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Because an independent agency buys, staffs and invests for a number of clients, the cost of goods and services is advantageously leveraged compared to a company buying and expensing only for itself. An outside, independent agency not only brings an outside perspective and objectivity to your marketing challenges, the team also brings their previous experience in solving similar challenges in the past for other clients. A creative staffer working in an in-house agency for a healthcare company will eventually get weary of communicating with the same brand tone day in and day out and succumb to trying to reinvent the brand on every advertising initiative. Just a few years ago, you could build your whole marketing plan around one or two media choices, of the four or five available, and have at least some assurance that you would reach your target audience.
In times only recently past, it was enough to simply differentiate your marketing communications based on the target audiences’ demographics. A top outside agency will know how to speak to your particular customers and prospects, and how they are likely to respond, before they ever begin to draft messages or positioning to influence them. It takes a perfect recipe of demographics, psychographics, behavioral and environmental understanding to reach the target audiences most effectively.
Because companies have to meet sales goals, they can easily lose their way when communicating with target audiences.
An independent agency can provide more realistic environmental perspective on customers and prospects, while the in-house agency is too busy meeting the needs of the sales process. An independent agency’s systems are built to accomplish this precisely and repetitively without getting mired down in the politics and diverging needs that are a part of any internal department in an organization. Typically, for a monthly retainer similar to what you would have to pay one experienced marketing professional as an employee, an outside, independent agency can provide a team of experienced specialists in the various disciplines necessary for success. Typically, a company working with an outside independent agency assigns administrative, day-today tactical and budgetary oversight to its in-house department. If you would like to talk more about how a mid-size, best-of-class marketing agency can help you structure the most effective advertising and marketing scenario – whether you want to leverage existing internal resources or you need a full-service partner – we would love to show you why we are one of the most consistently successful outside independent marketing agencies.
You may have noticed that there’s a fair amount of choice online for reaching and interacting with your audience; it’s overwhelming! Watermelon Communication Limited offers a full range of internet marketing, reputation management and web analytics services for your Brand.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful ways to send targeted visitors to your website. With the unparalleled targeting capabilities of social media marketing come unparalleled opportunities.
Watermelon Communication Limited, one of the most reliable and creative Event Management & Market Communication agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
These are the companies with the most sophisticated management and information systems (they can measure ROI in a myriad of ways), and the budget to do anything they want.
A great agency adds value by not only achieving these economies of scale, but by knowing which strategies and tactics can produce the best results for your specific goals, whether it’s content development, a media buy or online integrations – because they have already facilitated 10 similar projects that year or even that month. Today’s complex, costly and cluttered marketing environment demands calculating objectivity in order to create success. Having done it before for other clients, a great agency has studied the options, avoids the mistakes and knows best what will actually work among a myriad of seemingly similar strategies and tactics. A few TV spots, a couple of ads, a direct mailer or two and, presto, you had the market covered. An outside, independent agency can spread that same cost across 10 or more clients, so it makes economic sense.
It seems like mind reading, but there is a wealth of hard science and hard-earned marketing experience behind a good independent agency’s well-honed capabilities. All of the areas of understanding are deep with nuances that require a seasoned team of professionals, to achieve success. In time, if the sales support is not separated from the marketing activities, the short term sales focus will slowly eat away at the lead process until there are not enough leads to close.

