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YouTube is not only meant for viewing and sharing videos, but also there are certain amazing and cool tricks related to YouTube which you will know in this category. Earlier this year, YouTube celebrated its 10th anniversary and it seems like it has been with us for decades. Few days ago, YouTube has delighted lots of families by announcing in its official Blog Post the launch of new YouTube Kids app for children’s. Angry Birds often denotes the funny experiments on geometrical shapes, a game where one never loses their interest due to exposure of diverse PlatFormers and the cutest music of all. Online content marketing is a great equalizer because many kinds of content cost little to develop. In my last post we saw how you can download your YouTube videos easily from your YouTube channel. There are many websites and tools available to convert or download YouTube videos in your PC. YouTube is a popular video sharing website by Google However , there many websites available to watch, share and download videos in world wide web but the YouTube is best website for the video lovers because of its amazing features. YouTube recently updated with the new feature which allows us to create multiple YouTube Channels onto one account. Learning about YouTube marketing is not a difficult process as long as you focus your attention towards techniques and strategies that are proven to be profitable. One of the most important factors that will pertain to your YouTube marketing strategy will be research. In order to captivate your audience your videos will need to be entertaining as well as solution driven. Any time you create a video, you should also consider the time it will take a person to receive the message you are trying to convey. If you would really like to create buzz and popularity about your products and service, give away free stuff in your videos. If you are a small business, these are only a few of the strategies that should be implemented in any YouTube marketing campaign. For most people, coming up with the perfect YouTube marketing strategy means developing an advertising strategy—videos meant to drive sales.

Instead, I want you to think of YouTube in terms of content marketing—providing valuable content to your customers that brings them back hungry for more. YouTube became to video what Google became to written content—the best way to find it. You know you’ve hit it big when your brand becomes a noun and enters Urban Dictionary. And, with a little bit of research, a fair bit of planning, and some cash every now and then, you might just be able to turn YouTube into a new channel for customers to discover you. Instead, I want you to think about how you can use YouTube to create useful content for your customers, content that helps them during the research and investigation phase, something that showcases your product and helps them understand how it works, something to wow them.
In fact, that’s what our friend Bridget Willard did with this 3-minute video on epoxy injection. And what did she gain by making that short little video, by giving away a little secret for free? Three years after the video was created and shared, that same video brought in $19,000 worth of business. Copyright 2014-2015 © Free online community, share traffic in groups, topics, interests and blog post distribution.
Watching your favourite videos can now become even simpler by the use of keyboard shortcuts. Both a small business and a huge corporation can put up a blog post without spending a lot of capital. But if you want to download your own YouTube videos which uploaded by you on your YouTube channel. When it comes to implementing YouTube marketing strategies, there will be some important factors to consider. This should happen before you even think about turning on screen capturing software or video recording devices. Entertaining videos will keep your potential clients captivated long enough to find out if there is a message worth considering.
If your videos are longer than three minutes, you risk the chance of losing your potential customer due to their short attention span.

People would like to receive free samples of the products and services you are trying to provide, and if you have something that provides solutions, these individuals will spread the news as well as come back to the initial product themselves.
By utilizing these methods on a consistent basis, you’ll find that your marketing efforts will pay off in a big way by creating popularity and buzz about the products and services you are trying to market.
Its closest rivals, Bing and Yahoo, had become shadows of their former selves, trolls hiding under the bridge of Google’s unparalleled success. Becoming the next great YouTube star isn’t exactly a reasonable goal for your business. Instead of having to do the same spiel over and over (and waste valuable time on customers who are still deep in the research phase), instead direct them to the video. Just think about your experience on YouTube—how much attention do you pay to ads before your video starts? That video brought in thousands of dollars of business, and it kept doing so year after year. Here we’ll discuss some of the different aspects that pertain to social business software; research, entertaining and solution driven videos, the length of your videos, and providing free products and services in order to captivate your audience while creating popularity and buzz for your small business. Depending on the topic or subject you are creating your video from, it’ll be important to perform a little keyword research ahead of time to ensure there is enough of an audience to make this venture profitable.
While your videos should be entertaining, they should also provide solutions for the specific topic or subject they’ve been created for. One study found that retail shoppers who viewed a video about a product were 174% more likely to make a purchase than their friends who didn’t watch a video. She had fun with it, made it interesting, while at the same time providing valuable information, for free, that her company’s customers were looking for.
This will provide you with the opportunity to capture a larger audience while capitalizing on the specific messages contained in each video.

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