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With technology today, making videos for your personal website or platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Vine can be a great way to share your music with the world! I have released several videos to my original songs, and want to help you create your first music video. Once you have your ideas, this will be your visual storyboard that you should give to your videographer and actors involved in the music video.
Find a videographer who has a decent camera and knows how to work with actors and musicians. Once you’ve hired your videographer, send him or her your music, lyrics, and visual storyboard ahead of time so that everyone will be prepared when it comes time to filming! Now that you have your visual storyboard, videographer, actors, and set locations, it’s time to film!
It’s important that your videographer takes multiple shots, or takes, of the scenes you are doing. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to make your own music video that showcases your work and your talent. Those 3 steps are the pattern of making a first step becoming prolific in making and writing song. Every songwriter wants to be appreciated and highly ranked among other musician trough their creations. Therefore, there is a thing that every great musician around the world has in common, something they get from all the hard working and never stopslearning process. Prolific is the condition when you keep making or learning something until you become extremely good and very productive. There are many acting websites online (and even Craigslist) where you can advertise for people to act in your music video.
He or she should also film you singing the entire song, so that you will have enough footage to use. Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting.

You should take a piece of paper to write the song, and take your guitar or turn on your beats maker to start finding those ideas for your song. This will be useful for you to search inspiration and the start of any progression in your music writing skill by listening to the records of your inspiration seeking process. Unfortunately, they let themselves get lazy, never learn something new, and gain more knowledge about making music. For the result, you will be able to make really good songs that make people wonder how you do that. You may not have talents in making and writing song, but you will always have the option and chance to be prolific musician.
They will finish the song without leaving it undone and then making some evaluation of the song they have just made. This is what I usually do; I play again from the intro verse, from the low note and slowly climbing to the high note.
Every song writer in making song surely had some rough time during their process become prolific, but it never makes them stop writing and making music. You may want to select a place where you can shoot for free, such as your neighborhood street, the subway, parks, or a church. Some people prefer to shoot all in one day, while others may want to break it up over time.
It’s best to have your song playing near you while you’re shooting the scene, either on your iPhone or on a set of speakers.
Most music videos are between two to five minutes long, and you will need a lot of footage to choose from for your video. Just choose the steps that comfort you and make you free to put all your effort in writing and making song. Playing your musical instruments or beats maker freely can suddenly fill your mind about what you are going to write. Many musicians may be really full of musical talent, however becoming prolific is the matter of choosing, whether they want to be prolific or not.

Inspiration and ideas will absolutely come easily and also the quality of the songs you made will also be improving.
If the moment is right, the ideas and inspiration will suddenly come and give you the proper chorus for your song.
You can also recruit family and friends — you may be surprised how many of your friends will want to participate! You can often find film students and videographers who are just starting out and may even volunteer their services to build their portfolio.
You can also reach out to local businesses and offer them promotion and advertising in your video. You may want to ask your videographer for a rough draft of the video, and also ask him or her what a realistic timeframe is for the completed video.
They keep producing, writing, mixing, and recording a song, therefore they become incredibly good at it. You will get the bonus of something you strengthen, in this case your song writing ability. Ideas and inspiration will never stop coming if you keep writing and trying to make a song. I’ve filmed many scenes of my videos for free at local restaurants, bars, music stores, and schools to help advertise their company, and they love it! You should be fully committed in the song you’re about to make and never think the result of the song.

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