Much of the staff also loses a similar amount of time to just trying to administer the marketing programs. Previous in-house agency users are often very surprised when a project that might have taken their in-house group a month or more to complete is taken from concept to final delivery in days by an independent agency of cross-disciplined professionals. These systems are seldom what the marketing department needs to be most effective and efficient in their communications, which leaves them uncompetitive in the market – beat every time by the outside agencies with better marketing-specific technology investments and therefore capabilities.
This is a significant benefit from the customer’s perspective – you can have as much or little as you need and clients can turn off the expense or turn up the activity monthly without, hiring, firing, or retraining new employees.
A minimum thin band of talents and experience to properly launch integrated results oriented marketing.
On average the average payroll of a independent agency is three times the base team outlined in this document. A well staffed independent agency has multiple positions and resources to deliver simultaneous priority’s within the same hour if those are the requirements. Many times clients and independent agencies find that the most effective and efficient partnerships allocate some marketing responsibilities to internal staff and some to an outside agency. Watermelon Communication Limited’s expert team use proven techniques that drive results and help you achieve your goals. Watermelon Communication Limited knows how to leverage social media to get results for B2B, B2C and nonprofits. Know what does and does not work for you business and make smart decisions based on expert analysis of analytics data. Watermelon Communication Limited can help you deliver the right message to the right audience. So why do they consistently choose outside, independent agencies for marketing and advertising services rather than staffing in-house capabilities? They can also bring successful experience from their engagements in other industries and apply them to your challenges. An influx of new, fresh creative ideas comes from a wide, diverse exposure to others steeped in the marketing culture and business, as well as varied types of clients, projects and target audiences.
But just as the media market has gotten more complex and difficult to keep up with, so has the segmentation of target audiences. The only way to produce a campaign without this kind of professional certainty is to do without the experience in the research, strategy, creative and implementation phases. This leaves more time to truly manage company affairs at the departmental and product levels more effectively. Many CEOs are surprised that the experienced professional they hire to take marketing in-house must then hire the specialists needed to get the job done. An in-house team is often limited to one project priority at a time per position, due to staffing levels. It is their core business, their entire business model is to have the capacity to achieve or exceed all of the clients priority’s or an independent agency understands next time the client will simply go somewhere else. Do you create a specialized creative environment to nurture and attract the most creative individuals?
A good outside agency knows how and where to be flexible so that this shared responsibility works best for their clients. Perhaps the company has a solid public relations person in-house who has good contacts in the trade media. Make your marketing decisions based on cold hard data and lots of testing, not gut feelings or personal preferences. We'll develop and test effective display ads and landing pages and back it up with solid analytics to deliver the best possible results.
Because of the diversity of experience and background in an outside agency, creative and strategic thinking is not dominated by the perceptions of any one demographic group – or in the case of an in-house agency, maybe dominated by a single person.

But at an outside, independent agency, the creative and strategic teams get to work on scores of accounts, so they don’t become disinterested and keep the brand fundamentals intact. Where you used to have a handful of decisions to make about media, you may be looking at 20 or more media channels today, some with 100s of sub-decisions, in order to reach your target audiences in the most meaningful and efficient way.
It takes a solid independent team of professionals with the experience and expertise to analyze the choices and then buy them most economically.
The cost of the expertise exclusion can be devastating to the ROI of marketing initiatives. A strong outside agency will have the software capabilities to make your marketing more effective, more efficient and – at last – finally accountable. When your internal team and an outside, independent agency work in synergy – each doing what they are best qualified to do – that’s often the best of both worlds. In that case and similar situations, take advantage of the existing expertise and keep that function in-house, coordinating with the outside agency. Importantly, an independent agency is willing to engage in constructive outside-in analysis and frank discussion of the issues that impact marketing success – or the lack thereof. They stay focused on your brand attributes and use their energies to extend the effectiveness of your brand and marketing communications. Media consumption in general is shifting rapidly, driven by new technologies and remember – marketing and advertising agencies deliver task-specific technology as well as creative expertise.
The objective of marketing is to create conditions so favorable with prospects that no one needs to sell, the prospect just needs help completing the purchase. Again, the outside agency is the winner because it can amortize the cost of expensive technological tools over 10 or more client accounts. The interdependence of the team is like that of instruments in an orchestra—each sound blends together with the others to produce flawless music. In-house systems must be monetized, maintained, and amortized over a minimum five year term in order to justify a return on investment. A independent agency is focused solely on achieving the priorities and therefore ensuring the client is satisfied.
Or worse yet, disguise marketing mediocrity that leaves half the company’s growth, opportunities and profit potential on the table. The bar of performance and accountability to marketing deliverables is raised to a level of creating interactions where stakeholders WANT to do it again next time with the same team.
The top creative specialists – artists, writers and now creative programmers – would rather work for outside agencies. Three out of every five years the in-house marketing department is behind the technology curve and losing money. They get a richer variety of assignments and, for the most part, see more opportunity for advancement.
For three out of every five years, outside agencies have a huge competitive advantage by this one factor alone–being independent of these types of enterprise, application-specific systems that are amortized over five years and expensed to a single user. The responsiveness required by the nature of marketing is not supported by the managing business units, such as IT and finance.
All business systems, software and personnel are optimized for the single mission of marketing.

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