay in place is a little sticky tack to make sure you dona??t nudge them accidentally when youa??re trying to turn their head or raise their arm a fraction.

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