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Posted on Monday, February 8 in Breaking Through the Clutter, Building Your Brand, Increasing Sales. Really it’s three questions: Who am I competing against, how are they succeeding, and how can I copy their success? Consider changing your message depending on where your users come from – a different message might be appropriate for users who arrived at your landing page coming from Google vs. Just built the next Angry Birds, Camera +, or just another killer app, and now you need a landing page to market your app. Big, bold typography and a hard to miss orange aesthetic,  this is a beautifully clean and minimalistic landing page design with super clear CTA (call to action) areas repeated down the page in strategic areas to fire visitors off to your selling page such as the android marketplace or the apple store. This unique app landing page template will give your software the punch it needs to get noticed fast. Kodax is a minimal HTML 5 landing page theme specially designed for showcasing apps in a full screen slider. INKA Landing Page is designed with a flavor of retro & fanciness designed on 1140 Grid Layout. Landy.Page is a minimal single page template specially designed for smart phone app landing pages. Arrival is a clean and responsive landing page with maximum focus on your product, it’s features and benefits, product images plus a fully working (and validating) newsletter signup form along with fully integrated share buttons for all the popular social networks. AppLander is a simple yet elegant responsive landing page perfect for advertising or selling your app, software, retail product, service, e-book or audio book.

A beautifully designed multi-purpose WordPress theme, perfect for charities, churches and non-profit websites in including political campaigns.
Most good landing pages use the main headline to confirm the offer and use a sub heading for more explanation You’ll see plenty of great landing page headlines in our examples below.
Don’t bore the visit for by talking too much about yourself (this rule can apply to so many areas of life).
Possibly you’re bootstraped with no money or time left, Not to worry there are tons of options out there to fill your needs. This is clean and professional design with many features to help you to promote and sell your app. With a super sexy slider as the main feature, your apps will be showcased front and center in style.
The template is clean and stylish with nice areas for features, reviews and screenshots of your app. This Landing page template has 2 layout variations depending on your preference showing off your app. For a simple app with not to much explaining to do, Crisper is a great Template with highly visual area’s for screen shot examples.
Unless you know who your ideal customers are, it will be very difficult to write persuasive copy in the voice of the customer.
There should be no question as to what next steps are necessary – tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do in big, bold text.

I’ve put together a list of sixteen of the best commercial templates, available on Theme Forrest, to start selling your smart phone applications.
Big bold and visual, the unique design of Click & Play is definitely different to your average app page.
This is a minimal yet highly visual and to the point template, with a real focus on features and screen examples and downloading. On the plus also it supports HiDPI and retina displays, mandatory in my book if your going to deliver a responsive design. Landahoy is a fully responsive theme and also Retina Ready, meaning no more blurry images on your HiDPI and Retina displays.
Funnily this template actually looks better as you scale down through breakpoints and screen sizes. Professional designed with attention to detail, this is a big bold template for a big bold app.

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