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The business package is a competitive SEO plan to get you ranked in search engines efficiently and effectively. The first class SEO package is for those businesses that need the most in-depth SEO work done on their site. With Google's recent algorithm changes, businesses who make use of local SEO services enjoy greater visibility than businesses who adhere to traditional SEO practices. Recent studies have shown that more people trust local search engine results than those produced through organic searching. Further, people today often prefer to do business with local companies rather than national or international companies. Another advantage that comes with local SEO involves having your immediate audience provide authentic reviews for your business. As Forbes magazine contributor Steve Olenski points out in 6 Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses, it is important that you ensure that those reviews are positive and authentic. Reaching your local audience is a vital component of a successful small business SEO strategy.
If you found these tips useful please share it with your friends, and check out my other recent blog post; 10 Easy Ways to Build Small Business Brand Awareness Online.
Or if you offer a certification course for wine professionals in New York City, then you will choose as your main keyword phrase something like sommelier course new york. Fortunately, Google is getting much smarter about understanding how terms can relate to one another. The most valuable thing you can do for your local business is create a reasonable amount of high quality content. Scribe Content Optimization will help you make sure that your optimization efforts meet best practices, and you will have a better chance of getting faster results.
You may want to customize your meta title — however, be aware that this is currently what most platforms use as the title when your content is shared on social sites, so it needs to be enticing and relevant for real readers. The Genesis platform makes both of these very easy to update, or there are other plugins that make this easy as well. Where it’s natural, you should also include your city and state in your content, to let both visitors and search engines know where you are.
You’ll also want to get the most out of your Contact page, which for a local business is often the second most important page on your site, after your home page. Information about your staff is also useful, both for your customers and for the search engines.
The more content you are able to add, the better — provided that all of it offers valuable advice, information, or entertainment value to the web audience.
Now that you have your keywords and on-page optimization in place, ita€™s time to start looking at factors that are not directly related to your website.
Google Places for Business was developed to control what information is displayed by Google in Google Search and Google Maps, so you can be found more easily by potential customers.
Local Google+ pages can help you communicate with your customers and allow you to get more exposure. Fortunately, Google has put some tools in place to simplify the management of these resources, so that you can update information for both tools in a single place.
This can definitely be a bit confusing, so you may want to read more about combining Google Places and your Local Google + page. Whether they are local directories or review websites, you’ll want to create or claim all listings for your business. Each listing will represent a citation, and citations are an important component used in the ranking algorithm by Google and other search engines. We already covered Google, but it’s important to also create a listing on Bing, Yahoo Local, and other local directories. Neither Google nor Bing like inconsistent listings of your business online, and inconsistency can negatively your impact presence. Use the same details on your site, on your social media profiles, and on local directories or review sites. I would like to start by mentioning that you should never, ever add or solicit fake reviews for your business.
Trying to use fake reviews will only create problems for you, when search engines or your customers catch on to what you’re doing.
Instead, kindly ask the customers you’ve served to leave a genuine review on your Google+ local page, Yelp, or wherever service they prefer. Keep in mind that the review sites are not perfect, and many businesses are frustrated when genuine positive reviews are improperly deleted. Google+ is not the only social media platform that you should take advantage of to get more exposure for your website. You need to make sure that every social profile you have includes your physical location (including city and state), along with your business or store name, and a URL back to your website. Even if you already have a strong Facebook presence,A you can still increase your exposure. Make sure that your Facebook page is listed as a local business, so that people can check in at your location.
One great way to drive attention to your local business is to get other people to talk about and link to you. Other ways of making people talk about you and your business include sponsorships for local events, scholarships, or hosting events in your community.
There are over 1 million more mobile devices activated every day across the world than there are babies born.
It’s time to start looking into getting your website mobile responsive, so that your customer can have a better experience when they visit your website. When you start working on your local search optimization, you need to set up the tools that will help you track and analyze the results. You can use daily updates while you are doing the work and then switch to weekly when you finish the campaign and just want to keep tabs. On a weekly basis you can also glance over the impressions and clicks of your keywords in Google Webmaster Tools.
Finally, use Google Analytics to analyze the organic traffic and see if it’s improving. If you are doing it right, you should start seeing the traffic going up within weeks from starting to work on your local SEO optimization campaign.
Although we now live in a Not Provided world with Google Analytics (though there are workarounds), you canA still do a lotA to get insights into your search traffic. Now that you have an idea where to start from, and a guide on how to do it, you can go back to Step 1 and begin implementing the strategies you’ve learned here. It might look like a lot right now, but put one foot in front of the other and you’ll get there. I am focused on building a Facebook and Pinterest presence to help garner social proofing for my website. I am a senior at UGA currently working at Picobarn, a digital marketing firm which focuses on strategies and solutions across platforms such as social media and online search. As for Facebook, make sure that your Facebook page is listed as a local business and claim any pages or Facebook Place pages that may be out there for your business.

No one can tell, but I bet Google is using this information as one of their 200 ranking factors.
