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Production technologies involved in furfural production have witnessed very little advancement in the past. Furfuryl alcohol emerged as the largest application segment and accounted for over 85% of overall furfural market in 2013. Asia Pacific emerged as the leading regional furfural market with China alone accounting for over 70% of total market volume in 2013. Global furfural market is fragmented as the top four companies accounted for over 45% of the total market in 2013.
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Typically each section of a plan, depending upon the complexity of the product or program, would consist of 20-40 slides in a PowerPoint presentation. Unfortunately, we’re all overloaded in our personal and professional lives, and conveying your ideas in a precise yet compelling manner is essential. In this case, I’ve taken the essential elements of a simple business plan and captured them in a 3 page format.
Please note…All information provided at Practical Hacks is for informational purposes only. The Strong shift towards the development of bio-based chemicals on account of volatile petrochemical prices and growing environmental concerns is expected to remain a key driver for the growth of global furfural market. High rates of export of furfuryl alcohol, due to growing demand for furan resins is expected to have a positive impact on the Chinese furfural market.
Furfural market is oligopolistic in nature, creating high barriers for new entrants such as large scale agro based manufacturers.
A final section, again should you need it, would be an Appendix with detailed financials and other data as you see fit.

For smaller programs and products, however, this is a great way to force yourself to distill the your case down to the most concise of presentations. Also, this website may be compensated by companies mentioned through product reviews, affiliate programs, or by other means.
A strong push for sustainable chemistry on a political and regulatory level across key regions is expected to play a critical role in furfural market development. Advancements in production processes are necessary to improve yield and reduce production costs. Growing demand for metals such as steel, magnesium and copper on account of rapid industrialization in emerging economies of Asia Pacific and Latin America is expected to drive is expected to fuel the demand for furfuryl alcohol.
The presence of corn fields and advisable weather for maintaining the content of furfural has had a positive influence on the regional market.
Chinese producers hold the lion share of the market and hence the global prices of the material is mainly determined by the Chinese domestic issues including labor cost, government policies, and natural calamities. Much of what would be necessary is dependent upon your organization and its management & culture. Furfural has gained acceptance as a substitute for petrochemicals as a building block for polymers and solid elastomers. Increasing R&D activities are being conducted by various companies and research institutes to improve the production process.
Furan derivatives find application in polymers, textiles, and construction materials to name a few of the high-volume market. The growth of major end-use industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and flavoring intermediates is expected to increase the demand over the forecast period. The presence of a large number of small-scale manufacturers imposes threats to the large MNCs in terms of their price offerings in quality.
Using this simplified format may very well be much more compelling than a 20, 40 or 80+ slide presentation.

In addition, furfural derivatives such as 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), furan-2,5-dicarboxylic acid (FDCA) and polytetrahydrofuran (poly-THF) have also been gaining importance as potential secondary fuel sources. Novel applications in timber treatment, soil conditioning and biofuels have also emerged over a couple of years. India is expected to emerge as a significant market due to growing demand for industrial products. Major market participants include Teiling, Central Romana, TransFuran, Illovo Sugar, Xing Tai Chunlei, Nutrafur Furfural Espanol and KRBL Ltd. Furfural has also been gaining prominence as a sustainable blend-stock in fuels such as diesel. Growth in the refinery, grinding &abrasive wheels, pharmaceuticals and phenolic resins in India is expected to drive the regional market. High oxygen content in it compared to conventional fuel additives improves combustion and reduces smoke emissions in diesel engines, consequently lowering diesel costs and dependence on crude oil.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Registration Evaluation Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regarding the development of bio-based products is also expected to have a positive influence on the market growth. Strong environmental regulations in this region are expected to drive the regional furfural market.
Relatively low pricing by Chinese manufacturers has led to anti-dumping duty on Chinese exports by U.S.
On account of which, the Chinese export trade is expected to be hindered which in turn is expected to pose challenges to the global market regarding supply.

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