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One very ticked off Winnipeg moviegoer took their frustration to the Internet, particularly Craigslist, after having to endure a cheesy make out session at Silvercity St. No word on whether anger was also expressed via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or the Free Press classifieds. Sure, there’s someone out there who can take the very rudimentary mechanics and basic story beats of these games and weave them through a narrative. Centipede film synopsis: giant mars centipedes crawl up out of the dirt and a band of astronauts go them with gatlings. Missile command film synopsis: a kid has a dream about an asteroid smashing raygun and builds it and blows asteroids out of the sky while the rest of the world is in batshit panic mode. This 6mm diameter chip was photographed by British astronaut Tim Peake from inside the Cupola module of the International Space Station.

Otto Lilienthal was the first human to develop and create a production aircraft, going on to make over 2000 well-documented gliding flights.
The shoot-em-up games were early pioneers of the genre, and now they’re catching up with modern games by getting their very own movies.
No writers or directors have been attached yet, which means no one actually has any idea of how these largely non-story based games will make compelling movies.
But if you look at the track record not just of video games that get turned into movies, but board games and any other games, how many have actually been good? To make a spearhead like a Norman smith from the year 1066, you have to start with an iron steel sandwich.
It all went down on April 1, where the person claims the couple made out very loudly during the entire movie.

Yup, a piece of hard iron or steel gets sandwiched between two pieces of soft iron until they're all hammered and welded together. After that, a socket needs to be made, which means the smith flattens out the metal wide enough so it can be folded into a circle to stick a wooden shaft in.
Why pay 18 bucks for the two of you to make out in a packed theater on an opening night of a movie? Atari could be the exception but, if these movies ever get made, I will be incredibly surprised.

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