It’s crucial to get your business listed on Google Maps and also include a map to your place on the contact page. Now however, I target specific niche related, long-tail keywords in my blog post titles and in the body if possible.
And with consistent effort I’m seeing a steady stream of organic traffic to my blog already, after just 6 months of publishing content. And I always did my best to do what you mentioned: write for those who read the content and not for search engines, so I agree with you. If you provide quality content and make sure that your website is accessible to search engines to crawl it then you’ve done 90% of the job.
Plus, it’s better to invest more in creating great relationships with your peers that in shady techniques to game the system.
The point I try to get across to my clients is that a little diversity in the keywords you target can help lift the whole boat (thank you Brian Clark for that analogy). Diversity helps, and by using strategies like the one you mentioned can help people get noticed in industries that may seem dull. I am a great believer that a strong network can help you get insane results and social networks like LinkedIn and Meetup can make it easier for you to create those great connections. I’ve also seen tremendous results from sites that are regularly posting content onto Google + regularly.
I agree with you that Google+ is a key player for local businesses and they should invest the time and resources to create a strong presence on Google+. That is why, I would encourage people to leave reviews immediately after they used a service or product, because only at that point they can leave an unbiassed review. I agree with the article totally as we have all seen and heard how Google now works and they focus heavily on social media and some of their own tools and how big your network is. Your business is going to die, survive, or thrive based on how well you use the net to market yourself. April 15, 2014 by Kinley McFadden Leave a Comment If you’re running a local business, the fact is that you need a strong local SEO strategy in place. Small business might have a strong online presence and perhaps even a strong SEO strategy in place, however going local and having a local SEO strategy in place could help deliver the most highly targeted consumers to both the business’s website and to its physical business location.
Ultimately, local SEO will be instrumental in delivering high local rankings in the search engines, and really give these businesses the kick they may really need. The great thing about going local with your SEO strategy is that many of it’s key elements are quite easy to set-up. Setting up Google Places for your business is key, and should be the first thing that you do when it comes to setting up your local SEO strategy. The key, however, is to be as detailed and thorough as possible when signing up for Google Places and filling out the information about your business. Yes, Google+ tends to take a backseat when it comes wot developing a social media strategy for businesses, however the fact is that it is a powerful social media that will help your business rank well on Google! Your focus however should be directories which have a reputation of being the best (and there are plenty of them out there). In addition, it is essential for your business to have a proper Contact Us page, complete with all contact details including address, numbers, emails, and preferably a Google Maps image for your business.
Best Email Popup Optin Tool For 2016: SumoMe, LeadPages, Optin Monster, Bloom or Thrive Leads? Local Business SEO , All you need to know for running a successful internet marketing campaign.
Off Page Optimization, is what consider by many as link building, this is what everyone who hires SEO consultant are interested in, Links, Links and some more Links.
Your website ranking is determined mostly by what the Internet is saying about you, you will want to have many other websites linking to your site, and the more high authority the website that are linking to you are, the more seriously it will add up in your ranking score. The main key for building a good Off page SEO, is first to perform On Page SEO, so your strategy is more clear and you know which URL is targeting which word, and that’s how you can get the most out of your SEO campaign. After you know your keywords and which URL’s you want to link with which keywords, (Yes, it is recommended to do SEO for URL’s other than your homepage as well). Then you will need to start build links, The more Page rank a website that link to you have the higher quality the link is and the more it will count by the search engines. So if you are considering to buy 1000 links from someone, think again, This can potentially harm your ranking.
The link building process should be constant and it needs to look natural to the search engines, which means if you have a new website and you are buying 5000 links in the first month, it can damage your overall performance in the future and you might even get penalized. You should start slow and increase the effort every month, off course it depends on your competition for the keyword, the more you will have competition, the harder it will be to rank and the more SEO effort you will be required to perform.
There are also other ways to help get your website rank higher for specific keywords and also to bring the wanted traffic to your site. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Towards the end of the last month, Google announced a major change or rather series of changes in its search algorithm, which was geared towards improving the search experience of the surfers. There is always a tension between search engine users and SEO guys (not the good ones), both tries to rip a search engine to get most from the time they spent there. Last Year in February, Google released a major update to its search algorithm to weed out low-quality websites from its SERP and give prominent position to high-quality websites. Within days of rolling out of Panda, websites like HubPages, eHow, Ezinearticles were experiencing a significant change in the ranking of their pages. As you can see by the results, Google now gives great emphasis the geographic location of the users. Exclusive WordPress theme Softblog 1.0 released, a premium theme suitable for male and female bloggers. Disclaimer: All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. The consumers in your immediate area greatly influence how well your business gets off the ground and how successful it can be now and into the future. Local SEO can give your business higher rankings and also get your company before a larger audience. Local SEO gives your business the authenticity that people look for when searching for area businesses online. Local SEO ensures that these consumers know that you own and operate a business in their immediate area, making it more likely that they will choose you over a national competitor. Many consumers today rely on online reviews to help them decide whether or not to shop with local companies.
