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March 11, 2013 By Livingston White 1 Comment Back in 2008, I commented here on the way we conceptualize the 4Ps of marketing mix. Our field is indeed creative and I love this level of activity in theorizing useful frameworks to help understand what we do better. Of course our job in social marketing is highly challenging because the behaviors we target are hard to maintain and have some tough competing behaviors that social marketing alone cannot address. But we can’t stop there alone, increasingly we are now expected to think of upstream and midstream influential others that can help us in achieving social and behaviour change.

I predicted then that we will see more letters of the alphabet being used to re-define the 4Ps.
Now in 2013, I have come across As and Os:¬†acceptability, affordability, accessibility, awareness and objects, objectives, organizations, operations. However, no amount of re-branding and repositioning of the traditional 4Ps will make the social marketer’s job any easier.
The strategic application of the 4 marketing mix letters (whichever you choose to use to design your strategy) is a good place to start your planning.

Others have proposed people, process, presence, physical evidence (never mind the intrusion of the E). What is interesting though is how challenging we see the social marketers job because of the stiff competition; well that the competition for the most part are not natural occurrences but the results of some serious application of marketing.

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