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You can infer what type of demographics will watch a certain TV show, listen to a radio show, or read a publication. Your Target Market is Mobile; a change in Location changes everything (including moving from one room to another). Traditional advertising cannot assure that the customer will be there when the message is delivered. Back in business school, we learned about “The Marketing Concept” as the total company effort to satisfy customer needs at a profit. Briefly, Location Based Marketing is: The art of transforming consumers’ shared location information into revenues. Local Business Search Optimization: Our Local Search Engine Marketing experts will get your website in front of local consumers searching for your products.
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On the other hand, mobile coupons served to customers through Location Based SMS produce a double digit redemption rate.
But you cannot be sure that those specific customers in a particular target market will be present when your message is delivered. Instead of just aiming at the same place, hoping somebody passes by when you shoot, you should add location based marketing to your marketing mix.

From a business perspective, I would define the “Location Based Marketing concept” as the company’s effort to integrate consumers’ location information into their business marketing strategy, to better satisfy customers needs in their contexts, to make a profit.
Location in the hands of the right artisan multiplies the value of your business marketing plan. Note that the key word defining marketing is process; therefore LBM might be a PART of your business marketing strategy, but never an isolated factor.
There are many ways to acquire customers location information, and despite common belief (lack of knowledge I would say) you DON’T necessarily need a GPS in the phone to know the customer location. As much as mastering the usage of MS Word doesn’t make one a poet, knowing how to claim a business in foursquare doesn’t necessarily make one a LBM expert. Airlines like JetBlue, KLM, SouthWest, Virgin and others use Location Based Social “check-ins”. You can mail a coupon to your prospect, but you cannot be sure they will have it in their pockets when they are close to your POS. Consequently what you need in order to integrate a Location Based Marketing strategy is first and foremost a knowledgeable marketing individual. Therefore you need a person that understands mobile technology, knows most of the available technological solutions, and can identify which one to use for every case. That means you need to be ready to identify if Location Based Marketing makes any sense to your business.
This means that you need to choose feasible and appropriate tools in order to increase sales, and maximize revenues.

And that’s what I say to my customers: buying butter, sugar, flour, and eggs is one thing, using the same ingredients in order to bake great pastry is a different story altogether. In other words, brands that strongly integrate their mobile social networking strategies with their location-based marketing plans will probably see an accelerated benefit than those who don’t.
They added relevancy and context to their customer social media engagement resulting in enhanced customer service and stronger loyalty.
You can promote your brand through many channels, but doing so when the customer is nearby your business boosts the probability of more sales. If your message has the right “what” “who” and “when”, “where” is the missing ingredient to a perfect recipe for success.
The list of food and retail chains that have implemented Location Based Marketing tools, and transformed location information into sales opportunities, grow every day. The 21th century is all about a mobile lifestyle in which immediate contacts OF ALL KINDS are important.

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