Along with checking out website or reading the reviews of your company, potential customers will also have resources to find out where your business is located, how to contact you, and what hours you are open for business. Local SEO provides you with these key advantages that can help your company achieve long-term success. Follow Jet Digital Marketing on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest insights into growing your business online.
You might have a steady flow of loyal existing customers, but we always need to make sure we have a stream of new people.

This is usually (but not always) what Google will publish on the search engine results page (SERP), so make it inviting and user-friendly. Box., so that Google will be able to list your actual location in their various business tools.
This helps you make sure that your customers have the right information about your local business, such as your opening hours, address, and contact information. They add social interaction to your listing, and help you create a two-way path of communication with your customers by responding to reviews and creating post updates for your customers. If you encourage people to check in, you can increase the chances of appearing in the Facebook search toward the top of the listings. If they cana€™t find your Facebook page on their phone, a Facebook Place is automatically created.
And if they haven’t done that yet, you can reach out to them or find a way to make them talk about you. And you can use social media to find authorities in a your location.A FollowerwonkA helps you search for people on Twitter who live in a certain area, and then you can engage with them to create a connection.
Participating at networking events in your local area can also help you create connections that can offer positive results in the future. And that is even more true for local business, whose customers are often on the move and looking for you on their devices. Be careful about technologies like Flash or PDF that are less usable (or completely unusable) on popular devices.
Get his Google Analytics course for free to learn more, and check out his list-building WordPress plugin Elevatr.
One of our recent posts was on a very popular spring activity in Dallas, visiting the Dallas Arboretum.
I have a meeting with a new client tomorrow, and I basically used this post as a checklist for what I need to discuss with her about not just increasing her ranking on Google but getting her ON Google in the first place.
Businesses should take advantage of using Google Places to promote their services and to be more visible to their target audience.
After you do Google+, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, CitySearch, and about 20 more, you will realize there about 1001 more websites that you could go adding citations to (and those 1001 sites want you to).
Get an account there and let them to the work for you, so you can focus on what you do best.
Also most people don’t keep their listings consistent with address phone number and some other details so they have different info all over the web but only 1 location making it hard to rank for a certain area. This article's comments are now closed.Get instant access to proven marketing training a€” for free.
Unfortunately, very few small and medium business understand and realize the importance of doing so.
Ask and encourage your clients and customers to leave you reviews, and work towards getting reviews in any way you can. For instance you could launch a promotion, which involves giving something away every time a customer leaves you feedback on one of your pages. Find and use some of the more popular and better directories out there, ones where you would actually expect your customers and clients to find you. Because Google takes all these into consideration when determining the credentials and authority of  a local listing.
And as a search engine seems always to take side of its users – because the business depends on the users –, the things that improve users’ search experience always find their way in the search result. The change was initially geared towards content farms and sites which had poor-quality content.
You can see a map of the related local taxi businesses and the first 4 (actually 7, but I reduced the image to make it look good) results are from business listed in Google places. Ranking high for relevant keywords related to your website is very important because that will bring you visitors. VA Business Services makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site & will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use.All information is provided on an as-is basis. When attracting customers in your vicinity is part of your game plan, you should utilize local SEO for these important reasons. When you choose local SEO, you ensure that your business will become accessible through mobile searches and also through resources like Facebook Nearby. When your business starts getting reviewed by people in your area, you in turn could see higher traffic and sales conversion. Instead, you should invite your audience to give reviews by providing a review link or button on your website or social networking pages. Even if you provide these details on your website, they also will be available to people immediately when you use local SEO.
Instead, download the Copyblogger SEO copywriting ebook to find out what kind of content you should be creating, and how to optimize it for search.
You’ll see where you already have citations, which are claimed, and what listings you may be missing. When people are incentivized to leave reviews, their tone will not be genuine, and this is something that tends to stand out.
And, again, give your customers multiple options, so that the more notoriously biased sites aren’t their only option.
It takes seconds to get started and add your keywords, and you can choose how often to get updates: on demand, daily, or weekly. Before that I had a dabble, but just like you mentioned in your post – it seems way to complicated for me at that time. I think only a fool would write purely for the search engines, I’m sure you’ll agree? Which happens to be a great place for a picnic, so there is good information content with a logical tie in.
If you ever change locations you should go back and change your information to keep it consistent with your actual location. In addition, make sure that you have a profile on places such as Yelp and a Facebook business page, and work towards getting reviews on these sites and places as well. Doing so should provide you with some real boost in local rankings and better search-engine visibility. But as it is in every other business, you want to stay one step ahead all the time and try to anticipate the future which right now would be related to the changes in SEO and the survival of the same in 2012. Positive customer reviews on local business pages and websites could really provide you with significant gains in terms of local SEO, but you’ll have to work for it. This newsletter could include information about your business, it’s services, special promotions, activities, and other things, and could also include a link to leaving a review. Not only should your business be listed on these directories, but you should also work on getting reviews here.
The Internet will not wait on you, the buyers out there don’t know that you are better than the competition.

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